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Ideas vs Execution vs the Founder

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You know why some startups that are working on some of the great ideas/products fail? You would think that they have a great idea, have a great team, and have a backing of the leading VC firms in the industry, but often times they end up in the dead pool after a few years.

There are of course many reasons for their failure, but to drive the idea of this post, ceteris paribus – mostly it’s because of the person, the leader, the entrepreneur behind the idea. Yes, I think, one of the most important requirements for a startup to succeed is to have a founder who is absolutely obsessed with his/her idea (provided that product/market fit has been achieved), very passionate about it and driven by it on daily basis. And most importantly, he/she is involved in all the important decisions about the product; from marketing to design to product features to User Interfaces… etc, basically end-to-end involvement. This is necessary. It’s a pre-requisite. Especially in the early years of a startup.

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    Wow! A powerful submission I must say! At a point I was beginning to think that this post is against outsourcing or delegation of duties but I see that the basic point has been driven – “You cannot outsource great ideas”.

    This could be debatable because if proper communication is conveyed from the founder to others the ideas could be executed.

    However,from this post we get to know that its not all “ideas” that is shareable! The passion of idea generation is still needed for its execution and this may not be applicable with the person to whom the original idea was communicated to!
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