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Learn how I used Facebook to increase affiliate sales

Profile photo of Arun Submitted by Arun April 2, 2014 Website :

When it comes to modes of monetizing a blog, affiliate marketing is a promising option! When I started out blogging, I was skeptic about this method of monetizing a blog/site. I was more interested in publishing ads. But, accidentally, I got introduced to affiliate marketing. And since that incident, I’ve never been skeptic about affiliate sales and the amazing monetizing powers it holds! In this article, I’ll show you how you can use Facebook to boost affiliate sales.

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I'm Arun, from India. I'm a part time blogger, travel enthusiast and football buff! A fun loving person! You may check out my blog using this link- Apnaahangout and Online Courses Buzz! :) Also follow me on Google+.

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  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    An interesting personal Facebook experience. I agree that Facebook can be used to increase traffic but its important that the marketer understand how to convert the traffic.

    Success with Facebook is crucial and it begins with providing value with the content. The use of banners that offer value to the visitors could be engaging and make more visitors want to take action.
    Sunday William recently posted…How To Get Traffic From Google PlusMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Arun Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    Yes, this one is straight out of my own experience! Thought of jotting out a blog post related to it and thus this article was created! Thought sharing this experience will be of help to someone else! :)

    Yes, as you said, the use of banners made visitors to take the action. They saw banners that linked to my facebook profile along with the service (blog set-up) that I was offering.

    I guess that was enough for them to jump in and earn me some commissions in the process! Thanks for leaving your wonderful opinions at my blog too!


    • Profile photo of suresh Profile

      Great to hear,

      It is looking god to read your story, but coming to those who did friendship, might be new to the Blogging platform.

      What I can say from your chat with this fellows, you may told that we can make money from blogging and had to buy a good domain, hosting etc.

      This might made your traffic into sales.

      You have also said this in your article

      “My new friends would chat with me for long hours to know the aspects associated with blogging. They wanted to know more about it, before making an investment. And I would assist them, giving them honest guidance and answers.”

      Do you make a guarantee to those new friends for making money through their blog? Is there any refund if they haven’t made?

      ” For me, day job’s salary was enough to pay my bills and let me live a comfortable life.”

      Yeah, but how about those investors who invested for blog? do you recommend same thing that you are doing?

      I mean Hostgator affiliate program?

      I have seen these types of offers in TV ads make money by blogging. So many institutes had conducting courses for blogging platform or some other resources to make money online.

      Research a keyword, build links and make money from Adsense. I was scammed long back RS 2000 that they offered me for creating a domain and setup some posts etc, but after payment nothing.

      • Profile photo of Arun Profile

        Hi Suresh,

        Many of them, who added me as friend on Facebook, were new to blogging. They were curious about the whole thing, especially the monetization part. I must admit that a good proportion of them were only interested in the making money part!

        I could have exploited them easily. Given that they were all newbies and didn’t had any knowledge regarding blogging, I could have given them false promises, told them lies, used some high pressure tactics and earned more money.

        But right from the start, my policy had been to keep things straight and honest. On the very first chat sesson, I’d bust the money making myths. I’d tell them very first that if it is solely making money that they are interested in, then they should be prepared to work hard and have patience. I’d tell them first that making money blogging isn’t going to be a cakewalk.

        Another policy that I stick with (I still do) is ‘no use of high pressure tactics’. I don’t force them into buying this or that. In fact, I used to make the most honest and logical suggestions to those folks.

        I many cases, I’d ask them to try out maintaining a free blog or blog before buying domains and hosting packages, so that they could get an experience of this blogging affair!

        Talking about the guarantee and refund part, I never offered things of such sort. All I offered was honest facts and guidance. So, those who basically invested by buying hosting and domains were well aware of the ‘monetization’ part (I gave them the real facts related to it).

        I was fortunate to get a good Government job right after passing out of college. And I’ve been pretty cozy with that job. Regarding the job matter, I leave it upto them (it depends on the skill and aptitude they possess). Many of them are college students, who aim of building successful careers in the field of Engineering. While some want to make a living out of writing and blogging. I leave it upto them. Yeah, if they come ask for guidance related to Engineering courses, further studies and about competitive exams, I sure would give them some ‘career guidance’.

