• ThumbnailThe volume of mobile Internet searches now exceeds searches on desktop computers. Additionally, statistics on engagement suggest that mobile communication offers far and away the highest response rates available […]

    • Hi Dave,
      Engaging B2B audience on mobile can only be totally achieved only when a strong user experience is included.

      A potential B2B buyer should have a very smooth experience that help easy and fast decision making about the product.

      To facilitate a smooth user experience, content, social, design and tools associated with website must…[Read more]

    • A strong mobile B2B marketing strategy is feasible in that the audience is understood and rewarded.

      B2B marketers must ensure that they identify who their audience is, and provide the needed mobile content and experience for a rewarding strategy.

      B2B marketers should follow strategically efforts that gear towards development of the best…[Read more]

    • Hey Dave, how are you?

      I love this article. Mobile users are a traffic source that a lot of people don’t really think about. There are many websites that are not ready for mobile B2B traffic and lose out on customers because of it.

      Thank you for teaching and reminding all of us about these important facts.

      Have a great day Dave!

    • This is a useful post especially as with regards to B2B companies running mobile.

      It would be good to consider a strong mobile content for B2B brands even as it would be helpful promoting the mobile benefits in the right digital marketing platform.

      The 6 keys you have documented are indeed strong. I am already intrigued on the key about…[Read more]

    • Great tips! I’m just starting to work with mobile marketing, and the information you’ve shared is very helpful at this point for me. Especially for B2B marketing strategy.

      You mentioned that mobile advertising is highly engaging but can be annoying. Could you suggest any ways how to escape being annoying? As it is the last thing I would like…[Read more]

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