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Killer Ways To Increase Website Traffic With SEO

Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj Submitted by Muhammad Mairaj August 4, 2015

Search Engine optimization is the process of love and affection between search engines. It totally depends on your legal techniques which you are using to compel search engines to fall in love with your website or blog. So, today I am excited to share with you some useful ways to increase website traffic.

About Backlinks

Generally the beginners are bit confused they might think that creating links is the only way of success. So, they often involved in such practice that they get backlinks from different sources. Day and night busy for the sake of getting traffic for their websites. But they don’t even realize what happened next when Google analyzes the strategy of their link building.

Get Quality Backlinks

There are plenty of online tools which assist you to find the authority of a particular website. So, you can find through or After collecting necessary report regarding domain authority now it’s time to make relationship with these websites in shape of links. Believe me this technique is more powerful rather than creating links with low quality websites.

As a blogger we must know how to do Seo and the timely changes in Seo. It’s true, in past Google gives more value to such websites which have high number of backlinks. But now the trend is totally change they evaluate some other aspects regarding Social media presence, off site and on site optimization factors. Below I mention some incredible ways to increase website traffic.

Tips For Writing Website Content

While pen down your article it is always mandatory that you don’t neglect the interest of your readers in any case. Your main aim is to produce quality content which accommodates your blog readership. Here I also mention few great tools to figure out some significant details about the content of your website.


It provides you a complete detail that how much content of your blog is duplicate. The beauty of this tool is that whenever it finds issue about copied content in your articles it will highlight it. So, you can replace that highlighted content with new one. And you can also checkout the plagiarism of your article via both of these tools i.e.

(1000 words Limit)

(1500 words Limit)


It quickly generates a list of LSI keywords which you added in your post for getting more organic traffic


Grammarly is the most promising tool for writing quality content. It helps to eradicate grammatical errors and improve the article structure.  But it is a premium tool which is paid. So, no worries I’ll share with you another alternative of Grammarly which is free of cost.

Now to use this tool, what you have to do is to have a look on a color map which will indicate you the specificity of each color. After analyzing this app you would be able to know how to use it. Now select the text in body area and press the Del key on your keyboard. Then select your required text for formatting and Copy it in body area.

Constantly Update Your Blog 

If you don’t want to lose your valuable readers as well as search engine traffic, you have to update your blog or website constantly. Try to share as much as vital information as you can.

More About Keyword Use

If we have a look in past you would be able to know in detail that in past Seo give more value to those keywords which you are using in meta. All the phrases which you added in meta search engines give value and send direct search engine traffic for each of your keyword.

But now your only focus is to use main keyword in your post that is your primary one and the others are secondary.  You can use your main one in URL as well as title, in your content and description as well. Try using Long tail keyword words rather than short tail because long tail has more potential to rank quickly.

While keyword research you have to find couple of useful phrases which you are adding in your headings. Because the most effective headings are those in which you add these keywords accordingly. And this practice fascinates the search engines and is beneficial for the growth of organic traffic of your website.

How To Effectively Optimize Permalink

Every blogger must be acquainted with that what is permalink actually, Well it the the URL of your post. A useful permalink is the one which includes your complete keyword and won’t be lengthy.

Seo Friendly Interlinks

If you seriously think about to rank your content quickly so, it is compulsory to interlink your new article to old one. The more you interlink your posts the more it ranks and this is the most effective way to reduce the bounce rate.

Well Optimized And Seo Friendly Images

As you all know colors have an ability to attract people so, for the sake of getting more visitors on your blog. Use colorful and compelling images relevant to your post.

While optimizing images you take few steps which are helpful for reducing the size of your images.

  • Always use “Alt tag” and Wp-Smushit plugin for WordPress
  • Optimize your images through Photoshop Go to File menu >> Click on Save for web, selectthe file format for your image i choose JPEG and enable optimize option Now it’s time to deal with quality. The more you decrease the quality the more the size of your image reduces. And at the end save it.
  • If you are facing any difficulty for manual action then you have another efficient way which is easy for reducing the size of your images. All you have to do is open up your browser and go to upload your image and reduce the image quality which directly impact on your image size. Now its time to download your image on your computer.

Role Of Video Optimization

Another productive method for your blog success is video promotion. Indeed this is the most powerful way to attract your audience. There are different types of audience some are convenient with reading articles, some are happy while reading content along with relevant images, and mostly a huge number of internet users take more interest on videos which you embedded on your blog.

So, it’s your responsibility to take all these things simultaneously. Pick up few websites for this purpose register yourself and upload your videos over there. And don’t forget to add useful tags and description for optimizing your videos properly.


