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Excellent hobbies that can make money at home

Profile photo of Nirmala Submitted by Nirmala July 18, 2014 Website :

All of us have a hobby, but do you ever think that it is possible to make money from it? The Internet has opened so many ways for the people to make money and thus no matter what your hobbies are! Engaging in a hobby would result in gaining knowledge, experience and money.

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Nirmala is part-time blogger who blogs at Mymagicfundas. Helping is her best attitude and she keep updating herself with cool tech stuffs.

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17 Responses to “Excellent hobbies that can make money at home” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Yes, there are many excellent hobbies or passions that can be used to make money from the home. What matters is that the individual should develop a mindset capable of turning these passions to business. A business mindset is needed for success even when we work from the home.

    I agree with the list of hobbies discussed here. Nevertheless, my best takeaways is the reminder of the ground rules needed to be followed to make money from home. The rule of developing marketing skill is pretty relevant!
    Sunday William recently posted…10 Business Books That Aren’t Out Yet (But You’re Going To Read)My Profile

    • Profile photo of Nirmala Profile

      Hi Sunday,

      Thanks for sharing your valuable views on turning hobbies into business. Yes, doing hobbies with passion matters a lot and it would end in a profitable business. Yes, I do have a business mindset when I work from home and following the ground rules as I stated in the post.

      Thanks for taking time to read my post and adding your meaningful comment here & my blog. Thanks again Sunday :)

  • Profile photo of Sarmista Aun Profile

    Hi Nirmala,
    After reading your post it seems that sometimes our hobbies can be an effective way to make some money. Writing is really an effective way to earn money. Thanks for sharing this helpful tutorial with us.

    • Profile photo of Nirmala Profile

      Hey Sarmista,

      Nice to see your here. Glad you found my post helpful and yes, writers can make hell lot of money online. You’re welcome :)

    • Profile photo of Princewill Okafor Profile

      Hello Nirmala

      Making money through what one loves has always been the most beautiful way to make money, it is not just making money from it but enjoy doing it naturally even when money is not the question…

      Web designing and writing sure tickles my fancy and they are pretty good means to make money

      It should be noted that making money from one’s hobby can only be possible when it has been improved on and packaged atleast to entice a buyers attention and ofcourse some marketing skills are needed…

      Thanks for this post…
      Princewill Okafor recently posted…Taking screenshots with your Samsung Galaxy S5 Or Any Android SmartphoneMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Terungwa Profile

    Hello Nirmala,

    Writing – and web design services are my favorites amongst your list if hobbies that can fetch cool dollars online. The reasons are as basic as they are simple…these two things come naturally to me!

    Make the day nice.

    Terungwa recently posted…3 TOOLS TO HELP YOU BLOG DAILYMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Nirmala Profile

      It is really good that you’re having writing and web design hobby Terungwa :)

      Yes, writers and web designers are greatly demand on the web and hence it is possible to make a huge income with these hobbies. Thanks for including your views here and you’re always welcome to share your thoughts :)

  • Profile photo of Emmanuel Kabenlah Profile

    Hello Madam Nirmala,

    I was very much interested in those 4 ground rules you shared. Thinking positive and being creative are what matters the most in one’s quest of making online but unfortunately many are of low self esteem and always filled with negative thoughts as in not good enough mantra.
    I for instance is going to take freelancing really serious of late. Thanks for this.
    Emmanuel Kabenlah recently posted…What Happens to Your Blog when you Die?My Profile

    • Profile photo of Nirmala Profile

      Hi Emmamuel,

      Good to read your opinion on money-making hobbies, thanks :)

      Most of the readers are talking about the 4 simple basic rules to make money online rather than hobbies, anyway it is good 😀

      People with low esteem and negative thoughts would certainly be struggling to make online cash and thus it is would better to stay as an optimist.

