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How to Convince Someone to Be Interviewed on Your Blog

Profile photo of Ann Submitted by Ann April 14, 2014 Website :

This question was submitted recently via the ProBlogger Facebook page.

How do I get an established blogger like yourself to do an interview with me? or How can I get an established blogger like yourself to do a guest post for me on my blog? – from Sandra Tillman

Good questions. I think you’re much more likely to get a popular blogger to do an interview with you than to write a guest post for you.

I can only speak for myself really but writing a guest post for someone else’s blog is low on my list of priorities when I already have a blog to create content for.

The exception might be if I had something I was launching or wanted to get some attention for – but even then unless your blog has a sizeable audience and/or and audience that is right on target for the type of reader I want to reach – I’m not likely to take you up on that offer.

It’s simply that there’s just not the time in the day to offer that.

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  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    I agree it would be difficult to start asking big bloggers about an interview when you are starting out. This is a candid advice. Big bloggers are often preoccupied and might not have time to grant interview to just anyone.

    From this post, it becomes clear that the ability to convince someone to be interviewed on a blog depends on proper communication. The Interviewee should be clear about purpose and strategy of the interview. This include the follow up strategy!
    Sunday William recently posted…Creative Review Shortlists Are No Longer All That Short My Profile

  • Profile photo of Emmanuel Kabenlah Profile

    wow! How to convince? I don’t think I can do that. I am rather running away from several interviews. I am the shy type. An introvert for that matter but Darren really laid out some interesting fundamentals!
    Emmanuel Kabenlah recently posted…Why Ipage Hosting will always Beat Hostgator, Bluehost and Arvixe Combined!My Profile

  • Profile photo of Arun Profile

    Interviewing an influencer in one’s niche and publishing that interview on one’s blog is great for traffic! So far, I’ve not had any interview series on any blogs of mine. Instead, I was approached to give an interview for a blog! :) I shied away from it because I felt I wasn’t authoritative enough in that particular niche yet.

    As of now, I’m planning to run an interview series of some influencers on an education niche blog of mine. I’ll be targeting few good bloggers related to that niche from India. Apart from bloggers, I’ll also try to get interviews of some eminent teachers also. Hope that the strategies Darren provided to rope in bloggers will also come handy while dealing with those teachers too!

    Thanks to Darren for sharing such wonderful tips!


  • Profile photo of rohan bhardwaj Profile

    In here in kingged I see many great blogger’s and I am affirmative if I ask all of them then at least one will agree. I liked your idea to start with one line questions so that the big blogger’s at least respond. As of now I am still growing myself- once I have good amount of audience I will go for the stars.
    rohan bhardwaj recently posted…A Poem of ScienceMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    LOL! Right. You have to introduce yourself first. If you are a total stranger and ask them for an interview like, “Hi. I wanted to interview you for blah blah blah.” certain they will cry off your offer and never talk to you again. Be respectful to them; tell your motive, show evidence that you are a real person etc. just like on your list. By doing so, they will say YES.
    Metz recently posted…Why The World Must Move to from February 1?My Profile

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