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Get Paid $60 – $600+ To Put Widget On Your Blog

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[Updated July 2015]

Hello Kinggers (and even non Kinggers alike, :) )

As part of partnership program, we will be partnering with as many bloggers as possible, to display our widget on their blogs.

We have been working on this widget idea for the past 7+ months. We also mentioned it in our partnership program months ago. It’s now ready!

While other content platforms don’t pay for having their widgets displayed on blogs, we will be paying as much as $60 to $600+ per year (from $5 to $50+ monthly per blog, depending on blog quality and traffic) just to have our widget displayed on your blogs.

And yes, it doesn’t matter whether the links in the widget get clicked on or not, you still get paid just displaying the widget on your blog.


You also get paid highest affiliate commissions

We will also be implementing a super awesome affiliate system in the widget that allow bloggers who have the widget on their blogs to get their affiliate links automatically used whenever an affiliate product/service is included in any of the links in the widget.

This means you also get paid whenever any of your blog visitors click the links in the product/service section of the widget and buys any of the affiliate products/services.


So, yes, there are 2 ways to earn money with this widget!

1. We pay you just for displaying the widget on your blog

2. We pay you affiliate commissions if your blog visitors click and buy offers from the widget


Can it get any easier than this to get paid?

We certainly don’t think so. This is an extra way to make money with your blog, without even doing anything beyond just putting the widget code on.

Of course you can still have your other ads and/or other widgets on your blog; we have no problem with that. Just see ours as an extra unintrusive way of adding awesome content and money to your blog.


Can Be Trusted To Pay?

Of course. We have successfully paid over $5,000 to Kinggers who participated in our commenting giveaway. If we could give so much money away like this, why won’t we pay those who help to partner with us by displaying our widget on their blogs?


More about the $60 to $600+ To Be Paid

This $60 to $600+ is per year, payable with $5 to $50+ monthly per blog, depending on your blog quality and traffic.

Again, the exact amount to be paid will be determined by the quality of your blog and the amount of traffic it gets. You will be asked to put in this information when applying.

[ Yes, we will verify the actual visitor counts using the stats checker system built into our widget, so please give actual information when applying ]


Might not make you rich, but…

It’s true that $60 to $600+ yearly ($5 to $60+ monthly) might not be enough to make you rich, on its own, but it WILL certainly help with important things for your blog like hosting payments, domain name renewal, etc.

More so, isn’t it smarter to make some extra cash from the existing space on your blog, instead of nothing at all?


Add this to the affiliate commissions, and it can add up quickly!

Add this $60 to $600+ yearly ($5 to $60+ monthly) to the extra cash that WILL CERTAINLY come from the affiliate commissions when people click on and buy any affiliate offers, and the money can add up pretty quickly… especially if your blog actually gets good targeted traffic!


You also get traffic to your blog posts from this widget

Yes, your posts shared on will also appear in the posts in this widget, which means you also get traffic, for free!


More about the widget itself

This widget should be displayed at the bottom of your blog posts, before the comments.

This widget will not affect nor impact your blog’s loading time as the queries are made to our servers.

It is mobile responsive and will respond accordingly to whichever browser it is viewed in.

You install a simple plugin and you are good to go. It gets setup right after activation and you don’t need to do anything else. If you have problems with it, you can contact us and one of our team members will do that for you.

The widget automatically customizes itself to fit the the color and look of your blog. Isn’t that cool? 😉


High quality content submitted on Kingged to be displayed on the widget

The widget will be displaying the high quality content submitted on Kingged which make it to the frontpage!

As you obviously know on, only high quality content reach the homepage. This widget will specifically display those high quality content to your readership!


Another SUPER benefit of having the Kingged widget on your blog

Apart from paying you just to display our widget, LOTS of bloggers who have this Kingged widget at the bottom of their blogs’ posts will also get the chance of having some of their posts on Kingged and some of their products or services promoted, once in a while, by us, on and lots of our partner blogs, for free.

Yes, that means we will pick some of your posts and products/services submitted on Kingged, and give them some special promotion on our network of partner blogs!

Our end goal is to eventually have our widget on THOUSANDS of quality blogs out there, whose readership are interested in topics that our readership are also interested in. Having your posts on Kingged and products/services displayed to reach the readership of 100 to 1,000+ blogs will, no doubts, give you hundreds or even thousands of views to your post and even lots of sales for your product/service, don’t you agree?


Once again…


There are 2 ways to earn money with this widget!

1. We pay you just for displaying the widget on your blog

2. We pay you affiliate commissions if your blog visitors click and buy offers from the widget


To get started, you need to apply, to have your blog considered

We won’t accept every blog. We will only accept those blogs that:

. Publish good quality posts
. Publish blog posts frequently
. Have good number of comments per post
. Have good number of social shares per post
. Have fairly good daily and monthly dose of targeted traffic
. Have fairly good Alexa rank and other such traffic metrics

If your blog meets most of the above, please apply below:


How To Get Started?

To apply, put in your blog information in the below form. If you have more than one blog and you want to add each of them to this, as individual blogs, you will need to fill up more than one form, each for each of your blogs.

We will respond to your application and proceed with sending you links to copy the code, to paste on your blog. Again, yes, the code is very basic. And yes, you can customize the widget to fit the color and look of your blog.




And feel free to ask your questions on this post or privately via our support system.






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