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I Need To Rank For The Following Keywords – Hell No!

Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Submitted by Ivan Bayross October 12, 2015


At various Digital Marketing (DM) meetups where I speak I’m often asked whether it’s possible to get top ranking in Google Search Engine Results Page today using – Keywords – or perhaps – Long tailed key phrases.

This question never fails to astonish me. Apparently, no one seems to be paying any attention to the tremendous changes implemented by Google when delivering SERPs – based on a user’s search criteria.

Google is going from strength to strength every day, delivering search results based on what’s best for the seeker. Hence, one cannot just rank for something as short sighted as the keywords one wants.

Example #1: Do a search for – “best headphones”

As shown in diagram 1.


Diagram 1

Here’s the shocker. Not a single URL on Google’s SERP first page is a product page.

Each URL points to articles about different headphone types, their benefits, their pricing, and so on.

We are all Google users.  These are definitely far better results to get than getting a single brand’s product page. The reason being that most – Seekers – want to shop around, compare products, and read reviews, only then make an information based purchase.  Aren’t you?

Example #2: Do a search for – “restaurants in mumbai”

As shown in diagram 2.


Diagram 2

What do you notice?  Not a single URL on Google’s SERP first page is a restaurant’s website.

As a matter of fact, the results above the fold are tied to review aggregators like burrp and zomato.

I’d rather read reviews, written by real people (i.e. people like me) about dozens of excellent (or lousy) restaurants than be directed to a website of single restaurant.  Wouldn’t you?

This way I get to make an informed decision on the cuisine I want, and go someplace to eat where there an excellent chance that I’d be completely satisfied.

Example #3: Do a search for – ” buy a cheap 55 inch tv”

As shown in diagram 3.


Diagram 3

What’s caught your eye? Articles that talk about product attributes, price comparisons, and so much more.  A specific TV brand’s page is not visible on SERP one.

Example #4: Do a search for – ” plumbers in San Francisco”

As shown in diagram 4.


Diagram 4

Not a single result on the SERP – first page is a website. There are only review aggregators eg. Yelp.

OK, So What’s All This About?

Google has a tremendous amount of data and they are leveraging that strongly.  Google understands what seekers / users really want by analyzing this massive amount of data.

Take off your SEO sun glasses and it’s hard to disagree.

I actually love the power of informed choice. I’d much rather purchase a product for a list of companies which show real people reviews, comparison attributes and statistics than take a pick from such sites than websites that make it to the top of organic listings. Wouldn’t you?

Google is unashamedly moving into the “pay-to-play” era

Facebook moved into the “pay-to-play” era no too long ago. The display of FB posts and events has been severely and painfully curbed.  You have to advertise on FB if you want your posts and events to reach your target audience. Now Google is headed that way.

Google’s main source of revenue is advertising. Advertising accounts for almost 90% of Google’s revenue in 2014.  One of their main earners, display, is falling fast.

Hence, Google’s message is clear. If you want to sell directly through the Google platform, then you’ll have to pay for it.

Let’s go back to the last example. “Plumbers in San Francisco.” Take a look at what’s happening above the fold on the right hand side of the SERP.  That’s right, paid for local listings.

This has a massive implication on local search. I’m pretty sure this is going to be the future of local search.  Pay and get noticed.

This Raises The Perineal Question Is SEO dead?

No. SEO is absolutely not dead.

As long as people use Google search, SEO will be alive.

Let’s recap. Money/buyer (i.e. purchase-intent) keywords are:
Dominated by huge brands that 99% of the world can’t outrank (without spamming)
Returning less product pages.
Articles, reviews and other forms of valuable information are being delivered consistently.

This means is it’s time to seriously re-evaluate the SEO landscape.

The days of ranking a products or services on the first page of a SERP, for purchase-intent keywords are very limited or dead.

Hence to capture site visitor traffic going forward, there are currently three things that can be done.

#1- Pay for it

This is straight forward. Paid search has always been seen as a remarketing tactic. Capture traffic from all corners of the web. Then when those people are ready to buy (using those money keywords), use highly targeted paid Google Ads to capture their business.

#2 – Create Measurably Valuable Content

Go back to the best headphones example, the results are dominated by content that compares ratings and pricing for various headphones.  No one shares, engages, or links to products and services pages. The truth is, no one, except for us cares.

Instead of trying to jam those pages with links, create a piece of content that delivers what Google (and users) want.  By creating value with your content, you open it up to earning social media shares and powerful links from relevant sites.

