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How To Use Twitter Lists To Build Productive Online Relationships

Profile photo of Robert A Kearse Submitted by Robert A Kearse July 29, 2016

Master The Use Of Twitter Lists

Build Lists That Have A Specific Narrow Focus And Alert Members Of Your Lists To Relevant Quality Content

Ok. Let’s start with a short list of the benefits of taking advantage of Twitter Lists.

    • Build relationships
    • Grow your authority status
    • Increase retweets of quality content
    • Ease of following tweets of list members
    • Improved social media productivity
    • The public can subscribe to a list
    • Build private lists
    • Never run out of relevant quality content to share


How To Set Up A Twitter List

Simple and easy to do.
-1- Log in and click on “Lists” from the top menu of your Twitter account.

-2- In the right column you will see a graphic like the one below:

-3- When you click on the “Create a new list” link, the following will pop up:

The list name you enter should be specific and definitive.

You can add some marketing zing in the description.

Notice that you can make your list public or private.

Save your list. So easy, so simple!


How To Add New List Members

When you access the profile page of a member you want to add to a particular list, look for the symbol below:

Click the gear symbol to the left of “Following” and then click on “Add or remove from lists…”
Your lists will popup and look like this:

Just click the appropriate box to add the member.

When you are on your own Twitter profile page, click on “Lists” from the top menu.

Your list inventory will show up and click on the list title. Record the list url such as the one below.

Take the urls of your Twitter lists and promote through PingFarm ==>> Ping the urls once per week.

Once you have your lists set up you can nourish these benefits.

Build relationships

It’s easy to locate relevant quality content to retweet simply by following the tweet streams of your lists.

Suggest in a tweet that individuals subscribe to your list, include list url.

Be sure to have a “Retweeted” list of those who have retweeted your content

Visit the blogs/websites of those who retweet your content and comment on their quality posts.

Grow your authority status

Publicize your lists, tweet and promote the list urls

Improved social media productivity

Use a free tool like Tweet Jukebox to automate tweets.

See how to include individual Twitter IDs in your tweets with this post: Increase Twitter Retweets, Mentions, And Likes With This Simple Technique

Build private lists

Probably you should keep your “Retweeted” list private

Do you have any other ways to use or benefit from Twitter lists?? If so, indicate them in the comments below.


This post was originally published in by Robert A Kearse

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28 Responses to “How To Use Twitter Lists To Build Productive Online Relationships” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hi Robert,

    I have not been using Twitter list but its interesting to know what it can do for my social media marketing.

    I guess Twitter List is like setting up a social media group which gives the marketer an opportunity to concentrate marketing effort on target audience.

    My best takeaway from this post is your taking time to explain how this list can be created.

    I am taking time out to put this knowledge into practice so I can indeed build productive online relationship.
    Sunday William recently posted…Are You Making Sales With Webinars?My Profile

    • Profile photo of Robert A Kearse Profile

      Hi Sunday:

      If you want to build a relationship with influential bloggers/marketers in your niche, then using Twitter lists is a very effective method.

      The lists you build can be very selective, say 2-4 members.

      When you are following someone’s tweets over a long term basis, retweeting particularly valuable content, replying directly through Twitter with say a valuable relevant resource, or commenting on their blog posts,
      you are sure to get the attention of the influencer you are targeting.
      Robert A Kearse recently posted…

      How To Use Twitter Lists To Build
      Productive Online Relationships
      My Profile

  • Profile photo of Winford Moore Profile

    I was not aware of twitter lists, great detailed article on the subject. I’m going to follow your advice and instructions to create my first twitter list today and see how it goes.

    Thanks again for providing this detailed information.
    W. Moore

  • Profile photo of Sarah John Profile

    Hi Robert,

    It is exciting learning of all the advantages of Twitter List. It is a good strategy for building a productive online relationship.

    From the details of this post, it is obvious that using Twitter lists readily makes it possible to validate and target the right social media audience.

