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How do I use this website?

Profile photo of Mike Submitted by Mike February 14, 2016

I have no idea how to navigate this website. It’s a bit confusing to me.

If anyone can help please do, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to contact anyone.

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  • Profile photo of Arjay [Moderator] Profile

    Hello Mike,

    We are sorry you still feel a bit confused, but what specific aspect(s) are you confused about? The admin sends a private message to every member who joins explaining the uses of the site and how to get involved. If you haven’t read it, please do. It should be the first message in your inbox here.

    If your confusion is regarding how to make friends with other members, it’s also explained in the private message you received. It’s as simple as clicking the “Add Friend” button on a member’s profile page. To “follow” a member, click the “Follow” button. It’s recommended that you get involved here first by reading and engaging with other peoples’ posts before making friends and/or following others.

    If your confusion is regarding how to get involved, it’s also explained in the private message you received. You can simply read any of the posts you find on here, and click the “king this” if you like the post or the “unking this” if you don’t like it. And you can make comments on the post by scrolling to the bottom and making your comments. We also recommend making good quality comments, not one-liners and not generic comments, as such comments are usually deleted or disavowed.

    If your confusion is regarding how to share or submit posts, we also already explained how to share, syndicate or submit posts in the first private message you received from the admin, but I will explain them all here again, in case you didn’t read that message:

    1. If you are sharing a post that already exists on your blog
    and you just want to share snippets of it with nofollow links to the full post on your blog, use the “Share an Article” button. Please note that shared posts are no longer likely to appear on the frontpage as we are fading out shared posts. We recommend syndicating your posts instead.

    2. If the post already exists on your blog and you want to syndicate it
    (post all of it here) but with dofollow links back to the post on your blog, use the “Syndicate your post” button. You get more results from this, than from using the “Share An Article” button. You can read more about the benefits of syndicating your post here:

    3. If the post is a 100% unique post and NOT previously published anywhere else, you use the “Submit Unique Post” button. You get the best results from submitting such unique posts on Kingged. Such unique articles get massively promoted by us. But it must be 100% unique and exclusive to Read more about the benefits of submitting a 100% unique post on Kingged:

    4. If you just want to ask a question or start a discussion, use the “Ask/Discuss” button to post your question. Read more about discussion posts here:

    Lastly, as a reminder – to get more information about what you can do on Kingged, in terms of the rules and others, please join the mailing list here, if you haven’t –

    Regarding how to contact anyone here
    , we have the “contact” button on every page of the site. It allows you to contact the support desk here –>

    Apart from the support desk, you can send a private message to the admin directly or to any of the moderators here.

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  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hi Mike,
    I am sure that the moderator @ Arjay has carefully highlighted all you need to do to make the most of I want to add that apart from using the link to contact the help desk, you can register as a member and send a private message to any member including the admin and moderators!

    I hope your confusion has been cleared?
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