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How to Use Email Outreach to Build Brand and Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Profile photo of Bill Achola Submitted by Bill Achola October 16, 2015

The term “Email Outreach” sounds like a hip buzzword but in reality the idea has been around for long it’s only that it was not discovered as the best way to build relationship with influencers.

And if there’s one single reason why successful bloggers succeed, it’s because of the mutual relationship they build with other successful bloggers.

Today I want to show you how you can;

  • Research your market
  • Write authoritative content
  • Promote your content via email outreach

These three steps can generate massive traffic and brand recognition to your blog if done correctly.

Here we go:

1. Keyword Research

The best tool to use for your market research is Google Keyword planner. Most people use the tool the wrong way and they end up getting wrong keywords.

This is how I do it.

Step 1:

Go to Google Keyword Planner and click on “search for new keywords and ad group ideas” as below:




Step 2:

Enter your competitor’s page or any news page that is relevant to your niche.



Let me use finance niche as one of my key project in University. I selected the below news page and I inserted it on the Google Planner.


Here’s the outcome



As you can see I managed to get two awesome keywords that I can use to write authoritative content.

The first keyword was “Money needed for retirement” and the second one was “how to prepare for retirement”

Let’s go to the second stage of creating the right content.

2. Write Authoritative Content

At this stage you need to create the right content based on the keywords you found on the “Google Keyword planner”

Before you start writing you need to find popular content within your niche. The best place to dig in is through “Google Search Results”

Let’s use “how to prepare for retirement” as an example below:



When you look at the search results you’ll realize that it consists of “list post”. This shows you that people within retirement niche are looking for ways of preparing for retirement.

Once you’ve this kind of information, go ahead create an authoritative List Post based on the keyword found.

Below are examples of list post you can write about:

  • 7 Things About Preparing For Retirement Your Boss Wants To Know
  • 10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Preparing For Retirement
  • 6 Key Tactics The Pros Use For Preparing For Retirement

The last step is content promotion

3. Promoting your content via Email Outreach

Once you’ve created the right content you need to promote it like your life depend on it. This is what will make your content succeed or not.

No one should fool you that once you publish your content, traffic will start flowing.

It’s a total LIE.

So what’s the best way to execute content promotion?

Simple answer “EMAIL OUTREACH”

An email outreach is when you create an email and solicit people or other bloggers to review your content or product/service.

Two steps are involved i.e

Use Backlink checker such as:


Start outreach to the backlink sites found on the above step.

In our case let’s use the keyword “how to prepare for retirement” found on step 1

Among the top 10 search results, we can see is ranking number 2.

Let’s take the page and analyze it with


From the above results you can see that the keyword found and the content you created proves it works and it can generate massive traffic and brand recognition to your blog.


Start emailing people linking to the old content you found (Huffington post) and give them a heads up about the new content you wrote.

Once you’re done with Huffington post, go to the next old content and start email outreach.

That’s IT!


But before I finish let me show you word for word email script that I’ve been using for my outreach campaign.

On my personal finance blog I wrote a monster post about “15 Jaw Dropping Tips for Investing in Gold and Silver” and the first email script I used was as below:




Secondly I created an engaging infographic and I used the same email script to an Editor at and this is was reply I got.



Another feedback I got was as below:



Another reply


This show you how far email outreach can take your business.


My Worst Email Outreach

When you’re doing email outreach, don’t expect to get 100% positive replies. Their some influencers who will not reply and others will tell you NOT INTERESTED. But the negative response should not derail your effort of building relationship with influencers.

This is one that I got from


Since am used to email outreach, I dint feel bad after receiving that reply, I just kept going on with my content marketing and eventually I was getting results.

Over to You

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial and if you really want to succeed with content marketing, then you need to follow what I’ve just talked about.

If you like this post and think it would be valuable to your followers, leave comments and share it out for me, would you?

About the Author

Bill Achola is a professional writer and a blogger who writes content that helps small business increase their tarffic and brand recognition. Check out his ultimate list about 75 Journalists And Influencers Who Have Written The Best Content Marketing Resources 

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Bill is a professional blogger and business writer at where he helps entrepreneurs and small business owners create the right content for their blog business.

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