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Feedback’s Special “Pay When You Profit” Coaching Discount For Next 3 Orders

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Is Running A Very Special
For The Next 3 Orders!


The platinum package of’s coaching and partnership program has been $3,997 for YEARS but for the next 3 orders, you get a $1,000 “pay only when you profit” discount.

This means you only pay $2,997 now and still get everything others who paid $3,997 get, as well as still get the promised results within 3 to 5 months.

Then after you have made the promised profit, you pay the discounted $1,000!



Why don’t we just give “never pay back” discount?

Because apart from not being fair to others who paid full price, it actually costs us a LOT of money running this coaching program. We don’t just take students money and send them videos or courses for them to sort things out on their own.


Instead, we are actually spending hundreds to thousands of dollars every single day buying ads in 100 to 1,000+ blogs/sites, to make money for our students, even before or whether they take any action.


It is costing us $200+ most days buying/renewing banner ads in just 1 site per day, to make money for our students. So, this coaching program is costing us a lot of money to make money for our students.


What if you don’t pay back the $1,000 discount after making a profit?

We know you will because you will need our help, to keep helping you make more profit every month after that! Why kill the golden goose that lays you golden eggs, right?




Click To Pay
starting cost

[and you pay back the $1,000 discount after you have made the promised profit]
[and subscription of $297 monthly after 5 months]
[You ONLY Pay this monthly subscription AFTER you have made a PROFIT in the first 5 months]

Will involve one-on-one live skype sessions for 3-6 months

I explain exactly what this system is and how it will work for you

You don’t have to do a lot to get results, unless you want to earn more.

You will be plugged in and become’s advertising partner at no extra cost.

I assign 2 to 5 of my staff members to work on ensuring your success

You will be using’s brand, reputation, tools and resources at no extra cost.

You will be entitled to $197 to $497 advertising from monthly for any promotion you want, at no extra cost.

You will share resources and success with other partners, at no extra cost.

I will guarantee you get great results after the first 3 to 5 months

I will also guarantee you get good results monthly, after the first 5 months, if you continue the $297 monthly subscription.


**We prepare a special 30+ MINUTES Day-to-Day Plan of action for all students to implement, to help YOU make more than we make for YOU. If you want to make more than the guaranteed monthly earnings, you will be required to do some of the daily activities. **






This coaching and partnership comes with a money-back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with how this is going, you can request and get your money back within 5 months. We make sure all students NEVER make a loss in this coaching.

There might be delays but never a loss. 





Any pre-sales questions you have, ask on this thread
but for any technical issues or questions,
contact Support
Monday – Friday
for  faster





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