        At last, I agree that there are ‘blogging coaching programs’ and ‘classes’ out there. Some of them are good, while some of them are outright scams!

        Sad to know that you fell prey to one such scam. But it got you aware of it, I suppose. Let me tell you that I never undertook such ‘coaching’ for a fee. All I did was help set up blogs for those folks and guide them out whenever they faced difficulties and issues. I’ve had experiences of spending 2-3 hours rectifying the blog of a housewife, who bought domain and experience using my affiliate link. But I took it in the stride, considered it a part of my ‘free service’ and did the needful!

        I hope I satisfactorily cleared the questions you posed in your comment. And I’m glad that you left your opinion here :)


        • Profile photo of suresh Profile

          hi ya Arun,

          I am not a fan of Facebook and deleted my account ( may be 8 years old account) in the last year for some reason. The account was well developed and it had PR 4, 5 years back, most of my Social media profiles had pagerank and all gone.

          I agree all of them fails to monetization, because a blog needs good traffic from Search engines. Few of them had asked in the past for making money online, but the Google terms changes everyday. For this reason I cannot able to put someone into this online business.

          I understood about your GOVT Job, but here comes few days back the doctor course paper was leaked for a 1 Crore rupees. Our Govt is a bullshit to provide jobs and certificates even those who don’t have knowledge. I am not saying about you and I don’t need this information anymore.

          I seen only online and in buses, but never paid for blogging courses, the only Ive paid is for something about making money online when I was new to the Internet.

          Anyway thanks for those things helping to Poor Indians.

          I also kept so many times Hostgator affiliate banners on my blog, but never sold anything. Sorry I cannot give a try of your method, at this stage.

          Thanks again for sharing your information with others.


          • Profile photo of Arun Profile

            Hi Suresh,

            Seems like Facebook didn’t worked well for you. Yes, I agree that you have your own reasons for deleting the account. What works well for some might not work well for others. :)

            And I also very well understand your reason as to why you refrain from introducing others to blogging and making money online field. I respect that decision. :)

            But, at the same time, I think it is okay to provide a honest and hands on guidance to that particular newbie, before he jumps into the blogging bandwagon. If he is still okay with blogging, despite your honest guidance, help him start a blog! That’s what I’ve been doing, and helping them out with all powers I hold and afford!

            If you can’t try this method as of now, then no qualms about that bro :) You may use it in the future also, whenever you feel comfortable and confident :)



            • Profile photo of suresh Profile

              I received an email from Hostgator day before and they are saying am inactive as their commissions shows to make good amount of money.

              Earn up to INR 5625 per referral!

              The honest information in these ‘is very hard comparing to the olden days, an example

              Adsense approves a blog that should be 6 months old to apply for a new publisher. Google also ranks old domains better than new domains. There are more comparison things to the newbies that will be hard to them.

              Here I can say an example of my honest review,
              I am making $50 per day from my blog and others are making more than that, can you see example Johnchow blog or some other popular blogs?

              The newbie will be always interested to make more money online as it is proven technology in India and he/she will jump anyway to research something.
              You are saying that a newbie should open a blog and make money from it. Do you ask that person to research a keyword or niche that you suggest?
              I know every site it itself written “ if you accept cookies, then enter or else leave the site.”
              Even electronics hops we find the written text on walls “once we leave the shop there is no guarantee or no exchange”.
              I am thinking about applying new things on my old forum that has been locked a long time ago.
              Hostgator is the best for hosting company in INR to Indians and anyone had to choose the top company, but their prices are too high compare to the US company. This is what I hate and also the Indian Tax 12% that’s worse comparing to other countries.
              suresh recently posted…Top 5 Free Online Plagiarism Checker WebsitesMy Profile

              • Profile photo of Arun Profile

                Well, it is customary for hosting companies to shoot out such mails at their users, urging them to join their affiliate network. It is just an effort of their marketing team to try and get more sales :) In today’s world with cut throat competition, it is a norm that most companies go by. So, just can’t point it out. It is a marketing exercise in action.

                Talking about newbies, it is tough for them. The things you pointed out are valid. True to be honest. And that is what I tell them during chat sessions. I describe to them things inside out, I hive them honest take, I tell them how blogging in beginning will not be a cake walk and how it is going to take a toll on them etc.