If you want to compete against the big guns in organic search real estate, top quality, value add content is your only option.

#3 – Optimize Your Website For The Web

It’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization), NOT GO (Google Optimization).

Yelp is a search engine.
Facebook is a search engine.
Twitter is a search engine.
Amazon is a search engine.
Quora is a search engine.
Pinterest is a search engine.
YouTube is a search engine.

Do you see exactly where this is going?

Each of these platforms offers unique benefits to the user. In a ton of cases, people looking for specific items on these platforms are very likely to bypass Google altogether.

Apply This To Your Website

The long-winded point this Blog post is trying hard to make is this:

It’s no longer just about optimizing your website for Google. It’s about optimizing your presence across the web.

Understand who your target audience is. Where they spend their time. Then attack those platforms and build an organic presence.

For example:

If you’re an attorney, you need to be on sites like Avvo, and Find Law because they dominate the SERPS

If you’re a local business, Yelp and Thumbtack are really delivering awesome results right now

If you have an e-commerce store, get your product on to as many platforms where your customers are as possible (including Pinterest)

If you sell large-ticket B2B services, SlideShare and LinkedIn are gold mines for connecting with C-suite executives looking for information
The list goes on and on . . .

Website / business owners must realize that times have changed. It’s impossible rank for keywords and expect that to deliver money into a bank account anymore.

This is not a phase. This is the way it’s going to be going forward. We all need to get on board now.

As Google gets more intelligent, we need to get more intelligent about how we approach marketing.

That is not looking for ways to beat the search engine algorithms, instead, we must learn to leverage the search engine algorithms use to our advantage.

Please Leave Your Comments They Really Are A Huge Help

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please pass on your bouquets or brickbats in the comments section right below.

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56 Responses to “ I Need To Rank For The Following Keywords – Hell No!” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Gill Watkins Profile

    Hi Ivan,
    Very informative posts here with some really good points.

    I think too many people concentrate on Google and, as you say, they aren’t the only search engine.

    I have to admit I am more concerned with my content (although I do use Yoast for SEO plugin on my site to guide me) because SEO does confuse me a bit.

    As you rightly say, people are searching for information. Whatever they are thinking of buying or investing in, they seek other opinions from people who have bought or used the item. It helps when making a buying decision. We all know where to go and but but we need that reassurance from our peers before we do so.

    I think the points you have raised are very relevant now and thanks for sharing with us.

    Have a great week Ivan,

    Gill Watkins recently posted…Solo Ads – Are They Worth The Pain?My Profile

    • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

      Hi Gill,

      Great to read your comment on this really balmy October morning in Mumbai.

      Here’s is what I do for SEO Gill, I’m careful about 3 to 5 key phrases in my content. These are the Key phrases that I think seekers will key into Search Engines when they are trying to locate the – Type – of information contained in my Blog post.

      I ensure that these are sprinkled naturally within the Post / Article content a few times. That’s all.

      My focus has always been delivering the very best content that I can to my readers.

      I’m using YOAST myself (the free version) and its simply superb. As soon as I see YOAST show me the Green icon, I know I’m good to go.

      You’ve nailed it Gill, like people look for social proof, Google evaluates all the social signals associated with your content, for or against is not important. Google always tries to offer – Balanced – content to any seeker

      Today, the social signals surrounding your content are a ton more valuable that anything that you can do in SEO.

      This actually leaves Bloggers free to d what they do best – Craft Content.

      Enjoy the week ahead Gill I’m sure its filled with Magic.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Having A Small Mailing List Hurts BloggersMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hi Ivan,
    This is powerful. Things are changing speedily with Google and the search engines and we must adapt to these changes. Ranking just for any keyword in the SERP requires ‘extra’ push of understanding who the audience is and where they reside.

    It takes more practical approach of delivering the best contents to gain traction with SEO that will provide benefits today.
    I agree with the three steps of what to do in capturing site traffic in the future.

    Search engines are embracing Pay-to-play now. This seems to be one of tactics that will dominate for the time being. Yes, delivering valuable content and optimizing for the web can be rewarding for site owners because it ranking is made easier with the process.

    Thanks for sharing this thoughtful post, and I guess its time to really put the ideas into good practice for effective results!

    • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

      Hi Sunday,

      You’ve said it right. Search engine approaches to content are changing. In my mind in a very positive way.

      Bloggers need to adapt.

      Here is my view of – How a Blogger should adapt.

