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41 Indispensable Rules of Blogging

Profile photo of Jackson Nwachukwu Submitted by Jackson Nwachukwu April 11, 2014 Website:

In my own opinion, I think that blogging has gone beyond writing for Google bots and readers. It’s become something big, and needs some rules and laws to keep the game straight!

I like to see bloggers as managers, because you are responsible for all the people that read your contents. So a high degree of caution needs to be taken to ensure you don’t loose out of the game. One thing I have come to know about managers is that they live by rules, and it’s the rules that make them. Bloggers are not exempted from having rules to follow. Having passion is great, but what is passion when there are no rules to guide it? These rules will put things straight for you

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Profile photo of Jackson Nwachukwu
Jackson Nwachukwu is an expert blogger and internet entrepreneur. He is the founder and chief content officer of WorthBlogger Media.

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