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    The exciting part of marketing is execution. Writing interesting content, increasing your social network, and watching as your PPC campaign clicks increase are all things that we enjoy as marketers.

    The […]

    • Hey Emily,
      Defining a marketing strategy before hand is key to a successful campaign. There are lots of efforts and planning that should take place and its important to work them out.

      In defining marketing strategy before a campaign, the marketer must answer the “w’s” questions. These are the “what”, “why”, who” and “where” and “when” of…[Read more]

    • Hi Emily,
      Indeed, proper marketing is key to defining online marketing success. I agree with your take

      “If your well-written and interesting blog post is targeting the pool of your audience that doesn’t enjoy reading blog articles in their free time, you will see less-than-stellar results.”

      With proper planning it becomes really easy to achieve…[Read more]

    • In my personal view, I think marketing strategy should start by defining who the audience is and what they want.

      It is after the audience is clearly defined that every other marketing strategy would be employed.

      The audience’s needs influences the KPI’s, content, brand styling and all other objectives of the company.

      So, before any…[Read more]

    • Hey Emily,

      It’s wise to come up with a marketing strategy before you actually take any type of action to promote what you are your company does. It’s better to be prepared of what may come than to not be.

      I think the first thing that should be focused on is branding. You want to define who you are and what you actually do before you do…[Read more]

    • Emily, I think you’ve covered everything except Plan B – the contingency plan. What happens if one or more elements fail. Or if the environment drastically changes. Or if your big launch happens on the day that a rocket crashes into the Great Wall of China.

      Ideally, there is a Plan B for each element, but also an overall Plan B – what if…[Read more]

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