      Forget all you’ve learned about SEO / SEM in the past. Do a ton less. Simply focus on delivering the very best content to your audience.

      Then – Market that content like mad using a planned, well thought through Social Media Marketing initiative.

      The greater the social signals around your content (for or against just does not matter) the more SE’s will appreciate your content and move this UP in their SERPs.

      Today there is a lot less for a Blogger to do in SEO / SEM.

      Using a WP plugin like YOAST makes it all so very easy.

      Yes, SE’s are moving to an – Pay to pay – era. Currently they seem to be focusing on – Corporates – just a tad more than individual Bloggers. So a great SMM strategy (without paid adverts) still works for individual Bloggers delivering excellence.

      I’m glad that you found my post useful Sunday. Appreciate you leaving your comment.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Grow Your Facebook Page Fans Using These 11 Proven TacticsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Patrice M Foster Profile


    Great blog post just when I think I am on the right track another bump in the road. Facebook has literally held back any exposure unless you can “pay to play” is so true.

    Personally, I am more concern with providing great content for my subscribers, which means take into account different perspective and make changes accordingly by improving and to learn more about SEO.

    Google sound like a giant that everyone fears hoping my content can appease the giant. In the end the viewers who are searching for information has the final say and knowing that there are other search engine site helps
    Patrice M Foster recently posted…How to Handle Negative Social Media CommentsMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

      Hi Patrice,

      Yup, Facebook is getting rough on individuals. They are deliberately reducing engagement of FB posts rather harshly. Surprising that. My posts on my FB stream just do not get the kind of expsoure / engagement that they used to.

      While the cost of Adverts on FB is currently moderate enough, its still requires that a Blogger have a budget for this. That definitely cuts into a Blogger’s earnings especially at the beginning.

      Your spot on in your approach to moving forward today Patrice.

      Thanks for commenting. Appreciate this heaps.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Having A Small Mailing List Hurts BloggersMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Chery Profile

    Hello Ivan, Oh Yeh Google and FaceBook and all the others will do what they want to do and we juts need to pay attention and then be smart about how we go about our business HUH?

    Great share my friend,
    Chery :))
    Chery recently posted…The Four Stages To Become A Successful Online EntrepreneurMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Christopher Jan Benitez Profile

    Great observations, Ivan! I can see the frustration that you may be feeling when looking for the information you want to see from search engines, but are getting different results. For example, I am led to believe that restaurants may not be optimizing for the KW “best restaurant,” which is why they’re not appearing on search results. It also helps that all businesses should be aware on how to capitalize SEO as part of their strategy if they want to appear on lucrative KWs. Sometimes, businesses are not as aware about SEO and online marketing compared to the pages that appear on the first result.
    Christopher Jan Benitez recently posted…Expert Blogger Interview: Bellaisa FilippisMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Bill Achola Profile

    Great insight Ivan,

    Ranking in Google is become harder and harder especially to bloggers and marketers who just want to make quick money.

    The best way for people who’re unable to rank they should change their marketing strategy by creating authoritative content and promoting via connecting with influencers, that way they’ll be able to increase their email subscribers and their brand.

    Once you’ve engaged email subscriber, they you don’t have to worry about ranking in Google.

    • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

      Hi Bill,

      Yes, what you say is really true. Ranking in Google is harder today than it was a few years ago.

      Google has got smarter, that’s why. They are now delivering – Better and Better – on their promise of returning the – Very Best (match) content – to seekers using their search engine.

      You’ve nailed the best way to get content ranked in Google in your comment Bill. This is absolutely true.

      Oh! Yes, once you are fully engaged with about 1500 / 2000 Email subscribers you will be good to grow your business income with or without ranking in SE’s.

      Terrific comment Bill. Enjoyed reading it. Thanks for commenting.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Are There FREE Tools That Generate Blogging Ideas?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Brian Hughes Profile

    I enjoyed reading your post, Ivan. I am also of the belief that SEO is not dead but evolving – and if you are an SEO stuck in your caveman ice, it’s time to thaw out and change your tactics. It is about quality content more than ever, and now is the time to get on the content train. SEO is still very important, on so many levels’ but it needs to revolve around a solid content strategy. The importance of creating stellar content on-site, followed by aggressive Digital Public Relations/Online Branding is increasing in value. Just as long as we are not forgetting a good SEO strategy to go right along with our efforts. Thank you again, Ivan for the great points you brought up in this post.
    Brian Hughes recently posted…Your Obsession with Social Following is Destroying New Content DevelopmentMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

      Hi Brian,

      Loved your opening like. Got me having a good laugh.

