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Earn Big Bucks with Flights and Hotel Reservations

Profile photo of Ann Submitted by Ann January 31, 2014 Website :

I’ve always said that it is better to spend your money on experiences than it is to spend your money on physical things. Don’t get me wrong. I like buying new toys as much as the next guy, but I find that I extract a lot more enjoyment when I travel. And I still want to find the best deal on flights and hotels.

Everyone is always searching for a bargain, so why not capitalize on that trend by joining a travel affiliate program? One such program is Travel Payouts, providing you with all sorts of tools to help your visitors find the best deals on flights and hotels. And then, you can earn a sizable commission. Let’s get started with today’s review and get a closer look into what Travel Payouts offers.

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  • Profile photo of Enstine Muki Profile

    I have not promoted products in the niche before. Sounds though interesting. Though I don’t blog in the niche, it may be quite lucrative to do some niche blogs in the industry
    Enstine Muki recently posted…My secret free blog traffic source revealed!My Profile

    • Profile photo of admin Profile

      I agree Enstine, it sure should be lucrative, re the fact that people travelling, flying, booking hotels, etc, are already ready to spend money.

      I know there will be people who will read this post now and abandon everything else they are doing to try to get started on this niche. But whether they will do as well as those who are ALREADY in the niche, remains to be seen, :)

      Thanks for adding your voice to this, by the way.

      admin recently posted…10 Ways to Get News Coverage in 2014My Profile

  • Profile photo of Piyush Mathur Profile

    Hi Enstine,

    Great idea by John Chow, I know a travel blogger from India, Shalu Sharma who has a “Holiday guide to India”. I think she must be using such affiliate marketing technique.

    She also has “YouBihar” site where she has over 12000 members and growing. Bihar is popular for “Bodh Gaya” which is the real place where “Buddhism” began and not in Tibet. However, Tibet is a beautiful place but occupied by China. It would be nice to visit Tibet someday, i remember meeting many Tibetan refugees still living in the Himalayas.

    Hmm, Tibetan people are pretty 😀

    Ok, i went off topic a bit. I do write for a niche but not a travel blog. It would be really nice to actually travel the world, and write as your travel! Add fresh pictures to instagram, and launch it on every social media network? Man that would be a dream but i don’t have the resources to start something like that!

    Well, may be someday :)


  • Profile photo of Nicholas Profile

    Whoa! Great! Mr. John Chow also shares his articles here. Fabulous. Hi John, the travel industry has a lot of money. This affiliate program will surely raise the hopes of all the travel bloggers. You are enlightening us in the right path. Cheers! :-)

  • Profile

    Nowadays the internet is offering us a plenty and endless ways to earn money online an that’s simply amazing, so everyone with a computer and an active internet connection can earn some bucks online!

    This affiliate program is really great to monetize blogs related to travel and tourism!

    Earning 90% of commssion is really good :)

    My friend has a blog related to tourism I’ll link him this post 😀

    Thanks for sharing such an useful post have a good day ahead :)
    anis recently posted…Best Free Iphone Apps you must Install! part 1My Profile

    • Profile photo of admin Profile

      Yes, Anis – there are a ton of opportunities online nowadays to make money. But the problem is that most people will still not take the action needed to earn the money, even if its as simple as A,B,C.

      That’s sad but true, :(

      Anyway, thanks for this valuable comment. I hope your friend in the same niche learns something from this when you tell him about it.

      admin recently posted…The Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News and Views: January 31st, 2014My Profile

      • Profile photo of Piyush Mathur Profile

        Hi kingsley,

        I think you just explained the story of my life Lol 😀 just too afraid to leave my job and take the risk. Though, i am a bit reclusive, and introverted to actually go out to meet people. This is the main reason i fail at sales or marketing face to face.

        Travel blogging may not be my thing, and i don’t wanna leave my dog behind. I have heard that if you take pets in a plane they tend to die due to mishandling. I love my dog too much to even risk such a thing.

        I have been to South India, and man it was a huge culture shock. Ya, i had culture shock within my own country. The food was completely different and so was the language even though we share a similar background. It was the strangest feeling i ever had.


        • Profile photo of Ryan Profile

          Piyush, just so you know, some dogs stress on flights but most make it through OK. I do know that if you feel scared to travel with poochie, you’re better off not traveling for too long. No need to stress yourself out.

          As for leaving your job to do the online or blogging thing; getting fired 4 years ago was the best thing to happen to me. I let go. I grew. Now I’m traveling the world for 3 years running and I never dreamed I would. You can do it! Releasing is scary, but so rewarding.
          Ryan recently posted…4 Smart Tips to Handle Pesky Online Money Making CompetitionMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Ryan Profile

      Anis, truth man. We are living in such a cool age and I’ve taken full advantage of it. I love to inspire other guys to travel, and to do what we do. Most of all, to hop on prospering niches early to live the life of freedom I enjoy. The travel niche is one such niche. Get on board, create, connect, brand yourself and prosper.
      Ryan recently posted…4 Smart Tips to Handle Pesky Online Money Making CompetitionMy Profile

  • Hello,

    travel affiliate program seems quite effective to earn some bucks. I guess I need to research about it.
    Samir recently posted…Microusb To Hdmi, Does It Work On Every Phone/tablet?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    Never heard about TravelPayouts. Well, interesting piece, travelers and marketers might give it a shot not just to build an affiliate travel program.

    Probably, too, they will book their flights since TravelPayouts sounds cheat when it comes to rates.
    Metz recently posted…What Would The World Look Like Without Social Media?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    The travel industry or niche is indeed lucrative! After all it comprises health, wealth, and happiness to a large extent! However, the difference in earning for an affiliate could be from the quality of the affiliate Travel Program used.

    TravelPayouts is new to me and from this review it seems like one that would put ‘smiles’ quickly in the financial expectations of affiliates.

    I am impressed to see the handy tools and dashboard affiliates can utilize to make the most of the program.

    The review is luring and should convince new affiliates to try this new way of making money.
    However, I still have reservations when it comes to the consistency and credibility of most of new affiliate programs!
    Sunday William recently posted…How To Get Facebook Paper If You’re Outside The USMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Allah Ditta Profile

    Travelling Agencies really Lucrative earn due to mass coverage of info and arrangement.
    Good affiliate programs are valuable resources to keep on hand. Even though I’m not primarily an affiliate marketer, I know that when dealing with my or my clients’ lists, and a good opportunity comes up to bundle our offer with a travel package, the affiliate program not only adds additional revenue, but also extra value to the package.

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