  • Profile photo of Artice Upchurch (A.D. Upchurch) Profile

    Hi Robert,

    With so much to do each day, Twitter Lists makes it easy for us to remember those who are important, especially when we are bound to forget certain things: its like having a secretary keeping track of these people for you. I myself have forgotten about Twitter Lists until I’ve read your post. I blame my 10 month old. Ut oh, she’s smacking me right now.. Gotta Go!

    Thanks Robert
    Artice Upchurch (A.D. Upchurch) recently posted…A Beginner’s Guide to SMS MarketingMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Celine Profile

    Hey Robert,

    It seems Twitter Lists has a whole lot on the table! The list of benefits or advantages it offers to Twitter marketers are mouth-watering. Its sure wise to take advantage of this tool for engagement and productivity. Thanks for sharing this. It is so helpful!

    • Profile photo of Robert A Kearse Profile

      Hi Celine:

      Thanks for your comments. Build your Twitter followers by filling your profile with relevant keywords (in English and/or Italian).

      Find three Twitter individuals in your area of focus, start a Twitter list with these three, follow their Tweets closely, and RETWEET their best tweets.

      Over time you are likely to build a relationship with some or all of these selected individuals.

      Maybe, there are some specific Italian individuals you really would like to network with. Find out if they are on Twitter and add them to your list.

      START NOW!!!

      Best of success.
      Robert A Kearse recently posted…

      Top 101 Blog Directories And RSS
      Submission Sites – Weekly Update #241
      My Profile

  • Profile photo of steven Profile

    Hi Robert,

    Its good to know about the Twitter Lists. I probably should take a shot at it. The benefits are just alluring. Social media campaigners should truly take advantage of this list to improve their marketing!

    • Profile photo of Robert A Kearse Profile

      Hi Steven:

      RE:”I probably should take a shot at it.”

      What have you got to lose??

      You will get many more followers if you include multiple relevant keywords in your profile.

      There is a separate slot for a hyperlink at the bottom of your profile so there is no need to link to Free VoIP Telephone Systems twice.

      Be sure to include some “geo” keywords (UK, etc.) in your profile.

      I’m not sure what type of individuals you would want to target for your lists, so, please, educate us with an informative comment on this matter.

      Best of success.
      Robert A Kearse recently posted…

      Top 101 Blog Directories And RSS
      Submission Sites – Weekly Update #241
      My Profile

  • Profile photo of Amit Sharan Profile

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for highlighting the steps to set up and run Twitter Lists successfully. This is my takeaway and I would be glad to start implementing them right away!

  • Profile photo of Black Profile

    Hey Robert,

    I am really impressed as to what Twitter Lists can do for the Twitter marketer.

    Building online productivity can really be achieved if the right tools are available. The features of the Lists clearly indicate how these can be employed to improve online relationship.

    Thanks for this revealing post.

  • Profile photo of Marie Yovcheva Profile

    Hello Robert,

    I haven’t implemented Twitter lists, and this seems to be another great way of marketing. I’ve only ever used twitter to gain a following and then “tweet” and to build relationships with my followers.

    Thanks for breaking it down of how to create a list… That was extremely helpful because I wouldn’t know where to begin! 😀
    Marie Yovcheva recently posted…What I Used To Go From 0 To Over 330 LeadsMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Robert A Kearse Profile

      Hi Marie:

      I was on Twitter many years (more than I care to admit) before I figured
      out how to set up and use Twitter lists.

      Keep in mind right from the start that you can make some or all of your
      lists private as well as public.

      You mentioned your efforts to build relationships with your followers. Be
      sure to check out the Kingged post I wrote below on Increasing Twitter
      Retweets, Mentions, and Likes.

      By the way, I read your excellent article “What I Used To Go From 0 To Over 330 Leads”. Be sure to spend a considerable amount of effort
      promoting the post. It has an evergreen quality, so it should never become stale or dated.