                It is only if they still persist that I do give them a ‘go ahead sign’ and help from my side.

                Regarding KW research thing you asked, I urge them to select niche that they are really passionate about. Because, in that scenario, they have a better chance of thriving!

                It is not that KW research is something to die for. I personally know many bloggers who just blog their hearts out. They don’t even care about SEO and guess what, AdSense earning just piles up for them! :)

                And about this guarantee thing, I offer none. Instead, I claim that ‘It all depends on your skill. You’ll get full support from me’. That’s it, that’s what I have been doing. So far, no one has said that I did anything bad or cheated anyone!

                Regarding HostGator being expensive, I’m not sure what other service charge like. I recommend the tools that I personally use.

                For me, HG has been good. They charge for what they provide.

                Another economical option is BigRock. I’ve one blog running on it too. But the reason why I don’t promote it is that their server PHP version had been outdated as recent as a month ago.

                Due to that, there were chances of plugin vulnerabilities and performance issues. That’s the reason why I didn’t recommended the much cheaper BigRock to my readers.

                But guess what. Last month, they updated PHP version of their servers to the latest one. Now, no more issues shall come I guess. So, I’m thinking about starting promoting their hosting packages.


                • Profile photo of suresh Profile

                  I am never hosted with Indian companies, but recently did with fastwebhost and there came a down time. Most of the friends had told if you want to host from India then go for Hostgator or else outside of India.

                  Yeah that’s good sending them to the passion of the niche than keyword research.

                  I don’t know about the version, but most companies are offering what version we needed, I am running a site that require version 5.2 only.

                  I’ve run a forum that ranks better in India for making money still did not tried with this HG affiliate program, anyway will look forward in the coming days.

                  Once the blog is in good position we can make huge money, but I hate myself blogging.


                  • Profile photo of Arun Profile

                    Many Indian hosting companies have terrible reputation and reviews, true that :) A friend of mine has had a tryst with manas hosting. Man, he was so terrified by those folks that he urged me to stay away from them.

                    I think Hostgator is decent enough to get started with.

                    Suresh, I’d recommend you to keep an eye of the technical aspects like version of the PHP and other scripts that the host uses on their blog. You know, not very important, but I still try to grab such details.

                    A simple chat with customer care guys will help you collect these datas.

                    Ya, as you said, once the blog is in good position, with some good traffic and decent authority, sales will become easier and so will be earning money! But why hate blogging man? Any specific reason? Discuss it up if you are willing to..


        • Profile photo of admin Profile

          Very comprehensively written response, Arun. I think you have more than satisfactorily cleared the question Suresh asked in his comment, :)

          No wonder you keep winning the “most valuable commenter” award!

          Very well done!

          admin recently posted…Which is Best Social Networking Sites For Marketing Blog – CyberNairaMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Princewill Okafor Profile

      Facebook can be used in generating income through affiliate marketing……

      Good a thing it’s a first hand experience you had so it has more probity than most of the junk out there in the web

      It is good that you showed lucidly how one can achieve this just like you did… Thanks a lot Arun
      Princewill Okafor recently posted…Taking screenshots with your Samsung Galaxy S5 Or Any Android SmartphoneMy Profile

      • Profile photo of Arun Profile

        Hi Princewill,

        Sure, the process is not too hard. All it needs is some trust and assistance from one’s side! And Facebook just acted as a platform to facilitate communication between me and potential buyers.

        Seamless communication is the key to it and it is what matters at the end of the day! It gives trust a boost, which will help one get some good affiliate sales.

        Thanks for the positive feedback man! It means a lot coming from you! :)


  • Profile photo of Ankit Bansal Profile

    Your experience with Facebook and Affiliate system is somewhat similar with my technique. Tough, I didn’t get expected sales but traffic was improved. After reading the whole experience I came to know some strategies which I was missing, that banner part. :)

    I will relocate my strategies with the hope of getting better results.

    Thanks for sharing your experience mate.
    Ankit Bansal recently posted…Basant Panchami – Significance,History & Method of PujaMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Ankit,

      Yes, that banner was a ‘game changer’ for me. It not only advertised the ‘free blog set up service’, but it also allowed my readers to add me up as their friend on Facebook! What more could they ask for? They were being offered a free service, full fledged support and my personal assurance!

