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How to plant a green blog to earn money and save earth?

Profile photo of Mi Muba Submitted by Mi Muba February 11, 2015

plant-a-green-blogOnline means all that is being done on internet. Maybe selling, shopping, chatting, interacting at social media or sharing your views; it is all done online also.

Now there are two worlds on this planet earth. One is online that works with internet and other one is offline where everything is done physically.

In offline world one can’t do any work easily. He has to take support of several tools. For example to meet anyone far away he has to travel on car or airplane.

But in online world everything can be done with the click of the mouse. Just in a moment you can send a letter with email to your friend living thousands of miles away. In short everything you can do while being on internet with your PC, laptop, ipad or iphone.

History of blogging

In the world of publications it is easy to bring out a newspaper, magazine or newsletter online quite easily. You need not to print it as you do in offline world. Just you need to publish it at your website and it is done.

To bring out a newspaper or magazine online it becomes costly to first develop your own website and then do it. Keeping this fact in mind many companies built their own platforms to let people bring out their online publications without paying a dime or paying a small fee.

Earlier such free platforms were lesser and that too for the kind of typical online journalism like newspapers and magazine. By and by the number of free or cheap platforms rose higher and apart from companies individuals also availed them to make their voice heard by others.

Eventually people familiar with internet started their own online publication. But they don’t have many contents to publish on it. They alone issued the whole publication and managed it regularly. So publishing more and more contents was big problem for them.

So people started publishing their contents lesser but regularly. They used to publish contents on their favorite topics on any cheap or free platform and people loved to read their views. From this point blogging came into being. It means to publish your contents on a publishing platform where you establish your blog and regularly manage it.

What is a blog?

So a blog means a small publishing platform on internet which you register for you and give it a name to show its topic.

The blog you are reading right now is its example where you read contents on go green and pollution control. Its name is Pollution Pollution that shows it covers the topics related to environment and its related issues.

How to start a blog?

Starting a blog is so easy. You don’t need any kind of expertise. So this is the best option to share your views on go green and green living with your friends and colleagues. You don’t have to pay a dime initially if you want to blog just to promote a green cause. So blog promoting a green cause is called green blog.

How to join a blogging platform?

To start a blog on green niche just go to or the two most popular blogging platforms.

Sing-up there with your email and personal details and it is done. Now you simply need to pick a free blogging template or theme from the admin panel of any of these blogging platforms and install it to give your blog a look which you like.

How to publish your first post?

After that you just need to write on a topic which you think people would love to read. After fully editing your post pick a copyright free image that also reflects the topic of your post. From here you can pick a copyright free image.

Then go to admin panel of your blog platform and click on Post button from the left hand sidebar and then click on New Post button.

Paste the text of your post there in post panel and click on image icon just above your text. It will ask you to point location at your PC where the image is lying. Once it brings your image put it in the post by clicking the Insert Image button and this is done.

Now you simply need to click the Publish button at right side of your post panel. Then your post is on. Congratulations! You have published your first post.

How to promote your post?

Tell your friends and colleagues to visit your blog and read your post. Also share the link of the post at social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and all others which you have joined.

So this is the way of blogging to promote a green cause. By following this process you can establish a green blog and easily manage it but you can’t earn money with it.

How to earn money with your green blog?

To earn money with your green blog I offer my free services to help you start a blog professionally with effective tools and tricks.

So read here my detailed offer which I do without charging any money to get you in this noble cause of raising environmental awareness with blogging. Just a little professional approach will also make you earn money with it and you can join this profession on full-time basis.

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