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How Do You Compare Dropbox V Google Drive?

Profile photo of Marsha Ingrao Submitted by Marsha Ingrao February 22, 2017

Two Great Applications: Compare Dropbox V Google Drive

Compare Dropbox V Google Drive

When I compare Dropbox V Google Drive, my opinions have changed over the years because Google Drive has expanded its products. Both technologies have enormous value.

Not all technology eliminates frustration and irritation from my life, but for the most part, these two applications do. For the past six years, I used Google Docs almost daily. Five years ago, I could have been a Dropbox salesperson. I kept my day job because both of these products are free.

Without Storage Drives

Five years ago when I worked as an educational consultant, I often worked on large projects with several collaborators across the state of California. Projects usually needed lots of edits. Before I learned about Dropbox, I emailed myself work to do at home. I would write or edit, then email it back to work, where my secretary/editor would continue to correct.  We had so many copies on our computers that we got lost in the stacks of virtual files. We created new names, and new files to keep them all straight.

Cloud-Based Storage Improves Collaboration

Even simple games take some time to develop.

Dropbox and Google both store documents on the web and have different benefits. Five years ago I preferred Dropbox for most uses because of the following reasons.

1)  Dropbox uses whatever software you are using. 

I use Microsoft products, and Dropbox stores all my documents as Word Docx or other Office documents. Most people say they receive and can open up a document that I send them from Dropbox.

2)  Google Drive has its own products like Microsoft. 

After six years of constant use, I prefer these now. Some people say they cannot open them when I email the link. There is a learning curve to opening and using a Google Doc. For example, if someone sends you a Google Doc, you have to edit THAT doc from the link he or she sent you. If you save it and edit in your Drive, it will not save to the shared doc.

3)  Dropbox remains available offline making it convenient for the user. 

Google Drive works better online.

4)  Notifications 

Everyone with whom I have shared a Dropbox folder gets a message every time I make a change on a document. People say, “I got lots of notifications that you modified the documents.  You must work hard.” Did you hear that boss? I’m never satisfied with what I write, but they might also be seeing all my secretary’s  or one of my collaborator’s hard work instead.  I just smile, the project is active! Google Drive sends an email.

” Nine files have been synced.”

5)  Click a tab to view Dropbox revisions.

Google revisions show in the file menu “See Revision History”

However, in spite of my love for Dropbox, there are some things that Google does better.


1) If you collaborate in real-time, you can see the Google Dive edits instantly, and chat as you write. It’s confusing but doable.  With Dropbox, the changes do not appear until you save and sync your document. Even then, your collaborator still sees the old material, until they close their offline version, and reopen it. Losing immediacy is not convenient when you are working in real-time together, even when you are all in the same room.

2) I had an another experience in which several of us were taking notes on the agenda created in a shared Dropbox folder.  My notes wrote over someone else’s notes, and his digital scribbles were gone, and all Dropbox had to say about it was “Marsha’s corrupted copy”  Both of us were red in the face that time.  Mine was embarrassed.

Storage Space Compare Dropbox V Google Drive

3) Both applications have a lot of free storage spaceGoogle has more. Because my photos have loaded automatically on Dropbox, I have maxed out my storage space. To earn more storage, get your friends to use Dropbox. If you want to open up another Dropbox account with a different email account, you get more space, without having the convenience of offline accessibility.  In six years or so I have never run out of space with Google Drive.

If you want extra storage, compare Dropbox V Google Drive. Here are the current prices.

Google Drive

15GB- Free

100GB- $1.99 per month

1TB- $9.99 per month


2GB- Free

Up to 16GB- Free, if you refer friends. With a basic free account, you get an extra 500MB per referral, and you can earn up to 16GB total through this method. Paid users get 1GB instead of 500MB per referral.

1TB- $9.99 per month

How Lucky Are We to Compare Dropbox V Google Drive?

When I was a middle school student, my mother brought me the homework I forgot to take to school. Moms of the”iGeneration” will never understand that chore. Teachers can get access to homework instantly. Even the dog can’t eat it. Thank you technological cyber-geniuses. That’s one less problem for moms in the twenty-first-century world.