      And when I removed those personalized banners and reverted back to Hostgator’s banners, sales became zero. My readers found the banner too ‘robotic’, ‘automated’ and ‘regular’ that it didn’t really caught their attention. Further, my free service was sorely missed!

      Hope you give that banner strategy a shot, on one of your own blog. But make sure that the blog has targeted traffic. Because, at the end of the day, it is targeted traffic that matters!


      • Profile photo of Ankit Bansal Profile

        Thanks Arun for very helpful guide. I must first concentrate on building targeted traffic for my blogs and then apply this banner strategy. I totally agree with you.

        You are good researcher and have ability to keep things rolling.

        Keep going and thanks :)
        Ankit Bansal recently posted…Why Navratri is celebrated twice a year?My Profile

        • Profile photo of Arun Profile

          Hi Ankit,

          Sorry for responding late! Time constraints and some other commitments played spoilsport in my case! :)

          Well, building targeted traffic should be your priority number one. Because, untargeted, but massive traffic won’t necessarily convert into sales.

          Once you build up some targeted traffic via content marketing and serious blogging, you can use the banner strategy. Using it, try to build a good relationship with the potential buyers!

          Do keep me updated with your progress!


  • Profile photo of Jakes Profile

    Hi Arun,
    Your story is nice and encouraging. And, I guess you are not a bad story teller after all contrary to what your friends told. I liked the way you told it.

    But, I must say I am still skeptic about the potential of affiliate sales. I have seen many income reports where affiliates sales account for a huge percentage of it. Even your story tells the same thing. I guess unless I try a hand on affiliate marketing, I will always remain doubtful about it.

    I agree with you about the TRUST factor. For every business, trust is significant.

    Jakes recently posted…MIT’s Wi-Vi lets you See through the Walls using Wi-Fi signalsMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Jakes,

      You said that my story telling doesn’t suck! I take is as an encouraging word! Nice to hear that!

      Well, I understand the reason behind that skepticism. Unless we try our hands at it, we’ll remain skeptic. Before this experience, I too had the same mindset regarding affiliate sales- filled with doubts!

      And as I said, I was introduced to it accidentally, to be honest. But whatever it was, it helped me get rid of those misconceptions and skepticism. I hope you do give it a try and get over that skeptic attitude :)

      Like you said in the end, if you induce trust factor to your affiliate campaign, you are sure to rake in revenue and have loads of satisfied ‘buyers’ too!


  • Profile photo of rohan bhardwaj Profile

    You are a star blogger, well trust is the key to one and every business. Relationship makes people come again and again. The more social you are, the more ease people have to connect with you.

    Truth with a helping hand always will always get one the desired success. For you it worked out with FB, may many others get the positive if not same results as yours.
    rohan bhardwaj recently posted…A Poem Of JobsMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Rohan,

      The use of the word ‘star’ was flattering :) Business becomes easy going and smooth if trust is present.

      Affiliate marketing can be compared to a chemical reaction. The agent (you), the potential buyer etc are like chemical substances. And trust, I guess is like a catalyst. It speeds up the process and helps the buyers make decision.

      If enough trust factor is present, they’ll almost always buy the product (as long as it is a useful one!).

      Hope that this strategy will work wonders for others too, just like it did for me!


  • Profile photo of Mohammad Naved Profile

    Very nice article about using facebook to increase affilitate sales but affilitate sales do not perform good on sites though their traffic rate is good as far i have experienced affilitate marketing
    Mohammad Naved recently posted——-How to Transfer Files from Pc to Pc

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Mohammed,

      Thanks for the compliments you showered at first! Reading good feedback in the morning helps for sure :) It just lifted my mood! :)

      And about the traffic part you said, is it your own experience? You mean you have good traffic, but hardly get any sales made?

      Maybe the traffic isn’t targeted yet bro! Just take this example- you are getting good traffic of college students and you are affiliate marketing life insurance policies. It will hardly get you any sales.

      Try to change the affiliate product. Make sure that you are marketing the right stuff to the right audience! Do let me know how things fare.



