• ThumbnailDeep down within our blood, we’ve grown a need to bond with others. To connect with everyone in our surroundings and share our experiences. In the online era of today, that bond is created through email. That’s […]

    • Hey Ivana,
      You are right about the details you have shared.

      Making an email sound personal without losing professionalism is possible.

      The use of first person pronoun like “I” and creating contents with short and simple details will help improve conversation.

      Slipping a personal life story between the lines in the email is revealing.…[Read more]

    • Sounding personal in email is more like sounding personal in every content shared. The tone of the content must be conversational, hence the use of personal triggers like “I”, “you”, and personal experiences should be encouraged.

      Email marketing is quite competitive but personalizing it tone will make a difference for the marketer!

    • I love the idea of slipping a personal life story into the line. Nothing could be more personalized than to share ones own ‘experience’. This apply in both real life situation or In the marketing sphere.

      Making email sound personal for easy conversion is not that difficult. Keeping it simple and short is timeless principle that works like…[Read more]

    • Hi Ivana!

      Very valuable tips for effective email marketing!

      One of the best tips you have given here, in my opinion of course, is to write your email as if you are writing to your best friend. 😉

      This is such a simple concept but very powerful if you realize the effectiveness of it!

      I have heard this same advice from many top earners…[Read more]

    • Great work Ivana,

      A personal story definitely helps me. An experience, a hardship I went through, whatever that makes me sound human, that always works. It’s just human nature.

      A tip that I always share is to always sound like how you are talking. Your natural voice, your natural way of speaking. It comes out and people can see that.

    • Hi Ivana,

      I am starting to learn how important they way you write is with everything related to marketing. You really have to foster a sense of a relationship with everything you do.

      Everything we write should sound like it is from an old friend.

      Thank you so much for these tips. Some people may thing it is less professional to share…[Read more]

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