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Domaining for Links

Avatar of Arjay [Moderator] Submitted by Arjay [Moderator] February 13, 2014 Website: searchenginewatch.com

Collecting a lot of link value can also be aided by acquiring domains (domaining). Buying a domain that ranks number one will bring you that number one position even when you slightly alter the message on that website.

Domaining also allows you to link to anything from your acquired domain, so you can redistribute its link value. In some cases you can redirect the entire domain to make the destination website receive all the link value. You can even merge the link value of multiple domains into a single one.

Very Old School, But it Still Works Wonders

You might have already heard about this strategy because it has been around for more than 10 years. That’s why I’m so surprised that I seldom meet any SEO competitors when bidding on domains with great link profiles. SEO experts only compete in auctions when the domain name itself includes some great keyword combination.

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  • Avatar of Sunday Profile

    Its no longer new that many bloggers never get to see the value in buying domain for link building.

    This strategy can prove to be more than valuable as this post has shown.

    It could be another approach needed for making cool money online with ease. The best take is to understand what type of domain to buy.

    The five different types shared here are spot on!
    Sunday recently posted…Make $750 Just Commenting on Kingged.com (New Category Added)My Profile

  • Avatar of suresh Profile

    I already noticed this types in domain forums, but no one will post in public. I recently registered for co.uk domain but what I learnt is never to register again to face problems.

    The only way to get freedom for owning any domain is to get dot com domains.
    suresh recently posted…$150 Cash Give away at KingsleyMy Profile

  • Profile

    At The Link Auditors I get many emails and phone calls from clients who have suffered from poorly managed SEO.

    When acquiring links and domains to build up your link profile, it is very important to make sure you are buying good quality content as this will run the risk of being hit by Google with a penalty.

    There has been a recent update from Google as a refresh for the Panda Algorithm. I have had increased enquiries about loss of positions, some little damage, others being knocked back multiple pages.

    What I have noticed from the calls I have received, is that the people who are protesting about loss of positions is that they have been doing poor SEO for many years
    anis recently posted…5 Unbelievable IPhone FactsMy Profile

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