      Best of success.
      Robert A Kearse recently posted…Increase Twitter Retweets, Mentions, And Likes With This Simple TechniqueMy Profile

      • Profile photo of Marie Yovcheva Profile


        It seems that many aren’t using the twitter lists, and it’s good you can make them private as well-so I guess you can make lists for yourself. Maybe like people you have already built rapport with and want to put them on a list to keep up with them. I’ve got quite a bit of followers and for me it’s hard to keep up on Twitter. Facebook is different because I can search in the messages to see my unread ones, unlike twitter.

        I will check out your post for sure! :)

        Thanks! I have been promoting it and even did an ad for it, but I’m having a hard time figuring out target market. Seems they click on the ad, but don’t stay on the blog very long. So gotta figure out why…

        Thank you! Enjoy your day :)
        Marie Yovcheva recently posted…What I Used To Go From 0 To Over 330 LeadsMy Profile

        • Profile photo of Robert A Kearse Profile

          Hi Marie:

          RE:”Thanks! I have been promoting it and even did an ad for it, but I’m having a hard time figuring out target market.”

          This approach may take some work initially, but after time you will have a list built up of targeted prospects. Start with Twitter profiles, then blog comments.

          -1- First search your Twitter followers for “lead generation”, “squeeze pages”, “list building”, or related phrases.

          -2- Record their Twitter IDs with Evernote or a similar note taking software.

          -3- Tweet your post with 3-4 of their Twitter IDs added. You will be sure to get some targeted traffic.

          -4- Use a service like Social Jukebox (aka Tweet Jukebox) at or Hootsuite at
          to store your tweets and schedule automated tweets of your quality content.

          (When you make a quality post, you should tweet it at least 5 TIMES PER DAY
          for 3 days, then once a day for a week.

          -5- Using blog comments. Search for recent blog comments using the keywords listed in #1 above. See my blog post on how to find posts made in the last 24 hours:

          -6- In addition to making a meaningful comment on the post selected, VISIT THE SITES OF THOSE WHO MAKE COMMENTS

          -7- Record the Twitter IDs of those who wrote the post and those who make comments. Before you know it you will have a large inventory of Twitter IDs whom you can follow, tweet future quality relevant info to, and build relationships.

          Best of success.
          Robert A Kearse recently posted…

          Top 101 Blog Directories And RSS
          Submission Sites => Bi-Weekly Update #242
          My Profile

  • Profile photo of Lawrence Berry Profile

    Twitter is a great way to get ref feral traffic, but I never thought of it as a way to build relationships.

    Using this list technique seems like a great way to get more people to really notice what your doing and feel more connected.

    There are a lot of creative ways to builds these online beneficial relationships and this trick is great. I am sure going to use this in the future!

    Lawrence Berry recently posted…10 Secret Techniques For Financing Investment PropertyMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Omar Saady Profile

    Thanks for drafting this step by step blog post.

    Twitter is an effective way to keep your audience up to date with current information about your business.

    All my best,
    Omar Saady recently posted…Here`s How to Get Advantages of Online Writing JobsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Omar Saady Profile

    Hi Robert,

    I`m very lucky to touch with you today my dear ,

    Your advice is welcomed and appreciated

    The main concept of advertising your business on Twitter specifically and social media generally is to give your followers or fans quality content on regular basis consistently. That said you should make your social media profiles updated and loaded with quality information that your followers need to learn about.

    Again thank so much for stopping by and read my post about making money with Click Bank and Twitter.

    Omar Saady recently posted…How TO MAKE $1,000+ PER MONTH With CLICKBANK AND TWITTERMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Mark Profile

    Hi Robert

    Thanks for the Twitter lists idea. I am yet to focus on Twitter so this has given me an idea to do so. I have built a big following on Pinterest within the health niche and I could add Twitter into my efforts.

    How big a following have you managed to acheive by using lists?

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