Which is your favorite cloud storage, or do you use something else?

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Hi, my name is Marsha Ingrao. I love blogging. It changed my life, so I love to encourage bloggers that have problems with it so they don't get discouraged and give up. I love to promote others. As an elementary teacher and educational consultant, I wrote curriculum, coached teachers from pre-school - high school, and planned large student events. Now I write and blog.
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43 Responses to “ How Do You Compare Dropbox V Google Drive?” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Kelly Matthews Profile

    Hi Marsha,

    I am a big fan of Dropbox but haven’t really used Google Drive.

    I commented in another post on Kingged about dropbox alternatives and wondered if they have the staying power of Dropbox.

    Since Google Drive is by Google, it just might be the best alternative to dropbox.

    I still prefer Dropbox though, mainly because it is also available offline, unlike Google Drive which is only available online.

    Thanks for this comparison of both Dropbox and Google Drive.

    • Profile photo of Marsha Ingrao Profile

      Thank you so much for the thoughtful response, Kelly.

      That offline ability is what I like most about dropbox, too. People seem to have less trouble opening a document stored there. However, Google Drive does have the ability to use it offline. I just have not been very successful with it.

      That being said, I love what I can do in Google Drive. It is my go-to note taking place. The documents open faster than Word. The problem with Word is that if you do not remember to save it, you can lose your entire document. With Google docs, you do not have to save it constantly. It is updated every few seconds.

      For that reason alone, it is worth using. I download things as Word or PDF documents if I need to send them to people who have complained.

      Thanks again for the comment, Kelly. I look forward to getting better acquainted. :)

      • Profile photo of Kelly Matthews Profile

        It’s good to know Google Drive can be used offline as well.

        About the Word saving feature, I think there’s a setting within Word itself which allows it to save every few minutes, but it’s handy that it happens with Google docs automatically when using it online.

        I agree it’s worth using for that feature alone.

        Thanks for replying Marsha.

  • Profile photo of Anju Jerry Mathew Profile

    I learned new things from this your post, thanks.

    For me, I like Google drive mainly because of more space they give, 15gb for free can’t be compared with 2gb of dropbox.
    Anju Jerry Mathew recently posted…INSPIRATIONAL QUOTESMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Marsha Ingrao Profile

      Thanks for your comment, Anju. I agree that the 15gb of space is amazing. I have never exhausted that amount, and I write daily. Along with that I love the products that Google provides. I will write in Google Drive and download to Word. Thanks, again.

  • Profile photo of Black Profile

    Hey Marsha,

    Its sweet reading this comparison between Dropbox and Google Drive. Both programs have handy features and are very important for online and offline storage functions.
    I use both. Google drive comes easy for fast storage because I use Gmail while I prefer storing certain documents on Dropbox for privacy sake!

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hi Marsha,

    Dropbox has been my favorite cloud storage until Google Drive came along. However, I have account with both programs. Comparing both, for me, is all about storage.

    Google Drive seems to have an edge in this, but Dropbox can still compete authoritatively in efficiency and effectiveness as a cloud storage device.

  • Profile photo of Winford Moore Profile

    Hey Marsha,

    When it comes to the use of cloud storage systems, many options are presented to us. However, Dropbox and Google Drive stand among the very best.
    I use both but my favorite remains Google Drive because it gives me better opportunity to create, edit, store and share files in different formats!

  • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

    Hi Marsha,

    I am a fan of both Dropbox and Google Drive. All that you have written about them is true, and I couldn’t agree with you more.

    However, I prefer using Dropbox to Google Drive because its my first storage device and I have gotten so used to it.

    My 2GB of free storage from Dropbox has since being exhausted but I have more now after referring some friends!

    • Profile photo of Marsha Ingrao Profile

      Hi James,

      Yes, you can get more space by referring friends, then you would have more than Google Drive. Do you still have friends who do not use it? It is not too expensive to purchase extra space either.

      A TB is more space than I would ever use. I bought an external hard drive for about $60 that has 1 TB of storage. It is sometimes slow, but it solves the closet type of storage. If you store older things from Dropbox on the external drive, you can keep Dropbox for current projects.

