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How small copywriting changes can lead to big increases in conversions

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It’s easy to overlook the value of copywriting in web design as there are so many other factors to take into account, many of which have a more obvious impact on the user experience.

But as a writer I’m obviously keen to highlight the impact that good copywriting can have on conversions and revenue.

As such I’ve rounded up several case studies which show that even small tweaks to copywriting can have a big impact on conversions, particularly on calls-to-action.

For more information on this topic, read our blog post on 11 useful examples of copywriting for product recommendations or book yourself onto our online copywriting training course…

Schuh increased basket adds by 17%

In the example that initially inspired this post, Schuh found that altering its product page CTA from ‘Buy now’ to ‘Add to bag’ led to a 17% increase in adds.

Schuh’s deputy head of ecommerce Stuart Mcmillan said:

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Kingsley got bitten by the "Making Money Online" bug in his early twenties, right after his University degree in Mass Communications and has never held a paid employment. He made his first 6 figures from writing ebooks and physical books. His first physical books got published in the USA and UK. Even though he has failed more times than he can remember, he has sold over a million dollars worth of products/services online. Currently in his thirties, Kingsley has spent the last 3 years focused on growing Feel free to contact him personally if you need any help here.

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    Its only fools that doubts proofs. The case studies tell it all. A little tweak in any part of copywriting can make a difference in conversion. Therefore, it becomes very helpful for the online marketer to adopt the best copywriting techniques for effective results.

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    I like how you say it Sunday. “It’s only fools that doubts proofs. “That is agreeable! By the way, great data presentation and review, David!

    Let me add something about copywiritng, well, some write-ups isn’t a good piece right? Some may forget to give value so I must say that they need to research as deeply as they can. Conducting research is standard procedure for any copywriter, especially if you’re writing on an unfamiliar topic.

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    Like you, David, I’m a firm believer of the importance of copywriting and you just highlighted a few key points why copywriting is definitely important and should not be put in the background while others are taken into great consideration.

    I like how you you visually helped us understand your point through graphics. Great!
    Riza recently posted…Is It All About Visual Social Media Now?My Profile

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    I’ve been saying this for ages, minor changes to copy can make the world of difference. And not just on CTAs.

    Font formatting, type set, spacing and placement impact it too. Where eyes land, where fingers tap (on mobile devices) and where cursors hover all need to be taken into consideration.

    Event tracking in Google Analytics can help suss out where things need to change – tracking hovers, scroll level and loads more, too many to list!
    anis recently posted…5 Unbelievable IPhone FactsMy Profile

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