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How Are You Improving The Searchability Of Your Content?

Profile photo of Sunday William Submitted by Sunday William December 14, 2016

searchWhether you are writing a blog, posting on social media, sharing videos, or simply creating content for your website there is need to understand the searchability of your task. The searchability means that your content is visible when people use the Search Engines to find your content.

The more visible your content, the more traffic you are likely get. And, the more traffic you get, the better your chance of increasing conversion.

Many marketers are not converting their content because it lacks searchability features. So, it becomes necessary to improve searchability and enjoy steady conversion.

You should starting thinking of how to improve your search for profitable marketing. Improving searchability means improving search attributes so the content is visible and ranked high in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

Here are some ways that most marketers employ to improve the searchability of their content:

They add relevant keywords on the title, main body and conclusion of your posts.

They clearly use keywords in the Meta Data of your post.

They use hashtags rightly on social media posts especially in Twitter and Instagram

They link other websites strategically especially with those of the similar niche.

They use anchor texts and URL shorteners creatively. For instance, instead of using ‘read more’ or ‘click here’ consider being more creative and descriptive like ” click here for more information” or ” follow this link to get more value from our product”.

They publish only content that is well edited and proof read.

They use relevant keywords and links on images, videos, podcasts, webinars, and eBooks, etc.

They publish content regularly

They promote the content on relevant websites and social media

They make frequent analysis of search results and employ corrective measures for improvement

Conclusively, content marketers employ many tactics to improve their SEO results. You too must have been enjoying improvement on your search. If so, then let us know how you are improving searchability of your content.

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Profile photo of Sunday William
I started with a College Degree in Business but I have been an Internet marketer and writer for 10+ years and have written 5,000+ high quality articles in diverse topics. I have also written 20,000+ comments on and 1,000+ blogs and/or websites. I have been working closely with Kingsley, the admin of for 10+ years and have been in the's administrative team since the first day in 2012. I highly recommend's Coaching and Partnership Program.
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43 Responses to “ How Are You Improving The Searchability Of Your Content?” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Sarah John Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    Improving search is important for improved conversion.

    However, it is important for the marketer to analyze their existing SEO strategy to see whether content,context or design can be changed to improve search.

    I often do overhaul of my SEO strategies from time to time, and I have seen relative improvement during this time!

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hey Sarah,

      I am sure if the SEO strategy previously used doesn’t create much impact in search then it would be wise to change it right?

      Well, overhauling the SEO strategies periodically must be done when it is certain or to a large extent assured that changes in it will searchability.

      You idea is helpful!

  • Profile photo of Amit Sharan Profile

    What I do to improve the searchability of my content is simply to improve my SEO strategies. Putting keywords in the right place and following all of the tips you have shared.

    However, I must add that my search improvement is also defined by writing on trending topics!

  • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    I agree with you on the need to improve searchability! The problem is that SEO is proving difficult day by day – especially for the newbie!

    With lots of competition around, how can one instantly make impact with the tweaking of SEO?

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hi James,

      Indeed, as the days go by, SEO becomes complex and ranking with the search engines becomes difficult.
      However, this should not take away the fact that if one studies what it takes to improve searchability online then it would be easier to navigate through the difficulties posed by difficult and competitive SEO.

      Improved searchability of a content should begin with understanding what the search engines and the readers want!

  • Profile photo of Celine Profile

    Well Sunday, you have already pointed out the main things that can trigger searchability. These involve tweaking the SEO essentials of the content.

    In order words, taking another look at how keywords, links, and promotion of the content stands.

    Improving on these things readily will make the difference!

  • Profile photo of Dave Profile

    Hello Sunday,

    This is a good question.

    But with Google constantly changing their algorithms and even removing legitimate sites from rankings, usually just to stir the waters and confuse those doing SEO, is it worth it wasting time on making content searchable or any SEO?

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your observation. I agree with you that Google frequently stir up the waters to remove legitimate sites from ranking.

      However, it is still very important to make content searchable. My reasons for insisting are:

      – searchable content not only benefit the search engines but the audience as well

      – SEO will basically provide the base for your traffic to spring up

      – those with quality and well optimized content will ultimately endure the test of Google and the rest.

      – Searchable content doesn’t have to rely on Google for ranking, rather there are other options like social media ranking, referral search etc.
      Sunday William recently posted…What is your Experience with a Social Media Content Calendar?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Sherman Smith Profile

    Hey Sunday,

    There’s a lot of people that tend to look the other way when it comes to SEO and making your content searchable.

    They use other tactics to get traffic which is fine, but to some degree it is quite convenient to use these tactics to make your site searchable as well as other strategies.