Social Media Engagement

As we all know that Social Media promotion is the vital part and becomes the impressive source of website traffic. In this connection we need to work hard on building a huge social media community. Create profiles on different well known dais like G+, Linkedin, Twitter,Facebook and much more.


Today’s topic includes the ways to increase website traffic. In this article I have tried to give you diverse tips and tools for the promotion of your blog or website. Hope it would be informative and beneficial as well. Your opinions are worthwhile for me, waiting for your suggestions.

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Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj
Muhammad Mairaj is the founder of etutorialblog. He is a professional Blogger, web designer & developer, graphic designer, Landscape designer, Article writer & SEO analyst.

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34 Responses to “Killer Ways To Increase Website Traffic With SEO” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Kevin Ross Profile

    Fairly good post. I’m not so sure these are killer ways to increase traffic with SEO, as your title purports but I learned about some tools I didn’t previously know about. Lsigraph and Hemingwayapp are new to me. It’s good to have an alternative to Grammarly which is free, but is it as good?

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hey Muhammad,
    The diverse tips and tools shared in this article are very welcomed. In the very least, expert bloggers would be reminded of the basics and what works, and even newbies will know what to do to attract success. Thanks for these insights.

    Details on how the Siteliner tool works is my best attraction to this piece!
    Sunday William recently posted…My Favorite: Top 6 Blog Posts for July (Round Up)My Profile

    • Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj Profile

      Hi Sunday,

      Thanks for appreciating my work. Well in this article i have tried to shared some useful tools and tips which accommodates the beginners that what strategies they should adopt to get some get some nice traffic directly form search engines.

  • Profile photo of Pawan Kumar Profile

    Hello Muhammad,
    I really love the tips and tools which mentioned in this article. I was not aware about Lsigraph & Hemingwayapp ( i found these very useful), but now i am going to use these tools.
    Thanks for sharing, have a great day!
    Pawan Kumar recently posted…Want To Have More Appealing Affiliate Marketing? Read ThisMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj Profile

      Hi Pawan Kumar,

      Glad you liked the post, Well Lsigraph is the immediate source to find some useful LSI Keywords. All you need to do is add your main keyword in it and click on generate button, So, LSIgraph nicely generates a list of LSI keywords and Hemingwayapp assist you for writing excellent content.

      Thank you so much for sharing such a nice feedback. Hope to see you again

  • Profile photo of Saurabh tiwari Profile

    Hi Muhammad,

    Well, I read your article and i can say its a genuine way to increase traffic using These seo tricks or tips.

    Couldn’t resist sharing this Article on Twitter.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Saurabh tiwari recently posted…How to Choose Right Delhi Based Web Development Service ProviderMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj Profile

    Hi Saurabh,

    Thanks for your lovely comment. Well my first priority is to help folks through sharing some useful tips and tools, i am glad you liked my post, hope to see you again.

  • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

    Hi Muhammad,

    Great title, drew me in to read, I’ve always known that if any website takes reasonable care of On page SEO and Off Page SEO, there will be an impact on inbound web traffic.

    I’ve always had to spend some time researching the pedigree of the website from where I was building a back link. I’m definitely going to try finding about the authority of a particular website through, or

    Thanks heaps for sharing this I’d never heard about any of the three web sites that you’ve recommended using before reading this Blog post.

    I’ve always used Copyscape to check my articles before publishing them. I’d really like to be careful about duplicate content. I’m definitely going to give Siteliner and as well, just to get the feel of using another tool.

    Google has defocussed from keywords a long while ago, but like you, I do believe that the use of carefully thought through and chosen primary keyphrase, blended into your content and into the Blog post URL still adds value to your Blog post.

    Too few Bloggers seem to focus on optimizing the images used on their Blog posts. is a superb tool for this job. I’ve been using for quite a while and on occasion their image compression routine has really surprised me with its throughput. Using great alt text for images inserted in your Blog post is another area that is pretty much neglected by Bloggers.

    It appears sometimes that Bloggers are defocussing from simple On Page SEO attributes that still send the right signals to search engines. That said, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the quality of Blog post content as well. Perhaps one does cancel out the other?

    This is well researched and presented Blog post content Muhammad, thanks so much for sharing.
    Ivan Bayross recently posted…Write A Blog Post QuicklyMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj Profile

      Hi Ivan,

      Thank you so much for reading my whole post deeply, and share your nice feedback in shape of this lovely comment.

      All the tips and tools which i have shared are very beneficial for generating traffic. But one must work hard on On-page and Off-Page SEO as well. And Write 100 % unique and quality content with lucid information and compeling Title.

