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Mobile-First Index: 22+ Experts Share Their Favorite Strategies And Tips For Succeeding In A Mobile-First World

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A really good collection of tips for prospering in Google’s mobile-first world. Some of these are obvious. But some, such as tweaking calls to action and optimizing for voice search, are ones you might not have thought of.

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8 Responses to “Mobile-First Index: 22+ Experts Share Their Favorite Strategies And Tips For Succeeding In A Mobile-First World” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Amy Profile

    Thanks for sharing! It’s painful to see the number of companies that still aren’t optimizing for mobile UX. Great tips!

  • Profile photo of John A Karnish Profile

    Hi David,

    Thank you for sharing this article. So many people sharing their tips on going mobile.

    I like Bartisz Goralewicz’s simple tip of making sure your website looks the same on a desktop as it does on a mobile device.

    Of course the layout will never exactly be the same because of screen size.

    I often do think if a person can not afford a desktop though, do I want to spend too much time optimizing for someone that most likely doesn’t have enough money to spend?

    I think the site owner needs to take his niche and his most desired response into question.

    I could be wrong but if desktop users are more likely to buy then maybe spending more time on copywriting then on mobile compatibility could prove more lucrative.

    Thanks for sharing and have an awesome week!


    • Profile photo of Amy Profile

      Interesting point but it probably depends on your product and your market. Some markets gravitate toward mobile but it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have a desktop or they don’t have money. Mobile layouts would typically also encompass tablet UX, too.

      Also, there seems to be a lot of research that demonstrates that mobile is integral to researching phases even if someone later completes the purchase on their desktop – just to illustrate that their mobile usage may not mean that they don’t have a desktop.

      Lastly, it depends on purchase/research habits of your product/services. I used to work with auto service companies and they tend to get a lot of demand from people using mobile phones because when the need arises, they are usually out and about. Then, their use of a mobile device typically indicated a sense of urgency – they needed a solution ASAP and couldn’t wait until they were home or at work to do more research or book an appointment.

      But every experience and journey is different, your company may cater to more of a desktop crowd based upon demographic and purchasing habits, so I’m certainly not saying any of this to undermine your knowledge!

    • Profile photo of David Profile

      It’s so easy to check what your website will look like on mobile. You don’t need a tool. You don’t need to plug in your URL anywhere. On desktop, just shrink your screen until it is very narrow.

      Of course, this trick doesn’t work in reverse from your phone. :-)
      David recently posted…How to cook up mouth-watering blog posts – 31 easy tipsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Robert Profile

    Nice article,

    Its soooo important to check the compatability of your website and mobile phone- some sites allow you to check this at the same time of building your site.

    Mobile phone internet browsing is now almost as important as desktop!

  • Profile photo of Tom Kimp Profile

    Hello David,

    It’s true, Google is really starting to emphasize a lot more on mobile. I’ve been trying to make sure my websites look just the same as it would on a mobile device. Making sure it’s extremely reader friendly and very easy to navigate.

    I agree, it’s very important everything like links, tags, etc, work the exact same on a mobile device like they do on a desktop platform. Love reading what experts think.

    Very good article.

  • Profile photo of Robert Profile

    Nice post.
    Mobile marketing is so huge, in fact the majority of users now access the internet from there phone more that a home computer.

    I use landing pages and its super important to check that it looks good not only on the computer but also on mobile pages!

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