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Google Penalized You? Here Are 6 Traffic Alternatives So You Don’t Have to Come Back (Ever)

Profile photo of David Submitted by David February 15, 2015 Website :

Believe it or not, it’s a common experience. Today’s Web community is mostly Google-oriented in its approach to website creation and online relationships, but Google constantly changes the rules of the game, so it’s easy to miss an update and end up with a penalty.

So, where should you look for traffic when Google hits your site and you lose more than half of your daily visitors?

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10 Responses to “Google Penalized You? Here Are 6 Traffic Alternatives So You Don’t Have to Come Back (Ever)” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    Try to give a shot if you choose Bookmarking as one of the best traffic alternatives. I suggest this because it has been proven and tested that Kingged is a great traffic provider if you will stay active as a member and exchange thoughts with your fellow blogger/marketer or member. It is worth the try, honestly. :)

    All your tips here are useful and I know they will work. But one should focus on one area before jumping into another option.
    Metz recently posted…Submit 100% Unique Content on Kingged & Enjoy Massive-ExposureMy Profile

    • Profile photo of David Profile

      Kingged is not just bookmarking. The mods are very pro-active in urging members to interact and make it more of a social network than most “bookmarking” sites. And I agree 100 percent that for its size, Kingged is a high traffic generator.
      David recently posted…Not all words are created equalMy Profile

      • Profile photo of admin Profile

        Thanks a lot, David, for your kind words about Kingged being a high traffic generator!

        And yes, we are very strongly against those who want to use us as a “directory of links” or “spam links” site where they can just come and dump their links and disappear. Those who do that won’t get any results, as their posts would be deleted or buried.

        But those who treat Kingged as the social networking site that it is, will reap a ton of results, for free, :)

        admin recently posted…Which is Best Social Networking Sites For Marketing BlogMy Profile

  • Profile photo of admin Profile

    Thanks to you, David, for sharing this here on and thanks to Luana, for putting this together, :)

    Anyone who has been in this Internet marketing business for a while has obviously suffered Google’s penalties. I know many will insist that only those who have done something wrong suffer from Google’s penalties, but that’s certainly not true. Being someone who has had A LOT of sites over the years, it’s a fact that many innocent sites also get penalized.

    Of course these innocent sites did nothing wrong. It’s mostly because of getting caught in the crossfire. Google won’t admit it, but they obviously also “randomly” throw out the penalties, to “rock the boat” and confuse the heck out of all of us, :) And sad to say – it’s working extremely well for them, but certainly not fair to the innocent site owners.

    So, yes, the fact that even those who don’t do anything wrong can get caught in the crossfire, it’s important, now, more than ever before, to focus on alternative ways of getting traffic. Thankfully this post contains some very viable alternatives!

    That’s also what has been helping its members accomplish these past years – help them get tons of high quality traffic, without relying on Google. David seems to love us and recommend us when he can. Thanks, David!

    Once again, thanks to Luana, for putting this together.

    admin recently posted…MUST SEE: Gets Your Post Read By CNN, Mashable, HuffingtonPost, & Other Big Sites’ Readers!My Profile

    • Profile photo of David Profile

      I have seen my share of penalties on innocent sites, where Google rewards an activity in 20015 and 2006, then in 2012 or 2013 penalizes the sites for those activities. Instead of penalizing sites for doing what works (and those things work because Google makes them work), they should simply stop making them work.

      But there have to be alternatives, and those alternatives will differ for various businesses.
      David recently posted…Not all words are created equalMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sherman Smith Profile

    Hey David,

    It’s never the end of the world when you get penalized by Google. There’s always alternatives and ways around getting your traffic back.

    I always say to not put all your eggs in one basket. You have made some great suggestions and I have used a few of them. I know quite a few bloggers and I also used facebook ads to promote my blog and landing pages. I tell you that it all worked out.

    Also you have blogging communities like that can also give you a lot of referral traffic. As a matter of fact, is my top referral site since I post and comment in there almost everyday.

    Thanks for sharing some of the alternatives that we all can take. We definitely have a plethora of options outside of Google! In comparison, even though Google it’s the most popular, it’s still a small fish in the pond!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…How To Write Eye-Catching Traffic Generating Blog Post HeadlinesMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sylviane Nuccio Profile

    Hi David,

    Sure, thankfully there are other ways to get traffic. While Google maybe king is not the Almighty. I guess that’s a good way to put it right?

    Thanks for sharing this.
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…Why You Will Always Be A Work In ProgressMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Gangadhar Kulkarni Profile

    Hello David/Luana,

    Great tips……..!!!

    I totally agree with your 6 traffic alternatives which extremely result oriented and great options to overcome Google’s penalty threats.

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable info with kinggers.

    Gangadhar Kulkarni recently posted…Google Panda 4.1 Update Rolled Out – Who will Get Benefits or Punishments?My Profile

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