    I pretty much use the same tactics you mentioned here. One thing I’ve notice is that although I’m only publishing blog posts once a month, I’m getting the same results as when I was publishing 4 times a month.
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Why Solopreneurs Struggle With Generating Blog TrafficMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hey Sherman,

      It is good to know that you also apply similar tactics to get same results. If you ask me, the reason your search result don’t change despite the reduction of the content publication you made is the value and best practices you promote with content. 😉

  • Profile photo of Black Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    There are things you do that can easily improve search of a content. These things start with providing clarity in the benefits that the audience will enjoy!

  • Profile photo of Paul Profile

    For me, improving searchability of my content is doing proper editing and proofreading. If these are in place then it becomes easier for the content consumers to access with clarity the information that would be useful to them!

  • Profile photo of Gordie Chase Profile

    Sunday once again you’re right on target.
    I used to have that same problem until I used a plugin. Now every time I write an article my SEO plugin forces me to include the parameters the search engines look for. Thank God for plugins or the lazy blogger like me would be in the land of obscurity. Thanks again for writing quality content.
    Gordie Chase recently posted…A Secret Website That Can Create Crazy ROI For Your Image Ads (NO BS!)My Profile

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Yes Gordie,

      Improving search of content is important for lead generation and conversion. Indeed, thanks to the features of plugins, many bloggers are getting hold of their content marketing.

      Thanks for putting out these goods words for me!

  • Profile photo of steven Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    Frankly writing, I don’t consider much when it comes to improving searchability of my content.

    However, after reading this piece, I have come to conclude that searchability matters.

    The various steps taken by marketers to improve search on the search engine are revealing!

    The use of relevant keywords in the url, main body and other strategic parts of the content is crucial for improved search!

    I guess its time to be more practical about it!

  • Profile photo of Winford Moore Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    I improve searchability of my content by adhering strictly to the rules of the search engines.

    I know there is no absolute way of knowing what Google and the rest wants from content but it is a good idea to take of care of the basics requirements!

  • Profile photo of Carl Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    I agree with you that improving searchability of content is essential. However, it is more important to ensure that every step taken to achieve this is timely.

    SEO is a proactive strategy, and it must be strategically planned and pursued to bring the needed result!

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Sure Carl, SEO is proactive and making it timely is essential. Thus, improving searchability must be strategic and time-bound for success!

      • Profile photo of Omar Saady Profile

        Hello Sunday,

        Ultimately, as a content marketer, you should start from the point of knowing your audience and the keyword phrases they use when they search the web to find related info to your topic.

        Creating very well optimized content with proper keywords is the most basic fundamental of seo , because they are the “highways” to your site. Without the right keywords you’ll never get enough traffic through your content marketing campaigns.

        Here are Some of the most important concepts of creating seo friendly content as well as improving the content searchability:

        • Heading tags: These are quite important for helping the search engines figure out what your site is about.

        • Relevant URLs: It can help your search engine rankings if your keywords are included in your post url.

        • Page load speed: Page load speed is one of those gremlins that you cannot afford to overlook. Your audience has a short attention span, so if your page takes too long to load your audience will just close the website and go to the next search result to get what they want.

        • Social shares: Closely related to the idea of content relevancy for your users is social sharing. Now this is actually part of both on-page and off page SEO, but the on-page purposes of social shares is to show other readers that your content is relevant to what they’re searching.

        • Including Privacy and disclaimer pages: Search engines constantly tweak their algorithms to provide the best possible experience for users. A big part of creating a site that appeals to search engines is to have a site that is trustworthy.

        All my best regards,
        Omar Saady recently posted…How To Start Making Money Online With No Money At ALLMy Profile

        • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

          Hey Omar,

          Thank you for taking time to draft these tips on how to to improve content search. SEO best practices are important for improving search and you have pointed out some of the most often neglected parts for content.

          It is revealing learning that having a trustworthy site that has been infused with Privacy and Disclaimer pages can go long way to improve content search.

          Your contribution makes a lot of sense, and thanks once again for taking time to show us new insights on this discussion!

        • Profile photo of Howard D. Bray Profile

          This is a very useful comment, Omar. I got some really good value from this. Thanks.

  • Profile photo of Shamsudeen Adeshokan Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    Creating a blog that is loved by search engines is now more than just getting your keyword or SEO stuff right, it now involves many things done right.

    Providing your user the best of experience is a MUST, publishing the right information for your audience.

    Making sure your blog is built for your users and getting the right links to your content is an ongoing task.

    Links are still the firepower to an effective search engines optimization campaign, without them…a page will suffer to rank better in SERP.

