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Content Creation vs Content Promotion: Where is the Balance?

Avatar of ImPretty Submitted by ImPretty June 19, 2013 Website: www.problogger.net

A few days ago we published a post on ProBlogger titled ‘Forget about Marketing: Concentrate on Blogging‘, which led to some interesting discussion on Twitter and in the comments.

I love the points author Nicholas Whitmore made in the post but I wanted to give a few thoughts, based on my own experience, on developing great content and promoting your blog.

Nicholas wrote some great arguments for focusing your energy on writing great content as the central way of growing your blog. He writes…

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5 Responses to “Content Creation vs Content Promotion: Where is the Balance?” Leave a reply ›

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    Content creation and content promotion are not mutually exclusive in contemporary blogging. What readily matters is that the blogger should try as much as possible to strike a balance between these two processes.

    However, if you ask me, I would say that more time and priority should be given to content creation because “content is king” and good contents easily promote and monetize itself!

  • Avatar of topjeff Profile

    A thought provoking article and one that really calls for balancing between content and promotion. Both are necessary in blogging.

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    For me, the balance between content and promotion is just a ‘thin’ line. Both are important and rely on each other for success. Therefore, it becomes imperative for me to create quality posts first and do the promotion afterwards!

  • Avatar of Arjay [Moderator] Profile

    It would always be the concern of marketers to match the difference between creating content and promoting content. Content creation is superior to content promotion, the balance must be where both readily help in making the blog popular and converting more leads!

  • Avatar of Ann Profile

    Hi Darren,
    There is no doubting the fact that a balance must be sought for between content creation and content promotion. The choice being made par time depends on a lot of need of the moment. However, content creation is superior!

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