  • Profile photo of Chery Profile

    Hello Arun,I love your story, I do believe that people reached out to you because of your upfront and honest approach, I can see how your sales would drop once you quit engaging with people, we all know people do business with people they know like and trust.

    Seems like FaceBook was a great vehicle for you to do just that HUH?? Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))
    Chery recently posted…The Truth About The Network Marketing ProfessionMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Chery,

      Nice to see you leave your opinions regularly here at Kingged and my blog! I must thank Kingged for gifting good and engaging people like you!

      I think my ‘honest’ approach made all the difference. When I remain honest in my approach, it helped build trust. And trust is a crucial thing, when it comes to affiliate marketing.

      Ya, Facebook surprisingly worked very well for me. I guess you too should give it a shot! What say?


      • Profile photo of Chery Profile

        What a nice reply Arun, As a matter of fact I have been working my Social Media strategy since January and have had some incredible results and my best advice to anyone is to Yes Engage with everyone.

        Engage and start sharing YOU! Yes people like to see what your up to. I have been hibernating most of the winter HEHE and I just shared pics of my deer in the yard, squirrels, birds and my grandsons when they visited and then talked to everyone who talked to me about it.

        Arun I did check you out on all Your SM sites as well added You! Catch you on FaceBook my friend.. Chery :))
        Chery recently posted…The Truth About The Network Marketing ProfessionMy Profile

        • Profile photo of Arun Profile

          Engage, indulge in some give and take, do help out others these are things one can do to make the Social Media aspect a productive one! Glad that you’ve been seeing good results!

          I’ve accepted your friend request on Facebook, followed you back on Twitter and added you to my circle on Google +. :)

          Facebook is where I’m most active these days :) Will catch up with you there one day!


  • Profile photo of Yashraj Kakkad Profile

    That was a great share indeed!

    I love it when bloggers like you share their experiences and secrets. They are extremely helpful for other bloggers. You said it wrong in your post that you are boring in narrating stories. According to me the story was quite interesting!

    I have seen many bloggers offering free blog set-up services for a mere hosting purchase through their affiliate link. Its a great way of earning money, isn’t it? Currently I use blogger interface, but if I shift to WordPress, I would surely contact you for blog set-up. I hope you would help me!

    Advertisements can be harmful for our website. They direct the audience to somewhere else and their attention is diverted to the link that opens, and as a result, we lose the reader, and if he’s new, we lose him forever! So, affiliate marketing is a good alternative.

    Hope that your post would help me build my relation with my audience!
    Yashraj Kakkad recently posted…Warning: 7 Signs that prove a make money site to be fake!My Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Yashraj,

      Well, that’s the ultimate aim of sharing one’s experience, so that others can learn and benefit from it. Even I love going through such articles. Many times, they turn out to be inspiring ones. But always, they have something in stock for us to learn from. And I’m glad that this post turned out to be one such ‘informative’ article for you!

      And it is the second time that my ‘story narrating’ skill is getting praised! Feels good :) Nothing feels better than positive feedback from readers :)

      I agree that free blog set up is good way to earn money via affiliates. Further, upon doing a good job setting up a blog, and helping that newbie thereafter, you are earning his respect! This, I think will help get more such sales! The better you help and work for others, the more you will be rewarded. Good Karma is always rewarded, in one way or the other. :)

      You are free to approach me and seek my help. I’ll do anything within my reach and powers to help you out :) That’s a promise!

      And talking about your take on use of advertisements on websites, I agree with it somewhat. But personally, I’ve been using AdSense on some blogs of mine and getting decent revenue. So, I don’t have anything in my mind against the use of ads on sites and blogs :)

      And affiliate marketing, as I always maintain, rocks! With the right strategy, skills and work ethics, it will help one earn decent money and ‘respect’ online! :)

      Thanks again, for those encouraging words and opinions you shared! I appreciate it :)


      • Profile photo of Yashraj Kakkad Profile

        Well, your narrating skills do deserve an applaud from me! And probably that’s what others think……

        Yes, Good Deeds are always appreciated! And I need a good deed from you as well. Would you help me in setting up my WordPress blog if I recently launched one?

        And I think you should remove ads from your blog. You know the disadvantages! But, place one code in such a place where you can earn!