      If you are an SEO stuck in your caveman ice, it’s time to thaw out and change your tactics.

      How very true. What concerns me really seems to be the fact that a ton of – SEO Professionals- do not seem to be studying anything or making any effort to understand how Search engines are evolving and getting smarter.

      They just seem content doing the same old things that they are comfortable with.
      Some clients are happy paying out for this, while viewing any other approach completely askance.

      Pretty strange behaviour from both, don’t you think?

      You’ve nailed it. Brian, today its all about in-bound marketing content, a sound content marketing strategy, building very definitive social signals that all SE’s love and more.

      Glad my post content made you smile Brian. Real nice of you to drop by and comment. Thanks heaps.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…4 Steps To Harness The Addictive Power Of EmailMy Profile

      • Profile photo of Brian Hughes Profile

        Hi Ivan,

        I’m glad you appreciated my humor there. I like to bring a sense of humor to the game whenever possible.

        But yes, there is still an abundance of ignorance in both camps. They can’t leave behind what once was for a new tomorrow. They are stuck in the glory days of old school/black hat SEO, continuing to game the system. And the sad fact is, that Google has still not perfected their process, which allows so many of these sites and SEO professionals to still get away with murder.

        But in the long run, I think they will eventually get hit. The sad reality is, it’s completely avoidable. How many innocent employees and families will be affected the day it happens as so many have been hit already.

        Anyway, glad you appreciated my comments and humor.
        Brian Hughes recently posted…Your Obsession with Social Following is Destroying New Content DevelopmentMy Profile

        • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

          Hi Brian,

          Humour has taught me a ton more than any other technique Brian. :-)

          I’ve always respected an author’s ability to inject humour into their work. Its tough.

          Yes, quite true. There is an abundance of ignorance in both camps. Site owners and digital marketing specialists.

          What tends to upset me a tad is that a large majority do not seem to want to update themselves in any way. They prefer to stay in their comfort zone while the SEO / SEM world morphs all around them, spending time and energy cribbing.

          Rather then reading, listening, learning and morphing themselves. Strange that. Almost like lemmings heading to the sea.

          Google is getting smarter by the day (More human. More AI being built into its SE is my guess). Google is standing by its desire to deliver to a seeker the – very best fit – information and has definitely ushered in the era of – Pay to play.

          Enjoy the weekend coming up Brian. I’m getting ready to conduct a workshop on SMM Best practices in 2015 / 2016 here in Mumbai on Sunday the 25th Oct.
          Ivan Bayross recently posted…4 Steps To Harness The Addictive Power Of EmailMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sherman Smith Profile

    Hey Ivan,

    This post would be a “wake up call” to a lot of people who really looks up to Google. We do have to remember that Google is 1. constantly changing their algorithms and 2. As you pointed out they’re leaning toward the “pay-to-play” approach so that you can actually have a chance to be on page one.

    I’m glad that you pointed out that Google is not the only search engine. Many people don’t think social media sites as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest as search engines either. You can definitely find great information through these sites just as you would with Google.

    Also I like the fact that you pointed out how it makes sense to use sites that’s geared towards your niche. A great example is This is a great site for people who are using the strategy of Blogging to grow some type of home business.

    Thanks for sharing Ivan! Have a great rest of the week!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…5 Simple Tips For A Daily Social Media Promotion PlanMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

      Hi Sherman,

      I am hoping it will get site owners, content creators, Bloggers, to start their journey of change and discovery in SEO / SEM in 2015.

      Yes, the other sites are what Google itself searches to obtain its – social signals – data which it uses to rank a site within its SERP.

      While the pay to play approach is clearly visible, for the moment its moderate and perhaps affordable.

      If/when this rises that will be the time for worry for all individuals and small business owners. There will be a huge squeeze on usable income derived from a website.

      I guess that’s a bridge we will all cross if/when its visible.

      Thanks Sherman, enjoy the weekend coming up soon.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Are There FREE Tools That Generate Blogging Ideas?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Alexander Profile

    My blog is only 4 months old and I have been properly applying SEO from the beginning. I dont know for sure what benefits it has because i never tried it without it but I can tell you that google is the only search engine that brings me traffic.

    So although there are others out there, none of them are bringing me traffic. Im satisfied with the traffic that I am getting though because my blog is so new and I will continue applying SEO tactics.
    Alexander recently posted…Blog Income Report and Traffic Stats – September 2015 (4th month of blogging!)My Profile

    • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

      Hi Alexander,

      Seems like Google is the one and only SE that is bringing everyone traffic.

