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Modern Marketing: Automation’s Evolution Brings More Opportunities to the Table

Profile photo of ImPretty Submitted by ImPretty July 7, 2013 Website :

No search marketing campaign can guarantee a 100% purchase rate. Simply put, many visitors just aren’t ready to buy… yet. Marketing automation technology and best practices close that gap, turning every website visitor into a lead to be loved and nurtured.

As marketing best practices have evolved over the years, so has modern marketing automation. Today, consumers make decisions on their own terms and expect marketing messages to be relevant both to their interests and where they are in the buying process. Delivering the wrong message at the wrong time is both annoying and a waste of $$.

The marketing climate has been moving in this direction for many years. From the dawn of radio and television, consumer choice has increased and marketers have been forced to continually refine their messaging tactics.

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6 Responses to “Modern Marketing: Automation’s Evolution Brings More Opportunities to the Table” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Riza [Moderator] Profile

    Very nice walk down memory lane, I must say. And very good infographic. It presented the whole point in a very simple manner.

    It wasn’t only about reminiscing the marketing past and looking at how it all changed, but focusing on learning how to keep up with these changes.

    I say the most successful businesses aren’t the ones who pioneered at something. But those who weathered the changes and continued to learn new techniques to stay in the competitive world of business.

    The article was spot on in saying that these changes shouldn’t spell the end of one’s career, especially in marketing; but a whole new set of cards to play with and win.

  • Profile photo of Sarah John Profile

    Truly, you cannot make decisions about modern marketing without considering the impact of marketing automation. This infographic has detailed some important aspect of this type of automation as we know of it today.

    The automation of marketing has really come a long way, and it is a most fascinating process for any online marketer to consider!

  • Profile photo of Arjay [Moderator] Profile

    Modern marketing automation is now in various formats. I agree it brings a lot of opportunities on the table. However,without complying with the best practices, no one can actually achieve the needed result with marketing automation.

    The automation of marketing has made it possible to take marketing to a new level. It makes it easier to generate leads and convert them for sales.

    The details from this infographic is clear and I am sure many other marketers would be able to grasp so much from this post.

  • Profile photo of Ann Profile

    A well conceived and delivered infographic. Marketing has evolved from many perspectives, and the customers now have many choices from a single one. The modern trend in marketing like the use of automation is really revolutionary. Thus, I sanction the ideas of this post very well!

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    The concept of modern marketing automation is really one that has provided consumers with so much choice and opportunities on the table. It is the most developed era of marketing and comes with its unique complexity.

    That said, the various platforms being developed as marketing automation has helped in great ways to expand the choice of consumers and make it easier for them to make good buying choice.
    A well created infographic !

  • Profile photo of Jeff [Moderator] Profile

    At every point in time, marketing automation has brought with it a lot of opportunities. In modern times, it has brought in far more benefits than we can imagine. The evolution has really helped to offer marketers wider choice.

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