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How to Blog Like a Pro: Workshop on the Gold Coast Australia – Next Week

Profile photo of ImPretty Submitted by ImPretty May 20, 2013 Website:

Next week (29th May) I’m running a special workshop at the Internet Conference on the Gold Coast here in Australia.

The workshop is titled – How to Blog Like a Pro – and you’ll get 4 solid hours of teaching in it – all delivered by me in a workshop limited to 40 people only.

The workshop has only previously been available to those signing up to the full 3 day conferences as an add-on but there are a few tickets still available and so I asked the organisers if we could sell them as a stand-alone ticket (i.e. you don’t have to come to the full 3 day event).

I’ll share how to get your discounted ticket ($75 off) below.

The Training will Cover

My goal with this day is to pack in as much information as possible – so come ready to learn!…

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  • Profile photo of topjeff Profile

    It is more likely that participant at the event would have bumper time at reduced cost. The focus of the workshop is to help bloggers and list of things to do already speaks well for all! An interesting piece I would say!

  • Profile photo of Arjay [Moderator] Profile

    Interesting workshop and a nice offer for participant! I have gone through the content list and discovered that the topics are spot on.

    However, it lacks more discussions on how to generate traffic for the blog. Hopefully, this topic would be shared in other parts of the package!

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    The workshop in Australia promises so much with little cost. Hopefully, participants will get value for their money and time!

    More so, I commend the team of the Internet Conference on the Gold Coast in Australia for extending the stand-alone tickets beyond the 40 members!

  • Profile photo of Ann Profile

    The number 3 item in the list titled: How to develop a content strategy for your blog, should be a spur for most content providers to take part in the Workshop on the Gold Coast Australia. A lot of helpful contents would be delivered under this training!

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    I guess this workshop would help very helpful to new bloggers. The training to be covered all tend to emphasize teaching newbies how to blog. In other words, the basics of blogging are promoted.
    In this case, the payment for the workshop would really be worth it!

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