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Is Your Content Created for Machines or Humans?

Avatar of xian Submitted by xian February 17, 2014 Website: www.jeffbullas.com

Is your content created for machines or humans?

Content marketing faces the constant tension between writing for search engines or crafting it for people. But there is also another challenge that comes from decades of formal marketing education and training.

Overcoming the blind spot that demographic data sometimes imposes on marketers that has been collated and sifted by computers.

Marketers and business for a long time have often distilled their typical customer down to range of demographic data points.

If you really want to spell it out, according to Wikipedia ”Demographics is the quantifiable statistics of a given population“. This means cold hard metrics and data such as gender, age, home ownership, employment and geographical location. This is data that marketers have used for decades to create and craft content, advertising and marketing messages.

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  • Avatar of Sunday Profile

    Effective content marketing is created to touch and spark the human emotions. Its not entirely possible alienate the impact of meeting the demands of the search engines or machines.

    Content created for humans should be constant for success while that of machines varies according to algorithm changes.

    Having said that, learning to create an engaging and contagious content is truly MUST do for online content marketing success!
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