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Google Admit They Recognise That You Are Confused About Manual and Algorithmic Penalisation

Avatar of Riza Submitted by Riza August 22, 2013 Website: www.davidnaylor.co.uk

With the constant work that search engine giants Google are throwing into their ranking algorithm every day, the chances of stepping foul of their fast moving changes are increasing with each new alteration that they make.

With both manual and algorithmic penalties potentially lurking over your site at any point, ensuring that you comply with the Google guidelines released to aid website creators is vital and we have seen evidence that even sites within those guidelines can be dragged into the mucky world of SERPs penalties.

Although we may have a well-established knowledge of what each of the automated updates are targeting each time that they are rolled into motion (for the most part anyway), there are millions of website owners out there that are less informed, resulting in confusion right across the board.

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    I have always believed that if one only follows Google’s guidelines, then there is nothing to worry much about. Days have passed, things have changed. And I now doubt if that is still true.

    I agree about how confusing the fast-paced changes are nowadays that it’s hard to know if you’ve done enough updating already or not.

    So this explanation from Mueller is appreciated.

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