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How to Effectively Use “Banned” or Overused Tactics

Avatar of Sunday Submitted by Sunday January 31, 2014 Website: www.stateofdigital.com

Guest posting has been dying for a while, I wrote about the search industry killing guest posting last year. Sure enough, Matt Cutts called it. Then came the posts about Matt’s announcement (my favorite is Rae’s) and they made me think. Is guest posting really dead? Are directories? Are infographics? What about link reciprocation? That lead to the tweet below.

I don’t want to just leave people hanging though and not give examples. If you still want to use these tactics as a part of a greater online strategy, you still can, but there are stringent rules to follow. Mind you, these are my own personal rules. These are the rules I live by for each tactic. Stray from these and the work you put in could be lost. Google will find and cancel out link equity from poorly executed marketing tactics. If they don’t know negate it algorithmically now, they will. Trust me on this.

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  • Avatar of Nicholas Profile

    Hey Kate, I do agree that Guest posting is decreasing after the saying of Matt cutts. The reason are many. This and that is bad for SEO and we all are restricted to do many things. Anyways, my point is that we should work with freedom regardless of what people say till we become an authority.
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  • Avatar of Metz Profile

    Wow! This topic has caught me off guard. It is intriguing and very interesting to know the ways on how to effectively use banned or overused tactics.

    In my point of view, I conclude that… Who knows? Still, it is a win win situation, unpredictable. If one tactic will be used perfectly, or accurately, then great! It would be effective.
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