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Content Marketing Vs Link Building – What To Focus On

Avatar of xian Submitted by xian February 13, 2014 Website: www.searchenginepeople.com

Digital marketers today face a difficult SEO dilemma. What’s more rewarding: keyword marketing and link building or content marketing? What are the arguments for and against choosing one approach over the other?

In this post, we’ll address what you should be doing to improve your search traffic: classic SEO with techniques like keyword targeting and link building or full on content marketing.

Classic SEO

First, lets talk about classic SEO techniques that have worked in the past. This includes keyword targeting and of course link building. Now, in classic search engine optimization, as an online marketer, you research and compile a number of keywords to target. These are the keywords you are going to go after and you will go all out to find ways to earn links. To help you rank for your keywords, you will probably do a bit of comparative analysis: you will study how other people are ranking for your target keywords. On-page SEO also helps websites rank for certain keywords but its mostly about finding opportunities for link building.

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  • Avatar of Allah Ditta Profile

    Link building or Key words marketing alone any approach is fail. We should take all aspect to get better result. How ever the link building via content is the more weight-age than that of key words. A success full campaign only possible if we take all seo technique in action, that is on page seo, key words, content marketing etc.
    Allah Ditta recently posted…LG G Pro 2 specsMy Profile

  • Avatar of Sunday Profile

    Yes, if content marketing is properly done, it should result in natural link building. For me its a better option than keyword targeting or classic SEO.

    What becomes important here is that online marketers must embrace the fact that content marketing should be guided by the rules set by the search engines and expectations of the readers to excel!
    Sunday recently posted…Jules Watkins: Photographer, TV Producer & Director Gives It All Up To Teach Video Online (And Makes $200K+ Within Two Years)My Profile

  • Avatar of Amit Kumar Profile

    Content Marketing and Link Building these are two important factors in Blogging and most of the Bloggers get confuse while selecting one of them.

    Chandni, you really covered a nice topic in this post and I assure all Bloggers who wish to know about it will enjoy this post. Thank you so much for sharing this well written post with us.

    A special thank to xian for sharing this awesome article here :)
    Amit Kumar recently posted…Orchestrate a Marketing Plan for Your Joomla WebsiteMy Profile

  • Avatar of Ryan Profile

    Sticking to the basics and not attaching to either content marketing or link building will make your job easier.

    Create relevant, keyword-rick content. Build links to relevant, quality sites. If you think target and quality on both fronts, and are not afraid to push yourself to hit big numbers too, you can do awesome things online.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ryan recently posted…Inside of Beautiful Wat in Chiang Mai ThailandMy Profile

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