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Bridge Data & Action to Create Killer Reports


Ask any digital marketer about the prerequisites for a successful campaign, and undoubtedly many of the answers will revolve around obtaining or making use of data points. Simply put, marketers

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A Personal Search For Inspiration


I wish to be inspired. So where does inspiration come from? Is it from some outside source? Is it a spoken or written word or deeds done that you happen

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How Offline Conversion Data Can Make Your ROMI Calculations More Precise


Do you calculate ROMI properly? Don’t worry, this post is not about listing different formulas, though there are some. It is about deeper understanding of this indicator's nature. Every self-respecting

2 Comments | Share By Helen Black>•1 year ago Profile photo of Helen Black

What Are Notifications Doing to Your Productivity?


Have you ever left your phone at home? You’re running a little later than usual and you rush out the door forgetting to pull your phone from its charging cable. You

9 Comments | Share By Adam D. Mason>•1 year ago Profile photo of Adam D. Mason

5 Sure-fire Tips to Deal with Procrastination


Procrastination is just one of these things that even the most well-ordered and punctual fall victim to at some stage or another. Procrastination can have a harmful effect in your

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Doing Nothing


Doing nothing is not as popular as it should be. Many famous people have weighed in on this subject – most of them vehemently against the idea.  For instance: “Doing nothing

12 Comments | Share By Harry Hoover>•2 years ago Profile photo of Harry Hoover

10 Tips On Time Management From A Lazy Gunny


When was the last time you worked for an hour straight? I mean really all out worked for an hour. No email, no texts, no calls, no distractions. What could a full hour

7 Comments | Share By Adam D. Mason>•2 years ago Profile photo of Adam D. Mason

How do I use this website?


I have no idea how to navigate this website. It's a bit confusing to me. If anyone can help please do, but there doesn't seem to be any way to contact

2 Comments | Share By Mike>•2 years ago Profile photo of Mike

Happy New Year


It's the 1st of February, 2016, and I am delighted to return home to Yukon and to be back online. It's been one of those trying times this past holiday

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How Do You Include An Image In Display Box To Right Of Post Title?


I just posted a syndicated article, but there is a display square that says "Unavailable" to the right of the article title. How do you enter an image in that space?? Thanks

1 Comments | Share By Robert A Kearse>•2 years ago Profile photo of Robert A Kearse

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World


Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” I don’t know why more people don’t take his advice. I hear people give lip service

1 Comments | Share By Harry Hoover>•2 years ago Profile photo of Harry Hoover

How Do You Define Creativity?


  What does creativity mean  to you? Do you immediately think of purely artistic ability? Let’s go to the dictionary to see what it says about the subject. The definition above mentions artistic

4 Comments | Share By Harry Hoover>•2 years ago Profile photo of Harry Hoover

The Perfect Meal Plan for Productivity


By Megan G.  . We’ve touched on the benefits of teas and coffee before on Tek Shouts but never have we put together a comprehensive blog on the best foods for stimulating and maintaining concentration during the

9 Comments | Share By Tek>•2 years ago Profile photo of Tek

Does Music Improve Your Creativity?


  I love music. All kinds of music. I have to agree with Plato, who said, Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight

16 Comments | Share By Harry Hoover>•2 years ago Profile photo of Harry Hoover

12 Traits You Never See In Successful People


When study other successful people for as long as I have, you start to pick up a few things. In fact, a lot of successful people, whether they are chess

4 Comments | Share By Justin>•2 years ago Profile photo of Justin

How Apple Inc. grown up over the time?


Apple Inc. is one the most famous companies in the history of technology. Merely would be any, who doesn’t know about Apple. Though, all of us know about Apple as the

2 Comments | Share By Atish Ranjan>•2 years ago Profile photo of Atish Ranjan

Top 5 Things to Do to Experience “The Big Easy” New Orleans


While visiting New Orleans, it is important to know that this city is more than the wild, drunken nights that it is known for. Although that is an aspect, the

2 Comments | Share By Metz>•2 years ago Profile photo of Metz

Top 5 Most Fun Activities to Do in San Diego


San Diego is an excellent vacation spot because of its beautiful weather and location, fun tourist activities, and versatility. From the beautiful coastline to the bustling city, there are countless

4 Comments | Share By Metz>•2 years ago Profile photo of Metz

The Changes on the WordPress Market and Why Teamwork Matters


Welcome to the seventh edition of our transparency report! In this series, I’m talking about everything going on at CodeinWP that’s interesting from a business perspective. I’m doing what I

5 Comments | Share By Erik Emanuelli>•2 years ago Profile photo of Erik Emanuelli

Become More Generous And Give Freely Of Your Time


Become More Generous What do you think about this statement-Become More Generous? We all have so much to give, Correct? I got up this morning and was getting ready to get started on

7 Comments | Share By Chery>•2 years ago Profile photo of Chery

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