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How to train your copywriters if you need something more than SEO-texts


In the last two years I have participated in several projects, where I had to train copywriters a lot telling them about analytics, sales, information style, design and many other

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Who Do You Write For, Fans Or Customers?


Writing great copies for the right target audience is pivotal for business growth. However, great copies can be wasted if directed to the wrong audience.  Most marketers often wonder why

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How To Avoid Weak Statements That Leave People Cold and Get Readers to Care About Your Writing


You've tried everything to write effective, persuasive copy. Maybe not truly everything, but it sure feels like it. However, your copy is still weaker than wet toilet paper. This is a problem. Sadly, people will leave

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5 Great Ad Copy Tips Bound To Help YOU Make Money Online


You Do Know That Marketing Is the Most Important Task To Making Money Online? Last week in my post I talked about getting good at copy writing with the headline, to

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The Simple Proven Writing Formula That You Can Use To Influence People


Writing is hard. For most of us, it doesn’t come naturally. There is a saying that the best skill of writers is avoiding to write – if you are blogging,

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238 Catchy Words List to Write Unique And Powerful Titles


Most of the Probloggers accept this fact that headlines are the most critical part in a blog post composition. Powerful words or emotional trigger words have a great role in

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How To Make Your Readers Want It


What if Your business was such that, instead of you trying to get people to buy, they were the ones trying to get you to sell to them? How

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The Anatomy of the Perfect Landing Page


If you have never written a landing page before, or if you’ve tried writing one and failed miserably, let’s take a look at what makes a great landing page. We

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The Top 10 Online Copywriter’s Top 10 Books: The Ultimate List


I love "Top 10 Lists." And the truth ... is so does everybody else. In fact, the only thing I love more than Top 10 Lists are books! That’s why over the last

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How to Produce Great SEO Copywriting


Effective SEO copy is more than just the requisite percentage of carefully chosen keywords. The keywords boost the search engine rankings, but that is all they do. To actually get the

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5 Common Power Words You Need To Instantly Put Your Blog Audience To Action


If you want to get into the minds of your blog audience then the use of power words is what you want to incorporate in your posts. These are the

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8 Copywriting Formulas To Engage Your Blog Audience


When it comes to engaging your visitors to your blog, the one thing that you can use are copywriting formulas. When it comes to ranking your blog well, search engines

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How To Generate More Business With Your Web Copy By Asking One Simple Question


Your web copy can generate more business. But it doesn’t… Know why? Because you’re not asking yourself one simple (but crucial) question. (And it makes all the difference in how you approach your

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Why to Improve Writing Skills is Crucial To Your Blog


Writing articles which are easy to read is main skill which every blogger should have, if our articles have lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes and long paragraphs, then

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5 Ways to Get Your Business Content Written


Need more business content? Here's how to ensure that you get the content you need, without spending too much time on it yourself. There are five strategies listed; you pick

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The Copywriting #Infographic


The world of copywriting is intriguing, puzzling and satiating. A employee is basically a author United Nations agency writes to satisfy an explicit set of demands. Copywriting is usually employed

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Top 10 SEO Copywriting Tips #infographic


SEO or programme improvement had modified on-line promoting. Over the last 10 years, dozens of rules had been arranged out for SEO copywriting. Some rules were tweaked and inferences were

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3 Lessons Learned From a Titan of Copywriting


I was on the phone earlier this week with copywriting legend John Carlton and we were ranting about all sorts of topics. (You know, like you do when you’re on the

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20 Copywriting Disasters: Webinar Slides, Video


Last week I talked about the 20 biggest copywriting disasters I’ve suffered, and how to avoid them. Well, I never actually experienced some of the disasters I talked about —

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Mass Desire: The First Unbreakable Law of “Breakthrough” Copywriting


Where the Right “5 to 10 Words” REALLY Come From I started last week with a story. Actually, more of a legend … one that just happens to be true. In 1976, Eugene

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