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How to Hack Your Way to a Great Title

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Imagine you’re hosting a party and you’re serving burgers where the meat is well-seasoned and cooked to perfection and the condiments are arranged artfully. You look for the buns, but because you weren’t paying attention they were accidently flattened by your spatula. Greasy meat, tomatoes, and ketchup ooze onto your guests clothes because the buns were not strong enough to hold all the ingredients in. The next time you host a party, no one shows up.

Article and/or blog post titles are like burger buns. No one puts enough thought into them because they are not considered to be as important as the content of the post. Statistics prove otherwise. On average, 8 out of 10 people will read a title, but only 2 out of 10 will read the actual blog post or article. So what makes an effective title?

Research Research Research

It’s time to go back to school and study the best titles from like-minded blogs. Because unless you grasp the principles that make an attractive title, you’ll never be able to produce great titles of your own. Tool: Here is a Google Doc of some affinity blogs we created for ourselves in 2013, as an example.

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  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Having a great title on post is helpful. Its more like the gateway to a blog post. Understanding how to craft an attention grabbing article is a essential skill. The details of this post are very helpful! The points are well made and one takeaway is that an impactful post should deliver emotions!
    Sunday William recently posted…How to Get Traffic From Forums ?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Steven Hughes Profile

    A great title is definitely important to post exposure. It gets people’s attention, and all too often it’s just bait with not much substance in the article.

    Some good tips here Tanya, and yes emotion definitely can work very well.
    Steven Hughes recently posted…Tips for Making Sure Phoning Customer Service is a Win and Not a FailMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    Test Titles Out On Social Media – one I will put forward. Several experiments were done on social media platforms. Just like TV News casters do, throwing some polls and gather the views and opinions of their tele-viewers through Facebook or Twitter.
    Metz recently posted…TIPS FOR INCREASE SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIENCE !!!My Profile

  • Profile photo of Amit Kumar Profile

    Hey tanya,
    you have posted a very needed Article here. i have searched many times for this type of article but i think finally i got here.

    Deciding a appropriate title for blog post is really so much difficult for me. I hours to research a nice title. Thanks to you i got some important ideas from this post. I am feeling very happy to see this amazing post. thanks again…….!!
    Amit Kumar recently posted…6 Most Useful Websites to Learn Coding OnlineMy Profile

  • Profile

    Rewriting headlines for your social media posts is good, not only for testing headlines, but also for sharpening your copywriting skills.

    I’d like to share a couple more sources for terrific headlines to “swipe and deploy”:
    (1) Digg, where you’ll find the day’s most popular posts;
    and (2) magazine covers. Magazines spend a lot of money researching which titles work, because the cover photo and headlines are what sell their magazines. It’s fun to look at titles on magazines that are in a very different niche than what I’m writing for, and apply it to my topic.
    anis recently posted…5 Unbelievable IPhone FactsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Princewill Okafor Profile

    The points outlined here will sure help one in creating catchy title, Title are like a signpost it tell yous what a post is all about, how interesting a post will and what you stand to gain from such post..

    It should be given great priortiy, it is a determining factor on whether a reader will click or just ignore

    Title should always and I repeat always say what a reader will gain, if it doesn’t it’s won’t fly..
    Princewill Okafor recently posted…Hp ElitePad 1000 G2 Specifications And PriceMy Profile

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