      Thanks for sharing your good views here, I hope that you’ll be regular to my blog posts 😛

  • Profile photo of rohan bhardwaj Profile

    Writing is the first thing that I can do , and find it interesting. I remember my first blog which I wrote. It was my way to let my feelings on words. I never thought or wished to earn via writing, and now I do it to grow myself, as a therapy, to help others and also earn some cash.

    I loved your post, this will help many see things little differently, internet has developed and now almost anything can be taken online.

    Cooking classes via Skype or tutoring is something traditionally done at home, now one can do the same with a twist to earn money online.

    The surprise for me was the gaming one, I never thought one can earn nice cash via playing. Many people tend to play for very long all day. One just needs to forget about the money part, to come it as a surprise when they win the money.

    I am soon going to go and upload some nice photos, to share it on the internet and if I am lucky, I will earn some money.

    It’s like a magic for many, hobbies prior reading this post, now have transformed into a profitable hobby. A beautiful post, loved it.
    rohan bhardwaj recently posted…10 Things You Must Know (And Do) With Credit Card’s.My Profile

    • Profile photo of Nirmala Profile

      I’m delighted that you’ve liked this post Rohan Bhardwaj,

      Your experiences are interesting to read, thanks for sharing them here. Yes, anyone can make money online as the web has opened many earning opportunities for the people. Yes, you can earn money by playing games and I’m thinking to write a detailed post on it by including several useful links.

      My best wishes to make a steady online income with your hobbies :)

  • Profile photo of Lawrence Berry Profile

    Hi Nirmala,
    This is a good post. I love reading other people’s ideas on making money, and I think making money doing something you love is a great way to make extra income, or full time income. I personally love writing, but why stop there. I love to learn and I plan on learning as much as I can in this life. I may even learn to cook more. By the time I’m thirty I will have so many hobbies hahaha. The more I know the more I can be creative as well.

  • Profile photo of WAQAS AHMED Profile

    Hello Madam Nirmala,

    I was very much interested in those 4 ground rules you shared. Thinking positive and being creative are what matters the most in one’s quest of making online but unfortunately many are of low self esteem and always filled with negative thoughts as in not good enough mantra.
    I for instance is going to take freelancing really serious of late. Thanks for this.

    WAQAS AHMED recently posted…My blogging journey completes 1 year – Thank you all !!!!My Profile

  • Profile photo of Mustafa Gaziani Profile

    Hey Nirmala,

    Yes! there are many hobbies that can give money in which we have passionate.

    I love to read these 4 ground rules to make money as it help me to increase my experience regarding making money.

    I love writing so that I became a member of kingged and start commenting and blogging and yes my this has payed me alot and I’m very happy on it.

    Thanks for sharing it here,

    Mustafa Gaziani recently posted…6 Important SEO Content Writing Tips For BeginnersMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Pauleen Profile

    Hi, Nirmala! I must say that this is indeed a good blog post from you. :)

    I’ve known many people who earn money because of their passion and dedication in work. Some are loving what they do and doing what they love as they make money, just like @cheryschmidt. And as for me, that’s the real essence of working. You work not just to earn money, but also to enjoy what you are doing.

    That’s why it’s fascinating to know that you can actually make some real cash through your hobbies.

    Photography, arts and craft, as well as cooking have been the top hobbies I do at home. I’m not really good in cooking, I just like to cook and that’s it. So I think it will going to be the photography or the arts and crafts that will be a source of income for me.

    For now, I’m earning money online through writing and I can rest assured to all of you that it is beneficial and profitable enough. Just remember that with the right approach, along with the four ground rules given above, you’ll surely rock on. :)

    Thanks for the post! :)


  • Profile photo of Rajaraman K Profile

    Thanks for sharing a great post. Since we are living in a digital world there are many opportunities to make money with our hobby. Normally people just share some information through their blog.

    They can also earn some good income with their blog with the help of ad networks. You have shared good resources for people having different hobbies. A very useful post to every one.

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