      In my situation, Dropbox wants to automatically load my photos. I think you can get extra storage for doing that also, but I have way too many photos.

      Thanks again for the comment.
      Marsha Ingrao recently posted…Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham LincolnMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sarah John Profile

    Hi Marsha,

    Thanks for sharing this piece of information.

    For anyone who is contemplating on having either Dropbox or Google Drive, I think the tips of this post will go a long way to help in the decision making.

    I am used to OneDrive, and I guess would be cool doing comparative review on this storage option as well 😀

    • Profile photo of Marsha Ingrao Profile

      Hi Sarah John,

      I think a comparison would be a great post for you to do. You are welcome to quote from my post if you haven’t use the applications yourself. I’m sure you have probably used the before at least a little, though.

      I’d also be honored if you wanted to add a referral link. I am not familiar with One Drive at all, so when you write it, please let me know, and I will add a link to my post, both here (If I can) and on my blog.

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment. :)
      Marsha Ingrao recently posted…Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham LincolnMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Celine Profile

    Hi Marsha,

    I love these two storage services.

    My preferred cloud service is Dropbox. Its easy and has been effective all over the years.

    Google Drive helps me do real time editing and storage. Combining both should be a better option!

    • Profile photo of Marsha Ingrao Profile

      Hi Celine,

      I agree with you 100%. But someone at either Google or Dropbox probably would not like us for that! They both have their advantages. If we combined we could have 17 GB with options up to 31 GB. That would be huge!

      An external drive is good for storing older items. Mine has 1 TB of storage. That frees up space in Dropbox. I’ve never run out of storage with Google Drive. I find that I use Drive more for the applications now than just space. Word seems to change frequently.

      Thanks again for your comment, Celine. :)
      Marsha Ingrao recently posted…Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham LincolnMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Carl Profile

    Hi Marsha,

    I have read most of the comments and the takes of different commenters on Dropbox and Google Drive.

    It seems absolutely necessary that we consider the advantages and disadvantages of these two storage devices.

    Comparison will help us make the absolute decision as to which is truly necessary for our online storage and secured files need!

    Personally, I use Google Drive because it is harmonizes with all my other Google Apps and Accounts.

  • Profile photo of steven Profile

    Hi Marsha,

    Thanks for this great comparisons on the features of Dropbox and Google Drive. I have used both storage devices. However, I am sticking with Google Drive at the moment.

    This is because it provides me with more storage space and can easily integrate with my doc. xsl and ppt files. Dropbox was a great sharing tool when I was using it!

  • Profile photo of Paul Profile

    I have not really being a fan of Dropbox nor Google Drive. I use OneDrive and am satisfied with its offers in both storage and efficiency.

    However, I am thrilled with the notifications features of Dropbox and I may have to consider the free package to see how these notifications can help in task management!

  • Profile photo of Amit Sharan Profile

    Hey Marsha,

    Indeed, cloud-based storage increases collaboration. However, its seems like some applications does it better than others. Google Drive, for me, is the better option!

  • Profile photo of Marsha Ingrao Profile

    Hi Amit,

    I agree with you 100%. I love Google Drive. I used Dropbox years ago more than I do now, but since I’ve used Google almost daily, I love it more. :)

    Thanks again for taking the time to make a comment.
    Marsha Ingrao recently posted…How Does Limited Technology Knowledge Retard Blogging Success?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Jerry Chong Profile

    Thanks for comparing both services.

    Do you know if you can get extra free space on Google Drive when you refer friends or other extras like Dropbox?

    • Profile photo of Marsha Ingrao Profile

      No, I haven’t heard of that. The cost is pretty small, though. 100 GB for $1.99. Have you used the entire 15 GB? I’ve been using my account for about 5 or 6 years. I write every day and have a couple of manuscripts stored on it+ all the work I do. I have used 1/3 of my space, which includes thousands of emails.
      Marsha Ingrao recently posted…Is There Blog Life After a High Bounce Rates?My Profile

      • Profile photo of Jerry Chong Profile

        I store a lot of pictures and 15GB is not enough. But you are right, 100 GB for $1.99 is small.

        Thanks for the reply.

