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Blog post lifespan: 5 Mind-Blowing ways to make your blog post last forever


You work hard to create interesting and unique content your audience loves.   You promoted the content using different distribution channels   The content generated good traffic   You forgot it there and moved on to

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5 Types of Content That Generate Natural Links (even after you stop promoting them)


  Wow! Almost everyone needs natural links. Good! We all know that links are the currency of the web. It is one of the factors that Google uses to determine the search engine

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3 Steps To Creating The Exact Kind of Content Your Customers Love


  Do you sometimes wonder why people are not engaging with your content? Are your customers sharing your content? If your answer to the questions above is No, then it means only one

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10 Answers from a Content Marketing Expert: Interview with Danny Sullivan


Everyone who works in the sphere of content marketing is for sure aware of the most reputable and successful influencers that act within the sphere. Today, we want to present

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What Did You Learn Today?


I have this problem of getting trapped in learning mode. You see, way back in the day when I joined my first network marketing company, my sponsor would always tell me

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Be Your Own Hero: How To Make Perfect Custom Images For Your Blog Posts If You’re Not A Professional Designer


There are many reasons why blog post images are so important for high conversion rates. It’s like serving water with a tough steak: the one can hardly have all of

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How Easy to Understand is Your Marketing Content?


Do you sometimes get bogged down when writing your business’ or organization’s marketing content? Is it filled with jargon or technical information? There’s an answer for you… Cut it out! When your

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In A Dull Industry? How Content Marketing Can Still Work


Regardless of whether you sell leaf blowers online or provide financial planning advice to retirees, your industry is NOT as boring as you think it is. One of the reasons you

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The Top 8 Hottest 2016 Content Marketing Trends (Infographic)


Have you ever wondered why digital marketers call content “king”? It all boils down to the fact that content is your primary link to your targeted audience – and is

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The Ultimate Guide: How Publishers Can Join the Apple News App


Apple has recently announced that its news-stand app, Apple News, will be open to all publishers. What does this mean for the display ad market, and how does this affect

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Content is King in Marketing – But Other Departments Crave Content, Too!


We’ve been in business since 1996, and “content is king” has been a guiding principle in our industry since we started. Good marketing has always been all about creating high-quality, useful

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Smart Content Marketing from the Next Big Brands


When we think of innovation in the content marketing world, our minds usually jump to the big companies paving the way with kickass campaigns and programs—brands like Red Bull, Marriott, and GE

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Google URL Builder: Easy And Simple Way Of Tracking Your Sites’ Performance


How many of you are working really hard at getting traffic and leads with the limited time you have, but yet your results seems very grim and nonexistent? This can be

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5 Traits of Highly Effective Content Producers


Since you are reading this, I am going to go out on a limb and say that you have not been living under rock for the last decade or two. Thus,

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Top Blogging Tools You Should Use As A Professional Content Marketer


When you try searching any keyword or phrase on Google, you’ll discover countless pages of content you can explore. As a content marketer, you certainly know the difference between the results

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Tek Shouts! Has Hit 100,000 Page Views!


. Today is a day of reflection, for on this day, December 9, 2015, our beloved Tek Shouts! surpassed 100,000 total page views! Considering we started covering all things tech just

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Content Creation 101: 12 Tools for Starters


The cornerstone of every successful inbound marketing campaign is having great content which you can offer to your readers and/or customers. “If you build it, they will come”, is the concept

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4 Ways Infographics Will Help Your Business


When it comes to content marketing and SEO, we’ve heard just about every method possible to help get your blog or website to the top of Google Search. The old

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How to Win Better Clients With Quality Targeted Content


Another day, another dollar. I know just how that feels! At least it beats another day, which was just… another day. But so little consolation, and so little hope. In fact, it’s doing your

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Can I Do More With My Blog Post Content?


I’m often asked by Bloggers, who craft excellent Blog posts, if there is something more they can do to leverage their Blog post content. Apparently, the problem they face is a

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