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How a Web Designer Can Make a Profound Difference for Your Business!

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Web designers can have a profound impact upon a business. After all, a website is the number one initial influencer of how a prospect views a business. In any business relationship, setting the right expectations is important to the success of both parties involved especially between a business and their web designer.

Learn in today’s article what a web designer does and does not do and how they can make a profound difference for your business.

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Don is a consultant and coaches businesses on how to identify and connect with their audiences through marketing and sales. He has been a serial entrepreneur since 2005. Don is an avid blogger and speaker on business topics around online marketing and sales.
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6 Responses to “How a Web Designer Can Make a Profound Difference for Your Business!” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hey Don,
    This is what I will call “Choosing a Website Designer 101”. The post has covered so much with simple title. For anyone wanting to hire a website designer the details can guide, and for any website designer wanting to attract more client, the details here will help!

    A good website designer helps the client to achieve his business goals and dreams. He is more or less, a partner in progress. Yes, its not just about code, its more about building relationships and bonding to the business progress.

    Choosing the ‘best’ website designer must be done insightful!
    Sunday William recently posted…20 Tips To Speed Up Your WordPress WebsiteMy Profile

  • Profile photo of David Hartshorne Profile

    Hi Don,

    I like this article you’ve put together about good and bad web designers.

    The six points about how they can help your business are all very good, but I especially like #6 as the on-going support of their creation is very important. Imagine having a really cool website and then being left stranded when it started to go wrong. Not good! A reputable web designer will be proud of their work and want to ensure it remains in tip-top condition, both for their professional reputation and you as a valued client.

    I really liked this part about what great web designers do: “They communicate and work with you throughout the process and beyond.” You really need good dialogue both ways if your finished website is going to be a success. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a super-talented technical designer who cannot communicate!

    Great tips Don!
    – David
    David Hartshorne recently posted…How To Create Your Own Software ProductMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Don Purdum Profile

      Hi David,

      My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. We moved in August, family was in town and then after the move I had major internet issues for ten days. What a journey!!!!

      Unfortunately, I have seen businesses suffer that exact issue and earned many clients because of our record of reliability and trust. I spent most of my first 3 years in web development building our reputation because of that exact issue that I brought up in #6.

      Dialogue absolutely must be 2 way or the project will suffer and so will the relationship.

      I appreciate your comment David and thanks so much for stopping by. Again, my apologies for the lateness in reply!

      ~ Don
      Don Purdum recently posted…How to Network Online and Efficiently Grow Your BusinessMy Profile

  • Profile

    Hi Don,
    I can agree with many points in your article.

    However, taking “extreme pride” is something I don’t see necessarily to be fulfilled.
    Some pride when everything is done well … okay. But “extreme pride” doesn’t sound healthy for me, and if a customer would approach me with such a mindset, I would clearly feel we aren’t a good match.

    After all, pride is one of the seven sins. :)
    Katrin recently posted…Using Automation To Your AdvantageMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Don Purdum Profile

      Hi Katrin,

      I completely appreciate your position and I do respectfully disagree a bit. By “extreme pride” I mean build or do for someone what you would want them to do for you. Would you be happy with it? Would you be willing to shout it out to the world? Would you put the time and care into it so that it’s the best work you’ve ever done for someone?

      It’s all about the attitude that helps follow through with the commitment to provide a superior experience for the client because that’s what I would want.

      I hope that makes sense?

      My apologies for not replying sooner. I was moving in August, family was in from out-of-town and then I was basically without internet service for 10 days. It was a nightmare.

      Have a great week and thanks so much for your comment!

      ~ Don
      Don Purdum recently posted…How to Network Online and Efficiently Grow Your BusinessMy Profile

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