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  • ThumbnailSEO can be very straightforward, and it can also be extremely complex. A lot of times we are so focused on our rankings, metrics, and content that we overlook simple mistakes. Below are 5 of the most common SEO […]

    • Hey Jeff,

      I have made one or more of these mistakes in the course of my online marketing. The truth remains that I never get to know of these mistakes until my traffic and sales starts to dip.

      Thanks for sharing this post. You not only pointed out common mistakes of SEO, you also recommended the solutions to them. The tools and links you…[Read more]

    • Hi Jeff,

      If mistakes are discovered in the process of doing online marketing then it becomes logical to avoid them.

      SEO mistakes are bound to happen because we are all humans and there is no perfection.

      However, identification of these mistakes should be ‘skill’ on its own, so that we are able to deal with them.

      Its helpful reading…[Read more]

    • Hi Jeff,

      There are lots of SEO mistakes that marketers keep doing. The important thing is for them to realize that what they are doing is mistake.

      SEO mistakes can be avoided, and the sooner it is done the better it would be for the website.

      The SEO mistakes discussed here and how to avoid them are common. They are everyday mistakes…[Read more]

    • Hi Jeff,

      SEO mistakes are numerous and could be ‘costly’ if not tackled. Mistakes of content creation and website performance are often ‘frowned’ at by the search engines.

      Marketers must ensure any mistake centered around creating the wrong content or making a website perform below par is avoided!

    • Hi Jeff,

      These mistakes are common and easy to make. Broken links, duplicate content, and linking to spammy sites are SEO mistakes that have affected me in the past. Now I know better and have dealt with them squarely!

      I will take your advise from this post and get deal other SEO mistakes! 😀 Thanks for reminding me of these 5 mistakes…[Read more]

    • Broken links suck. But broken anything sucks. The more a website appears to be non-functional, the more Google will assume that it is not being taken good care of.

      Since Google wants its searchers to be satisfied, it is less likely to send people to a website that is poorly cared for, because it A) might not be fully functional, B) might…[Read more]

    • Hey Jeff,

      While I agree with all the SEO mistakes that are shared here. I am often guilty of duplicate content.

      Now, I know better and should avoid duplication on the pages, url, and other parts of the websites.

      Taking action now and avoiding these mistakes is the best thing to do!

    • Hey Jeff,

      Mistakes are bound to happen with the things we do. Sometimes it is from the results we get that we realize that mistakes have been made. SEO mistakes are common but in most cases these are avoidable.

      The tendency to cut corners with the rules and procedures of SEO is one major mistake that affect Internet marketers in the long…[Read more]

    • Hi Jeff,

      One of the top most SEO mistakes that MUST be avoided is doing SEO without planning. This could be disastrous. SEO should be strategic, hence, there is need to set goals and draw up plans before embarking on it.

      I think that strategic SEO neglect should be included as the number one mistake in this list! 😀

    • Hi Jeff,

      I have done these SEO in the past but now I do better. Broken links and Duplicate content were my most weakness but its a good thing I have found ways to get around them.

      Thanks for sharing these helpful tips. I guess many newbies will reassess and reevaluate their search engine optimization strategies after going through this post!

    • Hello Jeff,

      The fact remains that mistakes are bound to occur. It would be important to be watchful so that we get the best from our search engine optimization techniques.

      Avoiding SEO mistakes is important. The 5 common mistakes highlighted here are in order.

      My best takeaway from this post is the fact that you listed plugins and…[Read more]

    • Hi Jeff,

      that’s a very useful list to read and remind yourself not to repeat such mistakes.

      Honestly, I made a few of them when I just started to work with SEO.

      Especially repeating the content: I didn’t really understand that there might be serious consequences because of doing it.

      I would definitely recommend your post for reading…[Read more]

    • Hi Jeff,

      Broken links are not only bad for SEO purpose, also gives users a terrible experience using your site.

      And like you pointed out, too many broken links on a site is an indication of non-functional website or one that has been abandoned.

      And site speed is just a thing of necessity, and an integral part of overall site quality and…[Read more]

    • Hey Jeff,

      I been through the horror of 401 errors right after I changed my permalink. Luckily I found a 301 redirect plugin that took care of at least 80% of the bad links.

      Besides that I use broken link checker to find other bad links.

      The SEO mistakes you mentioned here are pretty common, but a lot of people tend to overlook them and…[Read more]

    • Hi Jeff,

      In addition to the list you’ve created, one other big problem I see is that people are stuck in a mold. Meaning, they don’t create different kind of content that is relevant to their audiences, and they many times write for the wrong audiences.

      What I mean is that we have two audiences at any one time:

      1. Those who are able,…[Read more]

    • Hi Jeff,

      it is an absolutely useful post! To be honest, I made some of these mistakes in the past, especially the one about the slow speed of the website.

      I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it, and it got really slow after uploading a lot of “heavy” images.

      Obviously, it made me loose readers, and I tried my best to boost its speed…[Read more]

    • Hi Jeff,

      I have heard mixed reports on whether Google cares about duplicate content. After all content curation sites would have trouble existing if it did. Just to make sure, though, I change the headline when I can.

      Thanks for the warnings.


    • Hi Jeff,
      I found a lot of useful information through your post.

    • Hello Jeff,

      This is certainly useful information and I have bookmarked them to enable me go through my site with a fine tooth comb hopefully.

      Thank you for sharing.

