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How Do You Determine The Right Online Channel To Promote Your Content?

Profile photo of Sunday William Submitted by Sunday William May 4, 2017


Your content will not generate the expected Return on Investment (ROI) if it is promoted on the wrong online marketing channel. It would be pure waste of time, effort and resources if a piece of content is promoted on a platform with the wrong audience.

Online marketing channels are diverse with different specific features and functionality. The diversity of their features appeals to the diverse needs and wants of potential subscribers or customers.

Hence, common channels of online marketing that are used include: Social media platforms, Affiliate networking, Public Relations, and Display adverts, Email marketing, SEO, PPC, and Mobile marketing, etc.

Each marketing channel has its benefits of serving to promote varieties of contents like articles, videos, podcasts, products, etc.

However, the content marketer must realize that throwing a piece of content across platforms will not maximize ROI. This is because channels differ and what works best in one platform may not do well in another platform.

It is important to get specific and be focused when promoting contents. The need to research for the “right” online marketing channel must be noted.

The question now is, how does the content marketer determine which channel or platform is appropriate for a specific content promotion?

A lot of marketers are ignorant of what to do, but I will suggest that, for starters, content marketers should:

> Review and analyze their past contents to see what channel has appealed to the most convertible target audience. The use of Google Analytics or similar tools can go a long way to help marketers in this respect.

> Measure the performance of each piece of content on various platforms. This measurement should compare the time costs, money costs and total costs with the number of visitors, subscribers and earned revenue from the channel.

There are other shades of opinion as to how the right content promotion channel can be determined. Please you can leave your thoughts on this in the comment section.

How do you determine the right online channel to promote your content?

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