      But consistency is the main requirement in this game.With consistency your devotion of time and hard works also matter.

      Thanks for dropping such a nice comment.

  • Profile photo of Steve Profile

    Thanks for sharing! I agree with Kevin Rose as these aren’t all ways to get more SEO traffic. I’ve heard about some of these tools before but the hemmingway app sounds like great help for content writing and I’ll definitely test that out in the future. Thanks for the share.
    Steve recently posted…PPC Playbook Episode 30: Benefits of PPC for Small BusinessesMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sonam Asrani Profile

    Hello, Muhammad Mairaj

    After reading this article, I end up learning few new things. One of them was Siteliner. I didn’t know about this tool. I checked this tool and its really great to check the duplicate content in our articles. However, I knew about the Hemingway. Moreover, all other tips are also considerably important for increasing Traffic.

    Great write-up Thanks! :)
    Sonam Asrani recently posted…List Of The Best Search Engines Of All TimeMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj Profile

    Hi Sonam

    Its nice to see you here and appreciating my article, The main thing which is required for generating traffic is your devotion to your work and consistency in it. Hope these tips and tools are useful :)

    Thanks for dropping such a valuable comment.

  • Profile photo of Nanda Rahmanius Profile

    Hi Muhammad,

    Informative post, indeed! :)

    I agree that we have to apply SEO properly on our site. That will increase the organic traffic on it.

    I was someone who still needs a lot to learn, especially about SEO. Thus, the tools you have mentioned here can be a good choice for me. This is the first time I knew about them. Thanks for that!

    The topic of increasing website traffic is always an interesting topic for me. I could not stop myself to share it. :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…THANKS To My Comment Authors ~ July 2015 Engagement Report!My Profile

    • Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj Profile

      Thanks Ninda for dropping such a nice comment and share your valuable thoughts with us. Beginners initially don’t want to put their money for any kind of blogging chores and first want to try the free tools and techniques which are beneficial in this scenario.

      For this purpose i shared with you few useful tools which helps you out to write quality content.

      IF you successfully write quality content and focused on Seo and social media marketing then definitely you’ll get remarkable results :)

  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    Great stuff! If you have a website then you already know the importance of web traffic. I couldn’t agree more with you. Optimize your blog, images, keywords, videos, and links and use social media as a funnel to drive more traffic like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Relevancy, quality, uniqueness and trustworthy are articles that wins in this game. Passion will also give life to every campaign and could make the work at ease and over-the-hill.

    Indeed, these are killer ways. In every line of attack, there are also tools and plug-ins that we can use that macth your needs and wants.

    All in all, provide amazing value to your readers and this is a quality game and not a quantity game.
    Metz recently posted… Marketplace Helps You Make Money Selling Your Products and ServicesMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Chery Profile

    Hello Muhammad, Wow now I guess I never really gave a whole lot of thought about duplicate content before since these are my own articles but I went right on over to Siteliner and dropped my link.

    And let me tell you I love this site, I didnt only get a look at my duplicate content (Which was 4 % somehow LOL)

    But I got so much more. I will be using and sharing this this site more often.

    I am off to check out a few more of the tools you suggested here.
    Great Share
    Thanks Chery :))
    Chery recently posted…The Real Story About Making Money OnlineMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj Profile

      Hi Chery,

      First of all a warm welcome to read my post. I am glad that you are also use this remarkable tool called Siteliner. Yes i agree with you that it gives you the whole plagrism detail of your website as well as show you the percentage of your own repeated content.

      Thanks for sharing such a lovely comment:)

  • Profile photo of Gary Waldrep Profile

    Hello Muhammad,

    I agree with Ross in the first comment on this post. I don’t think these are killer ways to increase traffic using SEO.

    I would say these are basic ways, not killer ways. I didn’t learn any killer SEO tip here, sorry.

    And there is some grammar problem with this post as well.

    • Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj Profile

      Hi Gary,

      Actually bloggers are battling with Search Engines with the help of different techniques, tools and plugins to improve SEO. I have shared few ways. But according to my way of thinking if you adopt these techniques and use these tools you’ll get some nice results.

      Thanks for your lovely comment :)

  • Profile photo of Mainak Halder Profile

    Hello Muhammad,

    I think video blogging is going great these days to generate traffic with SEO. If we can publish a video on YouTube, it can generate larger amounts of traffic than an article.

    But not to forget about the niche we are in, it also matters. For some niches, videos doesn’t work as good as a 2000 word article.

    BTW, good post.