    Thank you, Sunny.
    Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…6 Proven Tactics to Get More SEO Traffic to Your Website TodayMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hey Shamsudeen,

      Its great seeing you around once again!

      Indeed, a blog that would be loved by the search engines involves many things other than just keyword and basic SEO.

      The customer or audience should be the top choice in creating such blog. The value, user experience, ease of navigation, and the relevant information are still crucial.

      Hence, to improve search of content today, a solid balance of SEO and the needs of the audience must apply.

      Thanks again for leaving your thoughts on this topic!

  • Profile photo of Krystsina Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    that’s a very important topic you have raised here!

    I use all these traditional ways you’ve mentioned in your post. However, I would like to share my concerns about being very accurate with it.

    Recently we started to get a lot of hacked links that are coming to us from regular websites as they have been hacked as well.

    We hope that Google recognises these links as bad links, but it is better to be more attentive to the websites you share your content and not to go for spammy looking ones.
    Krystsina recently posted…Top 36 Australian Business Directories to Get Your Small Business NoticedMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hmm! Hey Krystsina, I agree with you that it is better to be more attentive to the websites we share links with. The spammy issue you experienced is not safe for any online business. Caution remains the watchword!

      However, from the onset, it would be important to guard a site against hack-attack by using the right server, the right links, the right plugins,etc.

      Improving search of content could also be achieved by by preventing hacks!

      Thanks for leaving your thoughts here as well!

  • Profile photo of Hussain Omar Profile

    Hi Sunday,
    Great tips you have posted here!

    A part from the endless SEO tricks over there, there is one way that can greatly impact your searchability, is to take care of your visitors. When you take care of them, and provide value, these visitors will help you rank your pages.

    Thanks for sharing the nice tips!

    Keep posting!

    Hussain Omar recently posted…How to Write Outreach Emails That Don’t SuckMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hey Hussain,

      I have to agree with you that taking care of our visitors will go a long way to ensure we improve searchability of content.

      Once visitors find value in what we offer then it becomes automatic and logical that they respond positively to increase our ‘rewards’.

      Thanks for mentioning customers’ increase. I completely agree with you!

  • Profile photo of Janice Wald Profile

    Hi Sunday,
    I agree with all your tips. I am making a point of using long tail keywords as opposed to just keywords. My search engine traffic is growing as a result. Thanks for the article.
    Janice Wald recently posted…This Is What You Need to Know to Quickly Make $100 to $1,000+ Monthly with Affiliate Marketing With or Without Making SalesMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hi Janice,

      Thanks for sharing how long tail keywords is helping to improve your search. Its sure a good strategy that would be worth following.

      I hope many readers will take a cue from it! Thanks again for making this invaluable contribution and adding value to this conversation!

  • Profile photo of Gavin McDonald Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    Who can deny the sheer power of free traffic from search engines, right?

    If we can do something on our own to help us get that free traffic from search engines, why not? That’s why this discussion post is very necessary. Ignoring search engines or SEO is not a good idea.

    I learned a lot from this post on improving searchability of my content.

    Thanks for a very helpful discussion post.

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hi Gavin,

      Thanks for liking this post and also for leaving your invaluable content on it. SEO is indeed very crucial and ignoring is a big mistake.

      Improving searchability of a content means improving SEO. Indeed, following the tips shared in this post can, at least, give one a solid idea of what needs to be done to increase search. A good search is very important for online success.

  • Profile photo of Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha Profile

    I try to implement all these tips while publishing a post, though sometimes I do wonder if this really works as it should.

    I guess with consistency and time one’s traffic grows and it gets better.

    Excellent tips.
    Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha recently posted…How To Audit Your Blog – To Determine Your DirectionMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hi Jacqueline,

      Of course, with consistency and time, the desired results would accomplished. The actions to be taken are not limited to the above tips. You can still try other tips you have researched or suggested by others. What matters is that the improvement be done under confines of the law!

  • Profile photo of Bruce P. Profile

    I enjoy your posts. I always learn a lot from them, and appreciate the way you put the information out there in a way that is easy for me to understand.
    Thank you much!

  • Profile photo of Eleanore Dewitt Profile

    Hi Sunday,

    I think the best way is still to get good quality backlinks to the posts you want to rank, particularly using right keywords but not over-doing it.

    High quality backlinks have always worked and will always work with getting good search rankings.

    • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

      Hey Eleanore,

      The place of high-quality backlinks cannot be over-emphasized when it comes to improving search. You are right about that.
      Backlinks must be built effectively through proper keyword research and placement!

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