    • Hello Jeff,

      Great topic, and oh-so relevant.

      In addition to the mistakes you already cited, here are some more that online business owners and bloggers should take note of:

      1. Not surveying your audience to see which content format they resonate with. For instance, your audience may prefer video over written content

      2. No adequate…[Read more]

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for sharing your article with us. I definitely will check out the “Screaming Frog” tool. Is it a free tool?

      I also wanted to learn more about google analytics and how to get the most use out of it, so I will certainly be checking out the guide you shared.

      I especially like your tip for the title tags. I haven’t given…[Read more]

    • Good to know this when I start looking more into SEO. Lots of helpful tips.

    • Hello Jeff,

      As a blogger I can say these are very valid mistakes one can avoid. Broken links is someone all of fall victim to at times. I’d recommend using a plugin to help identify when there’s a broken link on your website.

      Also, duplicate content obviously is a really big issue. It’s always recommended to use copy space.


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    Thank you for commenting, Steven.

    If at least one person gets value out of my articles, then I’m doing something right.

    Content is so important for blogging. I’d say it’s the #1 most important factor for ranking webpages.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Writing better content is a practical thing. For sure, doing it right will appeal to the needs of the search engine as well as humans.

      Taking action will always get one a step closer to achieving greatness with content.

      The tips shared here are very practical!

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    I’m glad you enjoyed the tip on writing for people, Sunday.

    It’s something I feel a lot of people overlook.

    This is one of the best ways to improve your content.

    • Thanks for replying to my comment Jeff!

      Indeed, writing for people is often overlooked by webmasters but if this is sincerely taken into consideration then writing better content all the time would become lifestyle!

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    Hi, Sarah

    Every audience is different. A blog on parenting will have different content than one focused on coding JAVA.

    Some may be more image heavy, some less. Longer or shorter.

    All these can make a big difference.

    • Hey Jeff,

      Value for the audience is the ‘fulcrum’ on which every action and tip rotates!

      Therefore, writing better blog content must follow good research on discovering what constitutes good value for the target audience!

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    Hello Hafiz,

    Great suggestion. I think local SEO is one of the most overlooked factors for search engine marketing.

    It can really be a great tool, and I did not know that statistic.

    I’ve actually written an article on local SEO and great local listings. Check it out underneath my comment. I’ll soon be publishing it to Kingged.

    Best wishes!

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    Thanks for the comment.

    Providing real world examples can be an extremely effective way of delivering value to your readers.

    Storytelling is an art, and it can keep people mesmerized and captivated.

    I myself love case studies. My favorite would be Neil Patel’s study on taking a blog to a million dollars in 12 months.

    The fact that I…[Read more]

    • Hey Jeff,

      Thanks for agreeing with me on the subject of testimonial use as strategic for writing better blog content.

      If writers can learn the art of infusing related stories, case studies or testimonials into their writing, then it would become easier to convince the audience to take action!

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    Hello Celine,

    I agree. Playing it clean is one of my favorites!

    White hat SEO is so much superior to black hat.

    I want my business to survive and continue growing years into the future.

    Glad you agree!

    • Thanks for your reply on this Jeff. Of course, every proactive online marketer would want his or her business to keep growing into the future!

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    Absolutely, SEO is constantly chaning, but there are some constants.

    Good sentences. No unnecessary technical terms.

    Good call to actions.

    And making sure your links don’t 404.

    These factors bring you success in the long run.

    • Hey Jeff,

      Indeed, somethings remain constant with SEO. It is important for the blogger to understand what the ‘changing’ and ‘constant’ elements are so that the right seo decisions can be implemented every point in time!

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    Spot on!

    I like how you define it as “epic.”

    When you read an epic piece, you know right away.

    I’ve mentioned it before, but I love Neil Patel’s case study on taking a new blog to a million dollars in 12 months. Talk about epic.

    That single case study is the reason I follow him, and regularly give him traffic on his site.

    That…[Read more]

    • Hey Jeff,

      Neil Patel is an online influencer that we all admire. His blog and business inspire many bloggers and SEOs.

      We always find epic and evergreen content in his Quick Sprout, NeilPatel.com, and KissMetrics websites.

      I guess newbies should follow this influencer’s tactics to improve and sustain their SEO state in 2017!

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    Sure thing, Carl.

    Nowadays, a lot of people talk directly to their phones for google searches.

    When you do this, you don’t use short keywords. You use specific, long tail keywords.

    For example, say your screw driver breaks and you need to order a new one.

    You use your phone’s voice search with “OK, google.”

    However, when you search,…[Read more]

    • Okay Jeff,

      I see! The explanation is clearer. For this to work effectively, the searcher must have the right smartphone to gadget equipped with Voice search app. Thanks for expatiating on the use of Voice search for improved SEO!

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    He Celine,

    I’m glad you like tip # 5. It really does seem counter-intuitive. But your readers will love it.

    It also shows a certain level of humility. The fact that you can acknowledge that others have valuable content.

    Keep rocking the awesome content!

    • Yes Jeff, writing for people is very strategic. It also implies writing for search engines indirectly.

      If the words go out to the ‘right audience’ then engagement and conversion would be easier!

  • Hello Hafiz,

    Great suggestion. I think local SEO is one of the most overlooked factors for search…Read More

  • Hello Celine,

    I agree. Playing it clean is one of my favorites!

    White hat SEO is so much super…Read More

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