        • Profile photo of Marsha Ingrao Profile

          Hi Jerry,
          My dropbox account is much too small for my pictures. At one time they sent me an offer that was unlimited if I had my pictures loaded directly to my dropbox account. Apparently, they did not count on me having so many. The account can’t hold anymore. My pictures go directly into photos on my MacBookPro. That cloud service costs me $2.99. I did not have a choice about getting it if I wanted all my former pictures.

          Thanks again for your reply, Jerry.
          Marsha Ingrao recently posted…Is There Blog Life After a High Bounce Rates?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Sinen Ibag Profile

    Hi Marsha,

    Thanks for your message, I just replied you.

    I use Dropbox but will be running out of the free space soon. Reading this means I’ll just jump on using Google Drive. 15GB for free sounds great :)

  • Profile photo of Dave Profile

    Hello Marsha,

    From what you have written, I have to say Google Drive is better.

    While the 15GB free space of Google Drive compared to 2GB of Dropbox is enough make one choose Google Drive, the other advantages you listed just makes it a no-brainer choice.

    Also the ability to be able to see edits instantly during real-time collaboration is really awesome.

    Go Google :)

  • Profile photo of Anatoliy Simoenov Profile

    Evaluating performance on file sync through the agent can also be trivial and depends upon user’s needs: for example I would not want my file sync application to eat up all my bandwidth to upload large amount of data I put in the sync folder but I’d appreciate to upload them while leaving my link operational and, since these applications do not seem to have bandwidth throttling feature, I prefer the second approach (but it’s just my taste, other might prefer raw horsepower..)

    • Profile photo of Arjay [Moderator] Profile

      Hello Anatoliy,

      Why did you steal this comment from elsewhere on the web and post it here as yours?

      We spend a lot of time on Kingged looking at as many of the comments made here as possible, to find/delete spammy and stolen comments like yours… all to ensure high quality participation. Stealing and using other people’s comments as yours is low quality behavior that we are sure to detect.

      If you do this again we will have no choice but to permanently ban you from further participation on!

      Arjay [Moderator] recently posted…’s Affiliate System Pays You, Whether You Make Sales Or NotMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Judith Chang Profile

    Hi Marsha,

    I have used Dropbox since forever and have found it great for my needs. I’m still a bit hesitant to try others, even Google Drive. I might after reading this.

    Thanks for the nudge, :)

    • Profile photo of Marsha Ingrao Profile

      I think we all get our favorites. If it meets your needs, then you’re good. If you are experimental, then try Google Drive. It takes a while when you try anything new to get used to it, I think. It also takes a need or a sense of a need. I do not have a need to go outside of these two, although I do have other cloud storage, but it’s been forced on me by my computer. And it costs $2.99 a month. I’m held hostage by my photos. :(
      Marsha Ingrao recently posted…Is There Blog Life After a High Bounce Rates?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Abigail Chow Profile

    I don’t know, I still love and prefer my good old Dropbox. I feel it’s like my first love in the cloud thingy, hard to change that, lol.

    • Profile photo of Marsha Ingrao Profile

      Hi Abigail,

      Thanks for your comment. I know what you mean. When I worked for the County Office of Education, Dropbox was my go to cloud source, and I kept getting tons of extra space because I shared documents with districts. It was easier to use because most people used Word Docs, and they were easier to open. The documents were not something the receivers were going to edit, though. Having multiple edits is harder using Dropbox.

      As president of California Council for the Social Studies, I started using Google to take notes during executive meetings because we met from all over California, and we could all edit the notes at the same time. We each used different colors of text, so we could tell who was talking, and there was a colored cursor that showed us who was talking as well. Then I discovered the versatility of Google. I started using it for balloting, surveys, spreadsheets to keep track of who was doing what in an event, even storing power points that I created offline. The power point on Google is not as advanced. So using Google Drive meant that we didn’t have to open up a new application, but could switch between documents without having so much open on our desktops.

      So, I think the products you use depend on what your goals are and how comfortable you are using them.

      Thanks again for your great comment. I hope that you’ll check out my blog for more information as well.
      Marsha Ingrao recently posted…How to Write a Top Book ReviewMy Profile

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