      So it would appear if all one was watching is Google Analytics.

      I’m happy that you are satisfied with the traffic you get, that’s a terrific sign that the Blogsite is doing well.

      Oh Yes, don’t stop applying SEO tactics.

      Whatever they are they are delivering the results that you want and that is perfect.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting Alexander.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Do You Know How To Measure Social Media ROI Confidently?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Ron Killian Profile

    Very interesting post Ivan. Sure gives us something to think about. It makes sense as well. Sad though, that the little guy that puts out good content is going to get the boot now, unless he wants to pay for visitors. That’s what the search engines use to be about. Now it’s all about the money, well most of them. I am not a google hater, but they sure seem to be money hungry lately, or that’s been the plan from the beginning. Like how they are polluting youtube with SO SO many ads.

    Course I think there is and always will be opportunities in the low volume keywords, the long tails, that don’t pertain exactly to big brand services or products.

    Enjoyed it Ivan :)
    Ron Killian recently posted…Unlock Hidden Profits From Your BlogMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

      Hi Ron,

      Its will be a sad day when the little guy has to pay for what they are getting almost for gratis today BUT that said, such is the way of all business models.

      Someone, somewhere, has to pay the gate keeper.

      The size that Google is and the multitude of things that it delivers people almost for free, is IMO, breathtaking.

      I guess every giant needs to pay its bills as well. What upsets me it that Google had a clear vision (or so it seemed) that corporates needed to pay the piper.

      It appeared that it had a soft corner for the – little guy. Always ready to give them a leg up. That line is getting blurred awfully quick these days.

      All this said, there will always be opportunities, as you’ve mentioned.

      BTW, I honestly think that Facebook is far worse than Google in this game of squeeze for money.

      Just my opinion.

      Enjoy the weekend coming up. Have a cold one on me. :-)
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…To Increase Your Mailing List Offer Irresistible IncentivesMy Profile

      • Profile photo of Ron Killian Profile

        Oh I completely understand business needing to make money and needing to pay the bills. Get it 100%.

        Just seems the advertising and promotion is getting so bad. Seems it is getting so out of hand. I find it harder to watch normal television these days because it seems there are more and more commercials. Not only more of the commercials between the shows, but for some time now, the ads for other shows during the show.

        This is why businesses like Netflix are so popular.

        I spend time on Youtube and see a commercial on 90% of the video’s I want to watch. Not to mention the banner on every video.

        Seems advertising is getting more intrusive.

        Maybe it’s just me or my pet peeve. :)

        Ron Killian recently posted…Unlock Hidden Profits From Your BlogMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Dennis Seymour Profile

    Love the topic. That’s right, it’s a whole different ballgame now but it doesn’t mean SEO is dead at all. It’s just a different game now and it’s even more rewarding.
    Dennis Seymour recently posted…Here’s How Social Media Affects Your SEOMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Shamsudeen Adeshokan Profile

    Hi Ivan,

    Very informative post you shared here, I agree on your point – targeting certain keyword in our copy and hopping it will rank on first page of Google is not enough this day and really, not better SEO practice.

    We need to understand the primary intent of the user who is asking such question. If we don’t understand this, it practically impossible to write content that address their problems.

    This is what Google want, don’t just chase after keyword, but write to meet with the user in mind.

    Thanks Ivan, nice read.
    Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…28 of The Best SEO Tools – Free And Premium For Small BusinessesMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

      Hi Shamsudeen,

      Yup, you said it. The old overworked SEO processes are really no longer relevant. Bloggers and other site owners need to understand this and come to terms with this quickly.

      Otherwise they are simply going to lose inbound traffic to other sites that both understand and implement the on-page and off-page SEO processes in use today.

      An intimate connect with and an understanding of your site visitors wants / needs is paramount in being able to craft content that is perceived as value add.

      Oh Yes! Google really wants to match content with its seekers as accurately as is possible.

      I’m glad that you found my post content useful Shamsudeen, it was really nice of you to drop by and leave your comment. Truly appreciate this.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Get Your Blog Post Read By Those Who MatterMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Jeffrey Benson Profile


    You nailed it here. I have always advised my clients to stay clear from SEO especially when they are just starting out. You can’t make money with SEO as a Newbie. In fact, it’s the fastest way to fail online.