        I would say thanks to you as well for offering me help and I know that you won’t let your promise down!

        Yashraj Kakkad recently posted…Get Facebook Likes better than Your Competitors: 6 ways to Boost your Facebook LikesMy Profile

        • Profile photo of Arun Profile

          Hey Yashraj,

          I’d gladly help you out buddy! No worries! You may message me here, on Kingged. Or add me up on Facebook, where we can chat up and proceed with the set up process. In case you don’t get quick response, please wait, I might be trapped in some or the other work related commitment! :)

          Removing ads from my blog? I guess it is not going to happen bro. Because I’m getting decent revenue from ads :) And ads are the only source of revenue these days, barring that odd affiliate sale! Due to time constraints, I’ve given up those stuff again.

          For me, now ads are the most ‘affordable’ and ‘useful’ monetizing method! But what is wrong with the ads? I think I’ve placed them at good location, in such a way that readability of the blog is not compromised.


  • Profile photo of Emmanuel Kabenlah Profile

    This is an interesting testimony. I have an affiliate store almost 90% ready and it is my main focus of sending it on Facebook for advertisement as well.

    I have drawn my lessons from your experience. Thanks and do have a lovely day bro!

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Oh man, you are going to come up with an affiliate store? Like a full fledged E Store stuff? Man, that’s an exciting prospect you got there.

      Glad that my article could be of help to you and your endeavor in any way! :) And do keep us posted about your affiliate store venture.

      If possible, do come up with some blog articles related to setting one up and the aspects related with maintaining one! :)

      See you around!


  • Profile photo of Rose Ann Profile

    Great Job Arun!

    Facebook has indeed invaded the social community today or “netizens” (internet citizens).

    I’ve seen lots of users using this social media for personal use as well as for business purposes. That’s why I do agree with you that Facebook can be a good lead to make affiliate sales. Not only because of its highest number of users among other social media sites, but due to the reason that it would be easier for you to reach them out and gain their trust through answering their questions right away! Thanks a lot for this helpful post!

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Ann,

      Social media can really help promote ones business and sales. Why do you thin big businesses are trying to make the best use of sites like Facebook and Pinterest?

      You said it right, social sites act as a platform, where the business owner can reach out and communicate efficiently and seamlessly with buyers.

      Where there is such good communication, there is trust! In such cases, businesses not only get a customer, but also win his trust and loyalty, which are even more valuable assets!

      My strategy is also based on that ‘communication’ and ‘trust’ factor. :) Just remember to play it honest, without sacrificing the work ethics! :)

      Thanks for dropping your opinion on my blog too! Much appreciated!


  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    It’s an interesting topic.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us how you turn out to be an affiliate marketer. We have our personal stories to share and different tools used in this kind of marketing.

    Facebook is now an astounding media for marketers; its use is not just for socializing. I have read many blogs too that FB can lend a hand when it comes to increasing sales, traffic, and subscriber.

    I must add that it’s great to learn new ideas from you in here.
    Metz recently posted… – The Magnetic Way of Getting Unlimited Benefits From CommentingMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Metz,

      Whatever you read about Facebook lending a helping hand in affiliate marketing is true! Ya, not only affiliate sales, but also traffic and subscribers, like you said.

      One just needs to have a plan, some service to offer and must be willing to help potential buyers out. Those are the qualities required to thrive!

      Thanks for visiting my blog and dropping your views there.


  • Profile photo of Richard Martin Profile

    Trust means everything. If you just go and promote everything, then your readers will not trust you.

    My strategy is to only promote stuff I LOVE.

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Richard,

      Yes, when it comes to affiliate marketing, trust means a lot! It is a single crucial factor that can change and turn around your fortunes!

      The strategy that you are following right now is absolutely good. Nothing bad with it. Even I do the same stuff- promoting the stuff I love and use! It allows us to be more confident when recommending that product to a friend or reader.

      Also, I find a familiar product much easier to help set up for my readers. Also, if a problem arises, I’ll be able to solve it quickly in that case.


