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Get Google AdSense Approved at First Chance!

Profile photo of Niladri Chatterjee Submitted by Niladri Chatterjee August 22, 2015

Well, to be straight, earning money can be a pain in the bum. Few bloggers can’t even make enough bucks to cover their hosting costs! If you have a decent traffic, you can exploit it to earn some bucks on the go. Money Mouth

One way to do that is putting advertisements in your blog. But searching advertisers can be tough enough. So you better put it on autopilot mode. And Google AdSense is best in it.

Let’s keep it simple. AdSense is an online advertising service provided by Google. They put ads in your blog/site and pay you when you get clicks in those ads. The whole process goes like this –

  1. You create a blog or website
  2. Put some awesome content in it.
  3. Apply for AdSense.
  4. Buy a fresh tuna-fish-cake and enjoy it (optional).
  5. Smart people from Google reviews your blog.
  6. If they like it, they’ll approve your request.
  7. Party time.

It’s kind of like proposing the most beautiful girl in your college. You’re always unsure of what’s gonna come next.

There’s nothing I can do about getting a yes from her. But, what I can do is, I can help you out getting a yes from Google AdSense! And that at the first chance. Okay, so let’s stop cracking the jokes and go straight down to the lane and get approved in AdSense.


Okay, So How to Get Approved in AdSense at the first chance.

I’m gonna add no extra clutter. Here’s a list of things you need to do before applying to Google AdSense.


1. Buy a domain name.

This is damn important. I once had a blogspot blog with no custom domain name. It had almost 60 blog posts and other relevant pages. But when I applied, I got disapproved. Reason of disapproval: not enough posts. Anyway meanwhile I bought a domain name, wrote 5 more posts and re-applied. And Boom!! It was a yes from AdSense.

Actually AdSense has gone pretty tough with approvals and only approving blogs that are actually professional. So no matter which blogging platform you’re in, do not apply with your default sub-domain like or Buy your own domain like and apply.

While most of the blogs without own domain get disapproved, this doesn’t mean that all blogs without domain would be rejected. But for that you gotta have really really high quality goods in your site.

P.S. If your blog is from Indian subcontinent or China, the domain name should be at least 3 months old to get approved (isn’t always mandatory, though).


2. Install a Professional Looking Elegant Template.

Your websites must look professional. So install some simple, smart and elegant template. Do not add extra clutter, installing tons of widgets, social buttons, subscribe boxes and blah blah. It just blows up the taste. The content area should be wide enough. Font should be readable. To be precise, a reader should have a comforting feeling while reading or doing stuffs in your site.


3. Add Important Pages.

You need to add a few important pages such as Contact, About, Privacy Policy and Sitemap. This makes your site professional. And you’ll hardly get approved without them.


4. Eliminate Sensitive Stuffs.

Remove or modify posts or pages that encourage hacking, cracking, child sex, abuse or any other things that your mama would like you not to engage with. These are against Google AdSense policy. Even if you get approved, at later times whenever they find these contents in your blog, they’ll immediately terminate your account. So keep a safe distance, always.


5. Remove Other Ad Networks:

Consider a situation. Sam already has a girlfriend and he’s proposing to someone else. Does Sam has a minimum chance of getting yes? I don’t think so. The same goes for AdSense. So it’s not kind of a good practice to apply for AdSense while you already have ad networks active in your blog.


6. Make Your Blog Indexed in Search Engines.

Your blog should be visible in search engines, at least on Google. For that you need to submit your blog to the search engines. A blog with zero SEO won’t easily make its way to AdSense


7. Awesome Content and a tons of them.

This is the most important thing you need to care about. The content. To be precise, if you have a nice blog, you’ll need at least 35-50 posts (obviously depending upon the factors mentioned above). But always prioritize quality over quantity. You won’t get an approval with crappy content, even if you have hundreds of them. And your blog should always have hundred percent unique content. Copy-pasting is history.


Last Words,

To precise the whole article in a single line, your blog should make sense to AdSense. That’s all you need to get approved in AdSense.

Think, I missed some point? Comment it down Smile

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