    What I normally suggest is go the route of paid ads and after a few weeks on paid advertising, if you tracking your campaigns, you will be able to see keywords that are generating you money. That’s the keywords you want to target using SEO. But the way you target those keywords is by producing top quality contents and posting the contents (NOT ON YOUR BLOG OR WEBSITE) but on top authority sites that Google loves. That way your content will rank faster and get you better results.

    Marketers must think long term these days if they are going to be able to make any money online. That’s my take.

    Nice post buddy. Keep it coming
    Jeffrey Benson recently posted…120 Top Seo Tools For Ranking Your Website And Generating Social Buzz Fast OnlineMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

      Hi Jeffrey,

      Glad you like the post. Coming from you that’s high praise indeed. Much appreciated.

      I like the idea of paid ads to generate interest in a website. Having said that this approach requires the client to have a budget for this expenditure for at least a period of 90 days minimum.

      Often newbie clients simply do not have such a budget.

      That’s the time a well planned and executed Social media marketing strategy using the client’s Blog posts as the driver may work just as well.

      The trade off being the cost of the DM / SMM strategy versus the cost of paid advertising.

      Oh Wow! Somehow it always takes money to make money :-)
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…4 Steps To Harness The Addictive Power Of EmailMy Profile

      • Profile photo of Jeffrey Benson Profile

        I have found that if you want your content to do well, you may need to spend a little money promoting it. With the right skills you can spend very little money to get good results but that’s what most newbies don’t have – THE RIGHT SKILLS. To be able to make money online without spending money requires skills and the attitude that will favor it and again that’s what most newbies don’t have.

        I have always advice my clients to have at least a small marketing budget otherwise thinking you can do internet marketing successfully without having to spend something is like trying to drive a car with the handbrake on.

        A little budget to buy facebook ads or bing ads or buy simple ads on places like for instance will go a long way to make things work faster.
        Jeffrey Benson recently posted…120 Top Seo Tools For Ranking Your Website And Generating Social Buzz Fast OnlineMy Profile

        • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

          Hi Jeffrey,

          Oh Yes! I totally agree.

          If there a client has a small (monthly) budget and can sustain that for about 16 weeks tops there will be a measurable difference in the site being found, their subscription rate, converting subscribers to paying customers and more.

          I also agree that most newbie customers do not have – digital marketing – skills of any kind. Truthfully, I’ve found that if newbie clients have a business model (however small) its time to celebrate BUT I digress.

          While all of this is perfectly true and good, I also have plan B for clients who are struggling AND have limited money (and there are so many of those).

          My Plan B:

          Assumption – The client can write value add Blog posts for their audience.

          Then I suggest using a Social Media Poster like SNAP, a one time payment of about USD 50/- (approx 25 pounds tops) for this excellent WordPress plugin in that connects seamlessly to about 52 different SM channels using multiple persona’s.

          I teach them the power of using Hashtags with wisdom and understanding and hold their hands for about two rounds of social posting. Its surprising how quickly one picks up this skills when the number of site visitors jump up in GA.

          I also explain how valuable having a Hootsuite or Sendible account it going to be for them and demonstrate how to use both these tools. Then tell them to take out a subscription to any one from the first sale they make.

          Between SNAP and either Hootsuite or Sendibile and some blood, sweat and tears – Magic – often happens.

          What I’ve found is a large % (>50%) of those clients that opted for – Plan B – remember this and either recommend me to others or come back to me with larger (more dependable) consulting opportunities.

          I found that I do not have to invest a huge amount of my time, I’ve created easy to follow tutorials that they can download as PDFs, and I handle this using a Skype call or two of about an hour each.

          Surprisingly, this pays of handsomely in more ways then one.

          Just sharing my approach Jeffrey.

          How do you include the client who has the ability to work hard and decent – Blog post creation – skills but currently is limited on funds?
          Ivan Bayross recently posted…To Increase Your Mailing List Offer Irresistible IncentivesMy Profile

  • Profile photo of EltonCarr Profile

    Hello Ivan,

    This blog post and thread is filled with huge amounts of “gold nuggets”. I’m not there as far as developing a page for products. Most of my stuff is on business opportunities but did give it a try several years ago and failed. I tried selling weight loss stuff.

    Any way, I am going to have to re-think my game plan.

    Thanks for sharing this! Enjoy your weekend, EltonCarr
    EltonCarr recently posted…Why Things Are Destined To Get Better For Me And YouMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

      Hi EltonCarr,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

      Wow! I’m turning cartwheels. That’s high praise, something that a Blogger lives for.

