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    You know about Twitter. But what about its […]

    • Hi Jeremy,
      Indeed, one can “use Direct Messages to build bonds and break boundaries.” Its a tool that we readily should must ensure we make the most of.

      I love its uses with regards to the no-limitation of characters. This means one can actually become more expressive and detailed in conversation.

      In addition, the privacy benefit to the…[Read more]

    • I have been using Twitter but have not really utilized its Direct Messages features.

      Its good to know of what it stands for and how I can benefit from it.

      From the uses discussed, its sure a tool that can help make a difference for engaging and converting targeted audience.

      I align with the idea that this tool will help the Twitter…[Read more]

    • With the Twitter Direct Message service it is obvious that small businesses can now engage the audience longer and better. This will enhance better engagement and communication.

      More so, it would be a WIN WIN for both parties in that solid trust and healthy relationship can be built. Surely,

      “…Direct Messages to build bonds and break…

      [Read more]

    • Hey Jeremy, whats up?

      Really enjoyed reading your article here on kingged. I have not really used the direct message feature with Twitter. Thanks to you I am eager to give it a try.

      Have a great day.

    • I agree with you 100%. Twitter DM is such a wonderful way to spread a message AND communicate with others. Some of the best social conversations that I have ever been a part of were using Twitter DM>

    • Hi Jeremy,

      I also have had some luck with Direct Messages on Twitter. I have a service send out an automated message when someone follows me.

      I don’t make it spammy. I apologize for the automated message and promise a personal response. I ask them if I can share an article.

      If they say yes, I send the article with a short personal…[Read more]

    • Mark replied 7 months ago

      Hi Jeremy

      I must admit that I never considered using Twitter in the ways you have outlined. However, it does appear to be a facility well worth exploring for those purposes. For me I think I need to simply evaluate all the apps etc I am already using and see if I can use their additional features in a way that actually helps my business, even…[Read more]

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