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How To Update Your Old Quality WordPress Blog Posts

Profile photo of Robert A Kearse Submitted by Robert A Kearse June 24, 2017

Revive and Increase The Power Of Old Posts


Increase Targeted Traffic To Your Old
Quality Posts With Six Specific Steps
That Will Improve Your Authority Status



Enjoy these benefits immediately!

  • Targeted traffic
  • Improved authority status
  • Immediate RSS feed distribution
  • Better SE rankings
  • Wider social media influence
  • Eliminate blog content woes


I’m going to list and discuss 6 steps you should take when you update your old quality posts.


-1- You want to maintain the the same original url for the post.
Any search engine rankings that your old post has achieved would be endangered if you just published a brand new post with updated information.
It is true you could set up a 301 redirect, but below are steps where that won’t be necessary.



From the right column of your WordPress administrative panel you will see a similar image as above.
Once you have completed the update of your old post you want to click the “Edit” link in the lower right corner and below is what you’ll see:



Simply, change the month, day, year, and time of publication and click “OK”.
In order to keep the existing url and not lose your SE rankings you must keep the new publication time to under 24 hours from the time you click the “edit” link.
To be safe I just set the new time of publication for an hour or less in the future.



Once you set the new publication time don’t forget to click the “Schedule” link or the new post won’t publish.


OK. The above is what the right column looks after you have completed the simple steps.


-2- Your authority status will improve as you update old posts with new powerful strategies and resources.
Innovation is moving at a frantic pace on the Internet so your keeping track of new developments is a crucial asset to your readers.


-3- Updating your old posts in the manner suggested above means that your RSS feeds will automatically update as well.
Make certain that you submit your blog’s RSS feed ==>> Increase Blog Traffic With These 53 RSS Feeds Directories


-4- Not only will you maintain existing SE rankings with these updates, you should also include selected long tail keywords to improve your SEO.


-5- If there is any significant time lapse between the original blog post and the update, for sure there will be new, quality social media sites that have emerged in the interim.
Check out this site I recently discovered and learn how their widget works ==>> ZergNet
In addition, you can’t go wrong submitting your updated blog posts to selected social bookmarking sites ==>> 83 Social Bookmarking Sites With Strong Alexa Rank That Can Make You A Power On The Internet


-6- This is the dreaded image of what your next post may look like after a multitude of thought.
We have all been there where our creative juices dry up and we can’t come up with interesting new content.
This is where updating old quality content comes to the rescue!!
Follow the proven formula: 20% of time spent on creation. 80% of time spent on promotion!


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3 Responses to “How To Update Your Old Quality WordPress Blog Posts” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Tom Kimp Profile

    Hello Robert,

    Wow, I never actually thought about changing the actual dates on my blog posts. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Google also seems to like it when you regularly update blog posts, too.

    I also like that you’ve added to do this without changing the URL. Given that would mean if you had backlinks to these posts — they’d be wiped out.

    I need to start updating my outdated blog posts.


  • Profile photo of Robert A Kearse Profile

    Hi Tom:

    All active bloggers at some point “hit the wall” when it comes to creating fresh content. Updating your old quality content can “get you over the hump” when you experience that drought.

    I would suggest keeping the same title but add an “- Updated” tag at the end of the headline.

    I am about to update for the second time a post I made on 83 social media sites with strong Alexa rank.

    When you update your quality old posts, you are doing a real service for the online public, because the Internet is so DYNAMIC and changes and innovation appear at lightening speed.

    Best of success.

    Robert A Kearse recently posted…Build Backlinks And Authority StatusWith These 42 Social Media Sites — UpdatedMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Debbie Dey Profile

    Thanks, Robert!

    This was a quick fix for an issue I wasn’t sure how to handle. WordPress is a great blogging tool but it can be pretty complicated to “figure out” tips and tricks like this on your own.

    I’ve already updated a couple of my posts using this method. Keep ’em coming!

    Best regards,


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