      I’m grateful to all who commented and added their value to the Blog post on this thread. Its awesome for any Blogger when that happens.

      Sorry your weight loss products sale did not work out well for you EltonCarr, may be a great product wrong marketplace or vice versa.

      What would work is if you did a careful analysis of your connection on various social media channels. Perhaps run a Poll or give away something useful in exchange for them filling a short questionnaire.

      If you get between 15% to 30% overall responses it would give you a clear indication about what (products or services) your friends and followers really want.

      Make that driver in your – Selling System – and you ought to be smiling all the way to your PayPal account.

      Hope this helps.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…4 Steps To Harness The Addictive Power Of EmailMy Profile

      • Profile photo of EltonCarr Profile

        Thanks for another great idea!

        With all this money I’m putting into Solo Ads, may be what I should offer is to cover the fees to get it set up. Now I have another thing to work on…lol.

        Enjoy your weekend!

        EltonCarr recently posted…Why Things Are Destined To Get Better For Me And YouMy Profile

        • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

          Hi EltonCarr,

          Thanks for coming back.

          What’s Solo Ads? You’ve triggered my curiosity.

          Although I understand the business principle of selling something that helps pay your way forward.

          Maybe break even at first and later turn some profit.

          I’m really enjoying this pleasant Sunday morning with my wife Cynthia and daughter Chriselle. We’ve had a great lunch. Washed down by a glass of chilled Reisling wine.

          Life’s great Thank you.
          Ivan Bayross recently posted…How To Be A Blogger People Pay Attention ToMy Profile

          • Profile photo of EltonCarr Profile

            A solo ad is a one time email blast you buy from a vendor that has created a “list” of people they have collected. Put simply, some internet marketers will accept payment in exchange for sending an email you have written to their mailing list.

            The primary goal for a solo ad is to get the person’s contact information by using an email that leads them to a capture for that person to enter their email address in. Because statically it takes 7 to 12 times for a person to be exposed to your offer before they will buy a product or join the business opportunity that you are offering. I primarily use three vendors for Solo Ads. There is so much to it that I believe I’m still learning.

            It’s kuhl to hear that you hang out with your wife Cynthia and daughter Chriselle and I like Reisling wine, pretti much any brand.

            Enjoy the rest of your day,

            EltonCarr recently posted…Why Things Are Destined To Get Better For Me And YouMy Profile

            • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

              Hi EltonCarr,

              Wow! I learn something new every day.

              Solo Ad, I am educated.

              Did you find this approach effective? Did it deliver the results you were expecting?

              How do you know that your Email will be sent to the kind of audience profile you want to target?

              Can you choose this or explain to the service provider what audience you want targeted?

              How does releasing a Solo Ad compare to advertising on Facebook for example, cost wise?

              I hope you have the patience to respond EltonCarr, I’d love to learn something fascinatingly new from you.

              Enjoy the day ahead. Cheers for now.

              PS: If ever you find yourself in Mumbai, you must get in touch, I’ll crack open a perfectly chilled bottle of a local Riesling and we can happily raise a glass in celebration.
              Ivan Bayross recently posted…4 Steps To Harness The Addictive Power Of EmailMy Profile

              • Profile photo of EltonCarr Profile

                Hello Ivan,

                I’ll try answer you questions the best I can.

                Solo Ad clicks cost vary pending on the amount you purchase obviously the more the lesser the cost. 500 clicks are around $0.69 or more and 1000 clicks is around $0.66 cents or more so I’m not sure how that compares to Facebook because I have not tried the Facebook route yet.

                Statically after you purchase 15k clicks it starts to generate sales and sign up for biz-opts on it’s own. Because with the sign ups you get the auto-responder sends them up 15 emails that should not only include your product or biz-opt but ways people can connect with you on Youtube, a blog, Twitter etc..And that is where you should be posting your progress; in a biz-opt the money you’re making and in a weight loss how much weight you lost or how you are maintaining your weight. In theory after 7 to 12 times of viewing your product or biz-opt, they will make a purchase or join in your biz-opt.

                As far as results my team has grown from 6 Active to 23 Active members and I don’t how many inactive members I have… I’m guessing 172 may be. This all happen over a period of 5 months or less, I started doing this internet thing 8 months ago but did not stumble on Solo Ads until May or June.

                Again In theory the in-active people are just watching how you’re doing then they usually become active.

