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    Hey Sunday!

    You should always Re-Purpose your old content and never really stop promoting it (unless it is outdated information).

    One of the best ways to promote your old blog posts is with Content Marketing.

    For instance, you can put a simple content marketing strategy to promote a lot of your new and blog posts. Just put a few links to…[Read more]

    • Hey Freddie,

      When promoting old posts, a lot of tactics can be adopted. Re-purposing of old content is just one of the many strategies that must never be ignored.

      Content marketing tactics done rightly will ensure that old posts are promoted rightly and that they increase the needed traction for the content marketer.

      Thanks for sharing…[Read more]

    • Thanks for what you wrote here, Freedom Blogger.

      Your idea of re-purposing old blog posts using ways such as turning them into PDFs and uploading to sites like Slidershare.net is awesome idea!

    • Hello again Freedom Blogger,

      Regarding what you said about re-purposing in PDF, does the length of the content matters before re-purposing in PDF?

      I’m asking because maybe short content is not worthy of re-purposing in PDF?

      What do you think?

  • Hey Sunday!

    Great topic here!

    I would say; that you should deal with negative reviews and comm…Read More

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    Hey Sunday!

    Great topic here!

    I would say; that you should deal with negative reviews and comments right away. Because, that shows how aware you are of the growth of your business.

    Most often than not, it is only when a business is growing rapidly that some negativity starts to arise among customers. There will always be those people who…[Read more]

    • Hey Freddie,
      A great input you have made in this discussion. Yes,”It would be a lot harder for you to fix your reputation when you knew you were screwing up with your business – compared to a rapid growth of your business resulting on negative customers.”
      In other words, bad reputation online could be caused by the business or it could just be…[Read more]

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    Hi Eyal,

    Very interesting post, I must admit. I do agree with most of what you are saying here, but there is one part that I strongly disagree with.

    Content created by Robots and Software is NOT the Future, my friend.

    I am very interested to see some real statistics about this, if you have some.

    As much as you would like to say that…[Read more]

    • Appreciate your reply here.

      With regards to the man vs. machine content creation debate: like I say in my post, it’s very niche specific. Sure, for some niches and certain types of content machines will never replace man. But for other niches content is already being automated and I bet you’re not even aware that it’s a bot and not a person…[Read more]

  • Hi Eyal,

    Very interesting post, I must admit. I do agree with most of what you are saying here, b…Read More

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  • ThumbnailIt’s already 2016, yet SEO or Search Engine Optimization is still a complex puzzle for a lot of digital marketers.

    Being one of the most elusive and fluid areas of online marketing, SEO involves a lot of moving […]

    • Hey

      I didn’t know about this Schema Markups thanks for feeding up my knowledge

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey,

      You seem to have summarized it very well. These small things could so easily make such a huge difference yet so easily missed. Thanks for sharing mate.

    • Hi Freddie/Christopher,
      I admire your taking time explain these SEO features for WordPress users. The inclusion of the various plugins for improved search are awesome.

      Indeed, “SEO is a broad landscape that must be navigated with patience, tremendous effort, and the willingness to learn.”

      Thanks for posting this informative piece!

    • Hi Freddie,
      WordPress represents a platform that ultimately allows for flexibility and increased user experience.

      I am not surprised with the list of various on-page SEO plugins described here.

      Knowing how to use each of these plugins and more can bring about better user experience and increased result for the SEO practitioner!

    • Hi Freddie,

      For any WordPress blogger, the need to implement the best on-page SEO practices becomes vital.

      Luckily, the availability of different plugin makes it easier to customize and employ the best user experiences.

      The plugins you have recommended are okay and additional links are also vital. Thanks for this superb piece!

    • Hi Freddy/Christopher,

      SEO best practices are very tedious for a blogger but they are heavily rewarding. It becomes imperative that one must ensure that the much needed efforts and time are given to achieve success with SEO.

      The on-page SEO practices shared in this post are real. I love the fact that examples of tools and resources that…[Read more]

    • Hi Freddie,

      It is interesting to learn new things about SEO from this post. I have never used Schema Markups before and it is cool knowing what it can do to improve my blog visibility.

      I will practice these tips so I can take my SEO to a whole new level. Thanks for sharing this awesome and revealing post with us!

    • Hi Freddie,

      This post should be an eye opener to those who have not been getting the needed results with SEO.

      I guess if they start implementing these practices then there would be an improvement in traffic and conversion of their WordPress blog.

      Minimizing bounce rate, increasing speed and improving user experience are SEO targets that…[Read more]

    • Hi Freddie,

      I want to assume that every blogger that is not making head way with its SEO practices must retrace and checkout its On-page SEO practices again?

      Well, the advise given in this post makes good sense. It basically reveals some of the best practices and related tools that we have been ignoring.

      If we systematically implement…[Read more]

    • Hi Freddie,

      A good SEO practice easily brings in results. There are lots of practices that easily result in optimization for search.

