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How Do You Feed or Fuel Your Social Media With Content?

Profile photo of Sunday William Submitted by Sunday William January 27, 2016


Your social media campaign needs a consistent content strategy to dominate. This is because aligning social with content brings about definitive results in both social media marketing and content marketing.

It becomes important you know what social media content that is required to feed or fuel social media campaigns at every point in time.

Whatever social campaign you are putting out there, you need the right content to inspire followers or visitors. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google +, or LinkedIn, etc., you should be acquainted with the right steps to fuel the platform with the right content for good result.

Remember, content and social go hand-in-hand, and combining both in Internet marketing yields better result.

So, here are tips to feed and fuel your social media marketing with content marketing.

1 – Revisit your old contents and repost them with fresh titles

There is no doubt that you may forget the articles or contents you have shared on your blog years ago. You can dust these up and re-share them on the social media. This action will make them become appealing. More so, doing this would clearly help in feeding your social media campaigns in Facebook, Twitter, or Google + etc. with fresh posts constantly!

2 – Re-share your most shared contents

You must have identified that some of your contents have experienced the most shares. Leverage on these to improve your social marketing. You can refuel and feed you social media by re-sharing popular contents. There are handy tools to exploit for the analyzing and identifying of popular contents for sharing. BuzzSumo is one good example of such tools. It can be used to analyze the most social shares so you can re-share them again.

3 – Re-share the most popular subjects or contents from the Internet

You can still power your social media with content by analyzing and re-sharing contents popularly with other writers. Find the best contents to share and re-share them. BuzzSumo is also useful when it comes to re-sharing contents that have been performing well from other sources. Use this tool to find the best topic or subject that attracts the most shares.

4 – Share SlideShare Presentations

You should post SlideShare presentations on your social media platforms. It will help to improve the visual impact and benefits for followers. Good slide presentations on social media attract better traffic and clicks. Try SlideShare today and see what impact it would generate!

5 – Publish a flurry of posts after each new article is published

You should employ the power of scheduling tool to post a flurry articles on social media after you have published a post. When you do this, you will have greater chance of increasing visibility and engagement, even as  you enjoy improved click-through, traffic, and conversions rates.

6 – Turn your popular posts into videos and share them on social media

YouTube is one social platform where you can share your videos. The more videos you share the greater boost you will achieve with social media. However, it is not all the time that one can come up with video ideas. Whenever you lack inspiration on the type of video to share or not, rely on any of your popular articles for inspiration. Convert your popular piece to video and share on YouTube or other video sharing social platforms.

7 – Turn your popular posts into images and share them on social media

You can transform a piece of content to images and share on social media. You can use quotes and excerpts from a popular article to form images that would be shared on social media. Tools like “Recite” and “Behappy” are handy to achieve this. All you need do is use a quotable section from your posts and convert it to an image via an automated tool. You can also add text to images to make them more appealing when sharing on social media. Ensure the image is unique, shareable and visually appealing.

8 – Add social triggers to your contents

When you share your contents ensure you insert triggers like “tweet this” and “pin” buttons on this posts. This can go a long way to attract many engagements and clicks. Strategically place your social share buttons in the right part of your post or page. Doing this can trigger flurry of engagements on social media.


You can feed and fuel your social media with content if you apply the above strategies. However, it is important to ensure that quality is your maintained when it comes to the type of content created and shared on social media.

Use the best of contents to share them effectively if you must succeed at social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Reddit, etc.

So, how do you feed or fuel your social media campaign with content marketing?

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