                As far as choosing your audience, you should email the provider and ask does your product or service fit his list and he or she will let you know, and that is for individual providers but for companies they usually match you with the best solo ad provider to fit what you are advertising.

                I recommend for you to watch a video on my blog if you get a chance and especially if you get to the point of looking for a Solo Ad provider. FYI: Besides being a customer with them, I am also an affiliate with all the providers I use.
                The links for them and everything I do can be found on my blog website.

                As far as how does it compare to Facebook, again I haven’t done the Facebook thing so I don’t know.

                I hope I covered all your questions, if not let me know.

                Happy Monday and enjoy the rest of your week!

                EltonCarr recently posted…Why Things Are Destined To Get Better For Me And YouMy Profile

  • Profile photo of sayan pal Profile

    Hi Ivan,

    Great Observations, and summing it up for us it in your post is quite awesome. It’s nice to have a heads up on your SEO tactics when you are just starting out. Understanding google’s algorithms, SERP’s tactics etc is hell lot of job to get your head into and its takes time as well. SO getting on and starting out with all these stuffs, posts like this come in quite handy and makes SEO a little easy to understand.

    A ton of thanks,

    Great post, loved it.
    sayan pal recently posted…Why do we need ecommerce website for our business?My Profile

    • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

      Hi Sayan,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad that you found my post content helpful.

      Yup, while today SEO is perhaps not as crucial as it used to be about 2 years ago, its still something one has to pay some attention to.

      SEM, defined by intelligent back link building organically should be a focus area today. Creating high quality back links today is tougher than it used to be.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting Sayan. Really appreciate this.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…5 Signs You Are A Lousy CommenterMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Celine Profile

    Hi Ivan,

    This is a powerful delivery of what workable SEO is all about. Indeed, Google is now courting marketers or brands with the capacity to pay, create value and willing to optimize their content. This information should spur the proactive SEO into accessing and implementing the right keywords!

    • Profile photo of Ivan Bayross Profile

      Hi Celine,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment. Truly appreciate this.

      Oh! Yes, Google, like any other other Internet business is striving to extract all the money it can from the Internet. I suspect its bills will be ginormous :-).

      Within this scenario, there is still a space to organically get search engine traffic if one does some simply on page, off SEO.

      Hence, for SMEs investing in a sound SEO strategy will save them a ton of money when compared to using paid for Google advertising.

      Have a terrific weekend.
      Ivan Bayross recently posted…Keeping Your WordPress Website Secure (Infographic)My Profile

  • Profile photo of Sarah John Profile

    Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for this actionable post you have shared. The truth remains that ranking with just keywords alone is not possible. There should be value proposition and quality backlinks attached.

  • Profile photo of Amit Sharan Profile

    Hi Ivan,

    Indeed, this post is soul searching, especially for those who are planning to gain traction with their SEO. My takeaway here is knowing the strategy I can now implement to achieve better ranking in search – pay for search, create valuable content and optimize the website!

  • Profile photo of steven Profile

    Hey Ivan,

    Getting the needed ranking is the desire of most websites. However, to achieve this, it is vital to work on the right keywords.

    Thankfully, from this post, one can actually implement a perfect SEO strategy that will result in ranking and conversion.

    Sure, SEO is not dead! It only has gotten better!

  • Profile photo of Winford Moore Profile

    Hi Ivan,

    This brings to mind that we must write more for people instead of the search engines. Ranking for the right keyword begins with producing engagement content that first. Google now is becoming more intelligent in detecting content that shows true value!

  • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

    Hi Ivan,

    Ranking for the right keyword begins with observing and attending to the rules of Google.

    The examples you have shared here are on track. Optimizing website presence is crucial for top ranking.

    Satisfying the need of the target audience and that of the search engine is important for online success.

  • Profile photo of Carl Profile

    Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for bring to light the importance of producing words that would bring about engagement.

    Targeting to be ranked on keywords alone is not a good SEO practice – at least not in the present time.

    Keyword ranking is vital and it is achieved after content has increased engagement.

  • Profile photo of Tom Kimp Profile

    Hello Ivan,

    I always enjoy a good SEO/Keyword article like this. It lets me rethink my own strategies and see if there’s more I can do. I found a lot of what you’re saying to be extremely beneficial to helping me increase my SEO to the maximum.

    It’s true, Google is definitely factoring in a lot more about detailed articles and not just sales/product pages. I notice those that rank are almost always Amazon anyways, depending on your niche. Obviously your product page isn’t going to outrank Amazon.

    Good Stuff!

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