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Email Is The New Email

Avatar of tanya Submitted by tanya February 12, 2014 Website: marketingland.com

So many lessons that apply to digital marketing as a whole were learned in email. Email marketing encompasses everything from brand introductions and product recommendations to advanced content marketing strategies and purchase transaction confirmations.

Despite email having the highest ROI of all digital marketing channels and being the most direct route to the customer, marketers don’t give it the attention or budget that it deserves.

According to a recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit, marketers spend significantly less on email marketing than other digital interactive channels, even though it is proven to deliver the highest return. To improve engagement and conversions, it’s time marketers take email seriously. And it may not be as difficult as you think.

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  • Avatar of Sunday Profile

    If a company is not utilizing email marketing today then its obvious that the business has not known the import of email in digital marketing.

    The stats are all over the place and it would make sense never to ignore these.

    Its important for companies to restart an enduring strategy that would mean refocusing on email marketing.

    It could be daunting process but its still one of the best strategies for customer conversion and retention.
    Sunday recently posted…Some Minor Changes Can Give Big Increment in Conversion RatesMy Profile

  • Avatar of suresh Profile

    I had started an online printing company and still hasn’t made anything to market via email. In this article the author is clearly said either one person or team, but if it is a big company then team will be ok otherwise will be in loss.

    Can you tell anything about offline business for marketing through email, I mean an example for my printing company? any idea on this?

    The list you mentioned it works for them as seen all the time.
    suresh recently posted…How to add image in signature in gmail accountMy Profile

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