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Why Freelance Writing Is An Underpaid Business And How Can Writers Change That

Profile photo of Sylviane Nuccio Submitted by Sylviane Nuccio July 29, 2014 Website :

Compare with other businesses and services out there, freelance writing is often underpaid. Why is the reason behind that and what can we do as freelance writer to change that. Those apply to any freelance entrepreneurs.

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    Hello Sylviane,

    Thanks for sharing this. But remember to always “king” your own posts after sharing. I noticed you didn’t do that for this post.

    If you don’t get enough “kings” and engagement, you don’t get to the frontpage and you don’t get good enough traffic. So, always “king” your posts, to get the ball rolling, 😉

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  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Yes Sylviane,
    Branding is important if one is to enjoy higher pay with freelance writing. Branding makes the freelancer an authority in the field. Clients would often pick a popular brand in lieu of an unknown brand. So, I could not agree with you more, branding is relatively the key to earning higher pay with freelancing!
    Sunday William recently posted…Track Lost android phone using Android device ManagerMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Pauleen Profile

    Hi, Sylviane! :)

    I must agree with your points delivered in the article above. You’re right with the reasons you’ve pointed out why freelance writers are underpaid.

    As what I’ve read, one of the reasons why they receive a little amount of charge is because they lack of personal development behind their business. As for me, it is important for every one who makes money online to have a personal development on what they are doing.

    Positive thinking is a must in order to keep yourself motivated, in which (as far as I know) helps to achieve the success you desired.

    I’ve indeed realized some important lessons in here. Thanks for the post! :)


  • Profile photo of Rajaraman K Profile

    Hi Sylviane,
    I fully agree with you and all the four points dealt with in your article are valid points. You have correctly pointed out as to why freelance writers are paid poorly.

    I would say, one reason why they are paid poorly is the lack of commitment in what they do. It is essential for those who earn online to have some commitment in what they are doing.

  • Profile photo of Emmanuel Kabenlah Profile

    Hello Madam Sylvianne,

    I d o think the number one reason has to do with Fear. I have had some freelancing jobs of late but fortunately or unfortunately, some of the deals didn’t go through simply because with someone else owning my intellectual property, it has to come at a much appreciated price but the issue here is, most freelancers think those offering them the job are doing them a favour instead so will therefore do everything possible to keep it.

    That is way I love it the most when you made mention of negative thinking. It is of course what is killing many and it cuts across all spheres of life and not just through freelancing.

    Thanks for sharing with us this insight.
    Emmanuel Kabenlah recently posted…Why there is now a Donate Button on Profile

  • Profile photo of Ogili kingsley Profile

    You said it alll being a freelancer is not an easy job. Because you have to sit down, cracking your brain to develop something.
    But, at the end of the day, you are given peanut… Bad

  • Profile photo of rohan bhardwaj Profile


    Personal branding is indeed a very important step. For me there are some steps with which I decide the pay I should be getting.

    I compare my writing skills with industry standards like Adrienne’s blog, Ryan’s blog, Neil’s blog and then come to a conclusion. Once, I set a price, I don’t make it any lesser.

    In past, I did wrote for less pay rates. As of now, I have mt fixed rates for my awesome articles.

    Loved your post.
    rohan bhardwaj recently posted…5 Great Usage For MoneyMy Profile

  • Profile

    In the Op’s epistle, I will like to make a few criticism.

    The Op didn’t specify the kind of work the freelance writer does. Is the freelancer writing a report or reports (pls notice the ‘s’). If a freelancer is giving just a single assignment of just 200 words. Would the freelancer be expecting to get bank blowing profit from it.

    And as a matter of fact, writing articles in bulk would only give a freelancer something tangible. Most clients with huge assignments are most times financially sound and they would like to invest much on their articles so as to get quality one. It now depends on your past work as a freelancer. Your work will advertise you, and they would definitely bring you clients that are in this category.

  • Profile photo of Lawrence Berry Profile

    I do think that too many ads can destroy any blog. I think that stems from people who want to make money more than actually create value in people’s lives. I think the true bloggers are the people who blog with a passion, or with a message they want to share. They blog to express themselves. Also, I do not like blogs that asks you to resister to comment. Sometimes, I just like to share my opinion.
    Lawrence Berry recently posted…Financial Freedom: Be Transformational And Master The BasicsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Andrew Profile

    Really interesting post.

    You brought up something that’s really interesting that I never thought out. It relates to the whole branding side of things.

    “Branding yourself as a professional writer could very well do the trick, and it has for many.”

    I think that’s so true. Alot of times, especially these days, people look for cheap articles and they get cheap quality and people who want to get into freelance writing try to compare to those types of prices because they figure that’s what will work. But if you spend and devote time on branding yourself as a professional writer and have above average samples to go with it, being underpaid will be a thing of the past.

    I mean WHY should writers online be paid so low? Like you said, you’re providing a service to people. The written word. People need to smarten up and start making the right decision and strategize to be the successful writer they want to be.

    Good post.
    Andrew recently posted…How To Effectively Use Social Proof To Your Advantage To Convert More VisitorsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Lawrence Berry Profile


    I recently did some work as a freelance writer, and I think people who enjoy writing can really become successful as an freelancer, but I just found that it was not or me. I love writing, but when it is forced upon me, I feel subdued creatively. That’s just me though. You have made some very good points here. I think in any business, or any entrepreneur should learn to personally develop themselves, and learn to create a brand for themselves. Warren Buffet said that the best investment you can make is in yourself, and I agree with him and you 100%. I recently found that personal development is another one of my many passions in life. Thanks for sharing!

    Lawrence Berry recently posted…Financial Freedom: Be Transformational And Master The BasicsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of UyaQ Profile

    Indeed, online writing is in fact not as easy as imagined by many people. It takes considerable skill and ability. Especially now that there are so many online writing services that make a freelance writers have less income.

    But by learning your article, maybe the online writers will open his eyes to re-review of work they have produced.
    Many writers are less aware of the points you mentioned in your article. If they read what you wrote, they may soon change the way they write. As you explain freelance writers should think about other things related to their business.

  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    To make my opinion short, I concur with the takeaways “One mistake that I see freelance writers make is that they don’t feel that they’re in charge. ”

    Why? Only because freelancers who act and do their work professionally, are the freelancers who can have bigger pay. Not the usual, but the unexpected. If they make their customer or client happy with the result on their work, sure, they will give you something.
    Metz recently posted…Let Help Your Blog Make Money… With Ease!My Profile

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