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Do conversion funnels still work?

Profile photo of Gordie Chase Submitted by Gordie Chase July 15, 2016

A recent debate amongst major marketers is whether the process still works. A lot of marketers have seen data that suggest customers are no longer entering at the top of their funnels and may even enter at the last stage.

Why? because due to an increase in social sharing any link in your conversion funnel is likely to be shared. This places your prospects out of sequence and makes the other legs of your funnel obsolete.

Because prospects have become more market savvy now and unlike before they apply more scrutiny to your offers and your emails.

Gone are the days of the “numbers game” where you send out 2 million emails and see who bites, the amount of people converted this way don’t convert.

Today’s’ prospects will simply investigate your offers on Google and determine whether it’s in their interest to buy what you’re selling.

Your prospects will no longer fall in “lock step” with your funnel matrix like they did before, they now need to be engaged — and educated or they opt out.

In email marketing, the number of people lost at each funnel step is enormous, nearly 80% of you leads drop off on average. With numbers like these it’s amazing that anyone can make a profit online but many do and, many more don’t. To maintain interested subscribers we need to keep in mind that today’s shopper, jumps in and out of channels, views alternatives to your product offers, and can search for better deals simply by clicking a button. In the “Real World of Marketing” There are few if any prospects that simply follow along with your linear marketing message.

In reality the customer journey has changed dramatically, in an increasingly crowded marketplace so standing out is crucial. The current funnel model relies on narrowing the options in each step of the journey, but today’s consumers are likely to expand their list of options on their own, as they learn the pros and cons of the many different solutions available by simply clicking a button. They look for coupons, promo codes or sales for the same type or product that you’re selling. When they do decide to purchase they want a seamless process, not a redirect to another product or a link to a thousand offers , save that for the Thank You page. (LOL)

Customers are now, more than ever, actively engaged with the brands they choose and they share these brands with their friends, just like you and I. After they’ve bought the product or service they often share this information using social media and the Web. It’s now hard to predict what behaviors your customer might display but there are many solutions to providing a customer experience in your funnels that more engagement. You could try by including video links in your emails showing how the product works or provide upfront discounts or coupons.

Your prospects know their being steered through your funnel, so keep in mind, the goal isn’t to steer your prospect, the goal is to provide a solution to their problem and educate them to why your solution is the better alternative.

Is the old funnel system obsolete and no longer viable in today’s market? …Tell us your opinion.

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