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Improving Productivity While Working Fewer Hours

Avatar of ImPretty Submitted by ImPretty February 24, 2014 Website: seo2.0.onreact.com

You have probably heard the “work smarter not harder” thing a few times haven’t you? Unless of course you have never read about productivity. It’s true. As I got older and the blogging, social media and search industries more complex it became more difficult to work longer hours. So I reversed the trend.

I work less now while being more productive. How exactly?

The sad tale first

At first I have to tell you that I almost suffered a breakdown a few years back. I was mentally and physically on the verge of collapse for months. I worked (or at least I thought so) for 12 or more hours a day.

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  • Avatar of Metz Profile

    “work smarter not harder” Nice! I like it! This one made me rate myself how smart or how hard I work.

    Anyway, what a story, you made me laugh at this “I looked like a pregnant woman several months into the pregnancy. My wife started to call me her “little Buddha”. Haha!

    Hmmn, I like how you’ve changed your way of life. I wanted to do the exercises too, everyday actually, but that isn’t possible. But I have scheduled to exercise tomorrow 5am in the morning. I know it is for my health and for a productive work.
    Metz recently posted…How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business in 2014My Profile

  • Avatar of Ryan Profile

    Love the tips!

    Today I walked for 3 hours in Thailand, in 95 degree temps. I break each hour for 5 to 10 minutes. I also have no smartphone; once I get away from my laptop I am unplugged. Hell I have no cell phone either.

    If people need to call they have my Skype. They can leave a message. No emergency is so pressing as to cut into my Me-Time.

    I learned long ago that burning out benefits nobody. Working smart benefits everybody, from me, to my girlfriend, to all the people I reach through my blog.

    I know why people have crap productivity habits; desperation floods their minds. But if you want to ever be free, and really succeed, release the desperation and replace with a calm, confident vibe, and of course, engage in the habits discussed above.
    Ryan recently posted…5 Tips for Smart Cash GiftingMy Profile

  • Avatar of Sunday Profile

    Exercise should be incorporated into our daily lives. This is more for those living sedentary lifestyles like bloggers.

    A lot of things can be learned from this post but I guess we should also embrace the power of discipline.

    If the realization that our lifestyle is not working, then it becomes really important to change the way we do things.

    I share your ideas of making changes by working smarter!
    Sunday recently posted…The Ultimate Guide To Blogging: How to Start Your Own BlogMy Profile

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