      If a WordPress blogger can get hold of these practices then competing in SERPs would be just like a stroll in the park.

      I agree that many bloggers will turn their search engine optimization by…[Read more]

    • Hey Freddie,

      This post is so very useful. It explains different workable SEO practices that have been ignored.

      It also reveals relevant links and plugins that the WordPress blogger can access to make the most of their search engine optimization.

      Improving on-page SEO can be effectual in increasing visibility and traffic. Hence, I find…[Read more]

    • Hi Freddie,

      After reading this post, I now realize that I still have more to do with Schema Markup and LSI keywords.

      With the explanations from this post, I can get more results with the practices.

      As a WordPress blogger, it is important to have access to plugins and tools that would make blogging easier.

      Thankfully, this blog post…[Read more]

    • This wouldbe One of the benefits of using the WordPress platform since there are several plugins and tools that can be used to boost a site’s rank on SERPS. SEO can never be underestimated because of it’s ability to rank a site in the highest pages of search engines.

      But then, the more optimized a site is, the more competitors it’s likely to…[Read more]

    • Hi Freddie,

      I like that you put an emphasis on page speed and site speed. These are CRUCIAL metrics for ranking, and they become more important with each passing day.

      This is especially true for mobile. Mobile users are even less tolerant of slow page speeds.

      And it makes sense, it is extremely frustrating. Thank you for sharing these tools.

  • ThumbnailThere is something very very important that you probably do not know about guest posting on blogs online …..

    ….would you like to learn what it is??

    I remember my very first blog online. It was a blog on […]

    • Hey Freddie,
      Guest blogging is real only in the way we want it to be. There are lots of bloggers out there who are not taking the required action when it comes to this content marketing strategy.

      Reading this piece can make many have a change of heart. Your post is filled with practical steps that can be adopted just by anyone. For the…[Read more]

    • Hey Freedom blogger,
      This is another interesting piece on guest blogging!

      After going through this piece, I will have to leave this thought: The best way to start becoming successful with guest blogging would is to understand what the guidelines of each guest writing blog are.

      Then, obeying the rules will give the blogger an advantage of…[Read more]

    • Freedom,

      Your post blew me away. It is so full of tips, ideas, links to useful tools and overall very well outlined with important information for anyone interested in guest blogging. Your post here also does something very important for you, making you an authority on the topic and not someone who is just blowing hot air.

      I may be wrong…[Read more]

    • David replied 1 year ago

      If you do enough networking online, you’ll already know the bloggers you want to guest for and they’ll know you. That doesn’t mean you can’t expand your net, but the best way to do that is to start networking more.

      If I don’t know the blogger really well from direct conversations, I often start my email with: “Hi, you might know me a @Amabaie[Read more]

    • Celine replied 1 year ago

      Hi Freddy,

      Guest blogging is powerful but this can only be when the right action is taken. Your tips with regards to research where to do guest blogging and what rules to obey are key to successful guest blogging.

      The best guest bloggers are those who have researched the right niches and the right audience, and have created the right…[Read more]

    • Wow, this is a big post on guest blogging, contains lots of good information.

      I haven’t done any guest posting on other blogs. I am a fashion blogger and enjoy just posting on my blog and Instagram.

      But when the time comes to start guest blogging, I will refer to this post. I am bookmarking this now.

    • Metz replied 1 year ago

      “Sometimes, you just get too caught up in the Learning and Learning, and Learning, and Learning some more and some more … and on … and on …

      And never really take the massive consistent action that you need to put in!”

      I agree with this. This is reality. Most poeple are eager to learn new things, they keep on reading, watching and learning.…[Read more]

    • Thank you for the post! Really Helpful!

      • Hello Lauren,

        Thanks for commenting on this post. We know you might mean well but please refrain from such “generic” or “one liner” comments. We detect most of them as spam and delete them. We occasionally approve some like this to show others an example of the types of comments not allowed. If you make similar type of comments we will delete…[Read more]

    • Wow, this information and this strategy is great.

      I think the most important thing that you said here was to take consistent action. Not any kind of action, but the right kind. Guest blogging can work wonders because it can bring you in traffic and help you build links to your blog.

      The layout that you have provided is great. I really like…[Read more]

    • From the other side of guest posting:

      Publishing guest posts on my blog gives me fresh content (only accept verified original content) and frees up time for promotions like writing for other blogs and other publications.

      I do turn down submissions and your post made me realize that I haven’t added a Guest Post Guidelines Page, e.g.…[Read more]

    • Hi Freddie,

      I have heard lots about the importance of guest blogging but am a relative newbie to the idea. This post gave me solid advice on how to get started.

      The key thing that stuck out to me is just to do it. We got to take action.

      You showed us how to find the blogs that accept guest posts, how to pick the best blogs to write for…[Read more]

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