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Four resources to mine for trending content ideas

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In the world of online content, the topics people write about are often quite random. The goal of producing interesting and valuable content should be to establish credibility and drive visits to our websites. That can more effectively be accomplished by strategically choosing topics.

Is your content talking about the same things the rest of the world is talking about? Here are four ways to make sure it is.

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  • Profile photo of Maketta Profile

    Hello David,

    Are you saying to use the trending hashtags even if your blog post isn’t about that? Or just use them in general as in a tweet you maybe sending?
    Maketta recently posted…How To Write Long Blog PostsMy Profile

    • Profile photo of David Profile

      Hi Maketta.

      Using a hashtag is not about a blog post. It’s about a tweet. You see a trending hashtag related to your business niche, you check out the tweets using the hashtag and you RT. Or you compose your tweet using that hashtag.

      If you want to prepare a blog post then for that hashtag, sure, but of course make sure to write a post that is related to the hashtag. That’s what this article is about – to write posts related to not just the hashtag, but to the trending topic (related to your niche).
      David recently posted…Four resources to mine for trending content ideasMy Profile

    • Profile

      I think I understand your question.

      Yes, many people manipulatively use hashtags to drive traffic to their blog when their posting doesn’t really have much to do with the hashtag.
      I don’t believe it’s a successful strategy in the long-term view, though.
      Katrin recently posted…Is A Website Builder The Right Platform For Your Website?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Freedom Blogger Profile

    Hey David!

    Very interesting post about finding trending content! … I agree with you, if we want to benefit from these trending content, we must do more than just react! haha

    These are some very helpful tips to find trending content around the world and online.

    I know that publishing content that is currently trending, can get your a lot of free organic traffic for a while. One of the ways I am finding trending news and information is through the new feature Facebook has on the right sidebar. There is a tab for trending news!! 😉

    You can see what is trending right now and what are people talking about the most there. It is a very helpful feature from Facebook, I would say.

    Great topic here for content writers man! … thanks for sharing it!

    Keep up the great work!

    HAve a fantastic week! 😀
    Freedom Blogger recently posted…EPISODE 3: What is the Fastest Way to Make Money Online? [Podcast]My Profile

  • Profile photo of Chery Profile

    Hello David, I do believe it is important to keep up with the new trends as well as to add to those conversations.

    I for one always for get about using hashtags and I am going to start using those trending hashtag in my tweets and on G+!

    Thanks for the reminder. Great Post
    Chery :))
    Chery recently posted…Discover Why Leadership Is So Important For SuccessMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Surely, following trends leads to increased control. Although there are relevant and irrelevant trends, businesses must be able to filter out what trend best suits their interest.

    It good to be reminded of the essence of mining trending content ideas from Twitter and Google, however, my best takeaway here has to do with ReallyTrending.

    This is my first time of learning of this resource. I hope to explore the features in no time!
    Sunday William recently posted…Understand 4 C’s of Social Media and Social Media CampaignMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Kevin Ross Profile

    Good post. While I knew about Google trends and Twitter trends, I didn’t previously know about Reallytrending, it’s cool that they identify trending news before the social media conversations take place. I will be checking it out often. Thanks for sharing.

  • Profile photo of Carol Amato Profile

    Hi, David,

    What an excellent article, I just love the fact that you are encouraging us to be part of the trending Conversations and not just reacting to them.

    Google trends is an old times favorite of mine, but the results have definitely gotten skimpier. I haven’t really followed Twitter trends.

    I’ve been involved in forum marketing since before I started my blog, so I’ve been trying to keep an ear to the ground for topics coming on the horizon by listening to small niche groups.

    Thanks for this thought-provoking article, I’ll be sharing it with friends. Have a great evening.

    Ciao Ciao,
    Carol Amato
    Carol Amato recently posted…Carol’s Cut – Best of the Month 3My Profile

  • Profile photo of Ivan Profile


    Nice one. To add, for longer-term trend, I always go to, and look at their top 10 lists. I can usually take some ideas and trends and create content based on those.
    Ivan recently posted…10 Things I’m Grateful For in my Entrepreneurial JourneyMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Lawrence Berry Profile

    These are some really great resources you have mentioned to help find trends to write about, though these trends will have a lot of competition, so you will have to write an amazing article to really get some exposure and noticed. Though I think what you are saying here great, I also think people can look into what might be trending next , which would be hard to do and take a lot of research and knowledge in your niches. I have never heard of reallytredning and you make a really good point there. Everyone may not be talking about the same thing across different niches. That site allows you to find out more about your niche.
    Lawrence Berry recently posted…3 Investments You Can Make With No Risk and Great RewardsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sherman Smith Profile

    Hey David,

    Great post with a lot of great tools we can use to find the trending topics we would use for our blogs and to keep our audience interested.

    The one thing I do is the DIY approach. I actually find great topics through all the blogs I read as well as come up with topics of my own through my experience.

    You piqued my interest with the tool ReallyTrending. I will have to add this tool my arsenal of tools to find great trending topics whenever I have one of those dry spells …

    Thanks for sharing David! Have a great weekend!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Physically Gone But Will Always Be HereMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Nanda Rahmanius Profile

    Hi David,

    Interesting and unique post! :)

    Yes, I use these sources to get the idea when I write my own content (although it was not for trending content though), but I use them.

    I check my Twitter every day to check out the great content that can be an inspiration to write my next article. If we check out the trending topics on Twitter, I’m sure we could get a topic that has become hot discussion nowadays. 😉

    Honestly, I rarely use Google Trends. Usually I see the trending topics in social media, Twitter or Facebook. With those sources, I can find out some of the topics that will become hot discussion in the online world. 😀

    Thanks for sharing this with us, David.
    Have a great weekend for you!

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…9 Must-Read Articles When Your Passion on Blogging DownMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Christopher Jan Benitez Profile

    Haven’t heard about ReallyTrending until I read this post. Cool find – we’ll try and test it out for my content campaigns. Thanks for sharing!
    Christopher Jan Benitez recently posted…School Hacks for Students to Jumpstart their Freelancing CareerMy Profile

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