    Mainak Halder recently posted…How To Set Up Feedburner With Best Configuration SettingsMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj Profile

      Hi Mainak,

      I totally agree with you that video blogging play a very vital role for generating traffic. But we must focused on other aspects i.e. Create quality content, On-page and Off-page SEO, Linkbuilding, Social media marketing.

      Thanks for dropping such a fantastic comment. Hope to see you again :)

  • Profile photo of Dennis Seymour Profile

    Great tips overall Muhammad.

    Love siteliner ever since I found out about it. It gives me a quick option to check for those pesky content duplicates on client sites :)
    Dennis Seymour recently posted…Schema Plugin Version 1.1 BetaMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj Profile

      Hi Dennis,

      Glad you liked overall tips. Indeed Siteliner is awesome tool which helps you to find duplicate content of your websites. And the beauty of this tool is it highlight the sentences where it find the duplicate issue.

      Thanks for sharing such a nice comment :)

  • Profile photo of Laxmi Sharma Profile

    Hi Muhammad,

    Good and informative post. All the tips that you have share in this post are really very helpful. For getting good result to our blog or website there are very important that we always do all basic things correctly like optimizing all images, use quality base content and get good quality links from using various ways. Thanks for sharing this post and have a great weekend.
    Laxmi Sharma recently posted…Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Business OwnersMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj Profile


    Great to see you here Laxmi, and dropping such a precious comment. I am glad that you liked the post. Indeed there are numerous techniques which help you out for generating traffic for your website or blog, out of which i have shared few of them hope it is useful.

    Thanks for your nice comment :)

  • Profile photo of Christopher Jan Benitez Profile

    Pretty comprehensive list of tool mentioned in this post! If I may add, I would suggest creating visual content for yoru posts to create texture and make your content much more dynaminc. This can be as easy embedding a Youtube video related to your post or a little bit more sophisticated by creating images using PicMonkey or Canva. Regardless, you hit the nail with most tools. I like the mention of Ahrefs in the post – this is an indispensable tool for content creators who wish to maximize their search rankings by looking at the link profile of their competitors and base your strategy from there.
    Christopher Jan Benitez recently posted…Why You Should Drop Your Office Job to Become a FreelancerMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj Profile

      Hi Christopher,

      Thanks for your nice feedback and appreciating my work. In this article i have tried to explain that how useful these tools are for creating quality content for your website or blog which is Seo friendly.

      I think every body knows how significant quality content is. Indeed it is the biggest source of generating traffic :)

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing such an amazing comment.

  • Profile photo of Shamsudeen Adeshokan Profile

    Hello Muhammad,

    I like that you mentioned back-links in the early part of this article, this is because back-links is an essential part of increasing organic traffic.

    Though, there are other effective ways to go about this, but in all honesty……nothing I have seen come close to it.

    However, I’ll like to add to your collection of links checker tools, though this is not actually a back-link checker tool, rather an on-site link analyzer tool.

    Domain Hunter Plus is one tool that let you quickly find broken links opportunity on the current browser page you’re on.

    This simple Google Chrome extension used along side Mozbar and SEOQuake could save any link builder quality time finding link building partners.

    Thanks Muhammad, nice reading.
    Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…Broken Link Building for SEO With Domain Hunter PlusMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj Profile

    Thanks Shamsudeen,

    I hope you got nice results by experiencing such tools. Infact Other tools which you mentioned in your comment like Mozbar and SEO Quake is also very good tool for Seo.

    Once again thanks for dropping such nice comment, Hope to see you again :)

  • Profile photo of Nikhil Kumar Saini Profile

    Hi Muhammad,
    I am really happy to get the alternative to Grammarly as Hemingwayapp. Are you using this tool for your blog? I am going to use it let see what happens? If I foind it useful, really get back to you and will share my experience here.

    Have a better life.

    Nikhil Kumar Saini recently posted…How to Find Out Your Competitor’s Keywords (Try a Smarter Way)My Profile

  • Profile photo of Muhammad Mairaj Profile

    Thanks Nikhil for dropping such a lovely comment. Glad to know that you found these tools useful.

    Well in this article i have tried to shared some free tools which helps bloggers for creating quality content. Ifact this practice help bloggers to generate more and more traffic.

    Thanks for your nice feedback. Hope to see you again :)

  • Profile photo of Tom Kimp Profile

    Hello Muhammad,

    This post is dead on. You cover just about everything needed to start getting killer traffic to your website. I even picked up a few things I wasn’t aware of.

    I like the idea of using Youtube to drive traffic to websites. It’s a new thing I’m working on where you make videos similar to your niche, then drive the traffic to your log posts.

    If you get a good following on youtube; I think this would be an outstanding way to increase your SEO. Especially since Google owns youtube.


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