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Infographic: Email Marketing Lives to Fight Another Day

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Email Marketing: Why It’s Still Kicking

For some strange reason, we keep hearing the message that email marketing is a dead end. Sure, plenty of your marketing messages go into spam boxes, and those that don’t might get deleted before the recipient opens them. Instead of taking a chance on those email offers going straight into the trash, many marketers have turned to social media with the hopes more may see the messages. There is also truth to the assertion that social media marketing is an important component in any marketing plan, so kudos if you’ve started Facebooking, Tweeting, and Pinning. Still, we couldn’t help but wonder if email really is dead. And is social media really so much better?

Then, we found this amazing infographic that answers those questions and more.

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  • Profile photo of Sunday Profile

    If you ask me, email marketing wins. However, we should not rule out the impact of social media. While email marketing ultimately delivers conversion, social media delivers the traffic.

    In other words, social media is at the top of the sales funnel while email marketing trickles down to the bottom.

    Its remarkable to have these popular digital marketing tactics compared using different yardsticks in this infographic.

    Conclusively, both should be used complementary for digital marketing success today.
    Sunday recently posted…I Can’t Believe They Are Doing This, It’s Disgusting.My Profile

  • Profile photo of Ryan Profile

    Really? I’ve not heard it much and still send my list messages out 😉

    If people have devices and desktops and laptops they will be reading email, like, daily, and list emailing will be as popular as heck, as it’s been for many years.

    People are addicted to email. No way around that. Capitalize on this addiction. Build your business. Email marketing is here for good.
    Ryan recently posted…Market in Chiang Mai ThailandMy Profile

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