  • Profile photo of Ryan Profile

    Being genuine on FB is key Arun. I like chatting, making friends, opening up and telling my story. Doing so is the quick – or maybe not TOO quick 😉 – and painless way to gain people’s trust and boost your affiliate sales. Good points on commenting. I dig being social, using my comments field and commenting on other’s Facebook updates to build bonds.
    Ryan recently posted…Are You Afraid of the Dark?My Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Genuineness, helping nature, being honest- all these traits come handy in affiliate marketing. Many folks say that to succeed in affiliate marketing, one must be willing to take the slightly ‘crooked’ path. I beg to differ there! :)

      Facebook chatting was of prime importance in that strategy of mine. Sure, gaining trust of people and building a rapport with them takes some time. But Facebook, for me, made that process much easier. Communication was made seamless by facebook. It also let potential buyers know me inside out.


      • Profile photo of Ryan Profile

        The inside out note is spot on dude. People buy when they trust and they trust by getting to know us, as we share, and chat, and listen, and engage….our fortunes are made through comments like these, along with great content, and dogged persistence. Awesome man!
        Ryan recently posted…What Is Cash Gifting Anyway?My Profile

        • Profile photo of Arun Profile

          Yes, I can back that statement of yours anytime. Because, it has, without any surprise, worked well for me! It is all human psychology Ryan, when we know a person more closer, inside out through good communication, we tend to develop that rapport, that trust factor etc.

          Good content, persistence and strategy- all this matters. But a pinch of the above mentioned rapport and trust factor will work like magic!


  • Profile photo of Gangadhar Kulkarni Profile

    Hi Arun,

    I think you share really informative post about affiliating marketing to increase sales via facebook. It is very useful for those who wants to increase their affiliate sale through facebook.
    Gangadhar Kulkarni recently posted…Free High PR RSS Feed Submission Sites List to Promote Your Feeds and Earn Quality BacklinksMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Gangadhar,

      First of all, thanks for the good words and compliments man! They are much encouraging and mean a lot to me. Glad that this post could be of help and informative for you.

      It has been my personal experience and has proven to be effective in my case. So, I have every reason to believe that others too may make use of this strategy to reap benefits and improve affiliate sales stats!


  • Profile photo of Sandeep Rao Profile

    Hi Arun.
    What I think about Facebook for affiliate marketing is, it’s a nice platform to get interacted with thousands of audience, to make trust with people by knowing them socially. What you post on social media, how you reacts to other people’s posts is what defines you on social media. And all this help fellow people to trust on your words.

    In affiliate marketing, I think, this trust plays an important role. And once you make that reputation, Facebook will become a traffic machine for you to get more sales. As, via Facebook notifications, activity of people with you reaches to millions on interconnected people in minutes.

    Alternately, Facebook plays an important role in getting more traffic towards your blog or site, even if you are not thinking of affiliate programs.
    Sandeep Rao recently posted…Top 5 Ways to Increase Traffic on Your Blog – WebsiteMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Arun Profile

    Hi Sandeep,

    It is that interaction part that made it all possible in the first place. The interaction and communication just made sure that trust factor was built in no time. You see, good and honest communications aids in trust building up quickly. It is what something happened in my case.

    And when it comes to affiliate sales, trust is something that is much valued. If it is present, scaling up new heights won’t be a problem. You could easily refer a main product and end up referring other back end products too, with much ease!

    Yes, as you said, facebook also acts as a source of good referral traffic too, agree with that wholeheartedly.


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    Hmmm, very nice Informative Idea On how to Increase Affiliate Sales Via Facebook that’s really good hoping for more better info’s based on affiliate marketing :)

  • Profile photo of C.M Daniyal Profile

    This is an amazing story. I thought the post would be about Facebook ads but instead you took a different approach and its nice to she the results were good aswell.
    I practiced the same when I was into MLM. I would make new friends in facebook and would keep an active profile all the while offering them support and advice. Once people trust you, you can start to benefit. The key to this is that you sell the product you’re 100% sure with. I would never offer anything which would be useless because trust is hard earned and easily lost.
    I’m afraid people don’t practice this alot with facebook but perform it with E-mail lists.

  • Profile photo of Farooq Profile

    Of course, Facebook or social media can also be used for marketing purpose. I also use sometime Facebook for the sale of my products. People engage with you with more trust.

    Trust and loyalty is, no doubt, plays a key factor to increase the sale of the products.

    So I appreciate your experience. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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