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How to Make Your Website More Click-Worthy with Goals, Words and Common Sense

Avatar of tanya Submitted by tanya February 1, 2014 Website: blog.kissmetrics.com

You might have great content to share with your site visitors, but if you don’t help them find it, then it might as well not be there. This article is going to help you plan your site layout, architecture, navigation, and wording. The aim is to make your site more interesting, less confusing, and in turn, more click-worthy.

What does “click-worthy” mean? Besides the general “worthy of clicking and viewing/reading,” it means that users are able to find the information you want them to find and take the actions you want them to take.

1. Start with Your Site Goals

Before you start making a website or even opening up Photoshop to begin designing, please stop. Ask yourself “What is this site supposed to accomplish?”

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  • Avatar of Nicholas Profile

    Identifying goals is a very difficult task. Because we are not sure of upto what level we can take the website to. copywriting is also skillful task. I need to pay more attention to the layout. your layout is awesome! after all this is neil patel`s website :-)
    Nicholas recently posted…Ouya 16 GB matte black console reviewMy Profile

  • Avatar of Metz Profile

    Goals aren’t tricky to know if you know your purpose why you are entering internet marketing, blogging or whatever your work is. Goals can be identified I must say. The difficult part is how to to achieve your goal or goals.
    Metz recently posted…7 Easy Way To Approve Google Adsense AccountMy Profile

  • Avatar of Efoghor Joseph Ezie Profile

    Joyce, thanks for this well detailed piece. You have just given us the analysis of a converting website.

    If I understood you well, I think the most important thing to take home here is that you must make everything simple and clear to your site visitors. Clarity makes things easier as your visitors would not need some interpreters to be able to understand the message you are trying to pass across to them.

    I have heard it several times that we should use an active voice when communicating with our readers. You just emphasized that again by advising us to use verbs when providing instructions to people as most people want to hear you say something to them before taking action on your site.

    Using complicated or complex English, or trying to impress your visitors by making things cosmetic but ambiguous would only get them more confused and unsure what your original intentions are.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece with us. Do have a lovely weekend.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted…Blog Commenting – Misconception About Driving Massive TrafficMy Profile

  • Avatar of Sam Adeyinka Profile

    You have shared an intelligent article seasoned with intelligent points with the sense of having a clear determined goals and every other points you mentioned. I have just started a new blog on tech niche and I will do well to applying all this trick and tips you’ve provided here for every serious bloggers. Will also apply it on my main blog.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with the Kingged community! It’s much appreciated. :) Hope to continue this connection with you.

  • Avatar of Manish Madhukar Profile

    Tanya, Expanded list post is getting lots of shares these days. We should break our content in sub headings and explain every heading. I think these type of posts are getting lots of social love these days.
    Manish Madhukar recently posted…Best High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites For BloggersMy Profile

  • Avatar of Manish Madhukar Profile

    ya it’s neil’s blog post…..
    Manish Madhukar recently posted…Best High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites For BloggersMy Profile

  • Avatar of Lisa Profile

    Having the goals match your landing pages is very helpful to site readers. They should only land on pages that they are looking for, there should be NO deceiving copy to get them there or they will run for the hills. Great tips!

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