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What is Your Time Worth?


Time is a funny thing, for some reason most people don’t grasp how important time is until they’ve run out. There is no way that we can get the time we

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Applying The 80/20 Rule To Your Home Business


Your time is the most valuable thing you own. It is also the thing that you control the most. If you are not controlling your time something needs to change. Days that you

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Make Your Goals Stick


If you are not crystal clear on your goals, and if they are in any way vague, or if there’s any obscurity around them whatsoever, it's highly unlikely you will ever

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Here’s Why My Cat Can Never be a Customer Service Leader


A touch of independence mixed with patience, possessing a definite superiority complex and territorial.  These are some characteristics associated with the common house cat.  But what if we in the

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Are You In Stress? Read These 7 Points to Normalize Yourself


“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction.” - E.F. Schumacher Let me

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Why The 10,000 Hour Rule Can’t Help You Make Money Online or Offline


I am sure that by now you have heard of the 10,000-hour rule. If for some reason this is not ringing any bells for you I will bring you up

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Do What You Can


The above is one of my favorite quotes. Here’s my take on what Teddy Roosevelt meant. You can always do something. No excuses. If you don’t have money, there are ways around that obstacle. If

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Powerful Knowledge to Help You Succeed Online!


What's up there my awesome friend!! Today, I want to talk to you about Success - and give you some powerful advice. I really want you to accomplish all of your goals

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Overcoming Procrastination: 6 Research-Proven Ways to Boost Your Willpower to Become a Better Leader


Overcoming procrastination isn’t easy. For entrepreneurs and business leaders, it’s a top productivity killer, severely hampering the success we desire and deserve. But why do we procrastinate? And is it fixable? Fortunately, the answer is

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EPIC FAIL – How to Stop Feeling Like A Failure

the-master-has-failed-more-times-than-the-beginner-has-even-tried-stephen-mccranie-1-638 The short video above is taken from a Q & A response by my friend Dan Klatt of in reply to a person that had to move back home

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How to Raise a Child As a Stay at Home Dad


Being a stay at home dad is a powerful choice that a man would make in his life. Life is all about making the right choices, & we are presented

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Life is a Game. Life is Short. Make it Count


  Life is like a ball game and we both know that damn well. But the big question is, are you playing it right? Perhaps the best way I can help you understand

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4 Reasons You Fear Success


Are you afraid of success? At the end of my last blog post I asked a simple question. For those of you who haven't started a blog, why haven't you? Beyond blogging, what else

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